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Where Can I have a good Cup of Tea in Kampala,Uganda? Afternoon Tea within Kampala In spite of the colonial British history of Uganda it is amazingly difficult to get a nice cuppa and a number of cakes (essentially scones with cream) on the other hand; I won’t be disheartened by earlier results and also have soldiered up with some success. Listed here is a listing of places that which offer form of afternoon plus

Kampala Banks,Money exchange,Forex rates,in Kampala Uganda

So you are moving to Kampala and asking yourself; what exactly do I do concerning money? Here is nearly all you want to know. Uganda has a cash economy (which means you will hardly ever find a spot to swipe your card) in line with the Ugandan Shilling, which as i write this approximately 2,500 to 1 US Dollar. Get accustomed to thinking in line of hundreds of thousands and also millions Bank and money

What To Do In Kampala,Attractions,Places to visit,Moving around Kampala Uganda

No matter if you are a backpacking traveler, a frugal oil tycoon, or an NGO worker with limited funds, we all want to have something free of charge at times. Kampala has a variety of perks for people with the cash. Here’s a number of some of the finest things to do without having to spend any money. What are the Prominent,sites and attractions I can visit while in Kampala Uganda,what do I require,Price? Check

Kampala Transport, Taxi, Bodaboda, Special Hire and Buses

How do I move around and about in Kampala Uganda? A number of the most disorderly experiences in my life consist of: getting swindled by a man having a pistol within Guatemala City, being robbed at machete point within Kampala, battling an attacking group of dogs having a snorkel tube within Belize, as well as working out the Kampala-transportation system. I’ll be concentrating on the latter in this posting. Although there are several very economical

Free Wifi in Kampala, Uganda

These days you will discover that the majority of western-style hotels, cafes plus restaurants within Kampala offer wifi, some for a small charge and the majority normally for free as long as you order something. Actually this is great news for all Twitter passionate people; freelancers as well as backpackers since it means you will hardly ever be offline. A word of advice – Because of Kampala or Uganda’s fairly discontinuous and unreliable power supply

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Where can I Buy The Best Wine in Kampala? Let us be truthful: The expressions “Kampala, Uganda” plus “wine country” by no means appear in identical sentence. Regardless of whether you are a fan of locally produced “Altar Wine,” be recommended. There is so much to enjoy particularly for wine lovers residing in Kampala! Although all of the bigger grocery stores have a range of wine, many folks actually love the buying experience, the atmosphere

Kampala Shopping, Garden City

Where is a one stop shopping Center in Kampala,Uganda? Filled with a great range of restaurants as well as shops, Garden City is a one stop shopping place worth visiting while in Kampala. Situated next to the golf course within Kololo, along Yusufu Lule Road, Garden City is a huge building you will certainly not miss. This mall houses a variety of shops, a number of restaurants, some salons, a health and fitness club, plus

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What do I need to Know about Utilities in Kampala Uganda? Among the luxuries of staying in Kampala in comparison to other areas of Uganda is the comparable regularity of electricity as well as water. It is not perfect; however it’s miles in front of, say, Kitgum. Here is all you need to know to help you get started with the utilities of Kampala. Electricity in Kampala Electricity within Uganda is supplied by a single

Swimming Pools in Kampala

Where are the Best Swimming Pools in Kampala Uganda? Having a day relaxing by a swimming pool is among the much-loved pastimes for any Kampala expat, and with its excellent location on the equator as well as ever increasing quantity of elegant hotels, Kampala doesn’t have lack of good weather and swimming pools available. These places usually are crowded over the weekends therefore in case you are organizing a pool day ensure that you arrive

Acacia Shopping Mall in Kampala

Which is the Best shopping Center in Kampala Uganda? ACACIA SHOPPING MALL IS THE BEST. Oasis Shopping Center Oasis is the smaller-sized mall situated very near to Garden City you could think they actually are connected at first sight. Regardless of its closeness to Garden City, Oasis mall is very different from the adjacent Garden city.  Oasis is a lot tranquil and doesn’t have a lot to offer however it is my favorite of these two

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Tips for New commers into Kampala What I need to Know on my first Arrival to Kampala ,Uganda Uganda may actually stun you. Popularly described as “The Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, Uganda’s landscape consists of the snow-capped towering Rwenzori Mountains, the true source of River Nile, half of earth’s population of the amazing mountain gorilla giants, as well as the breathtaking Murchison falls on the Nile and the waterfalls of Mountain Elgon. Because

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Among the secrets to remaining healthy as well as happy wherever you are is by remaining in good physical shape. Despite the fact that working out in Kampala can feel challenging because of the over-crowding and pollution, in case you search a bit deeper you will find more physical challenge that you can deal with. Where can I access Work out and fitness services and Facilities in Kampala Uganda?Kampala Gyms Facilities Gym lovers can find

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What are some of the landmarks in Kampala that I can Use just in case I loose my way,or when I am lost? Newbies to Kampala spend a lot of their time misplaced. I certainly did. There doesn’t appear to be one straight road in the entire city. The easiest method to begin to build your mental map is using a number of good landmarks. Taxi drivers and Bodo boda riders Will know all these

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How much is Hostel Accommodation in Kampala;Prices, Hostability, convenience with transportation? Hostels within Kampala Hostels happen to be the pillar of budget traveler for a long time. Yet, within Kampala, they seem to be beyond that. Hostels here usually host long-term clients who are here on work, among homes, or within the country for a prolonged business trip. Due to this, the bunch at hostels seems to be a diverse mix of old retirees, tired

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Where to do Contemporary Work out in Kampala Uganda;Yoga,Fitness This time, I am dealing with the big pop of contemporary workout classes which is yoga! Regardless of where you stay on the planet, you have certainly heard of this very old Indian practice developed around strength, breath plus balance. Yoga Poses In case you have never tried any yoga class, you do not know what you are missing. Prior to deciding to write it off

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Where can I take my Children for a day out in Kampala;Play, run around? Children’s Day Out within Kampala As all parents or care-takers know, regardless of how wonderful your children are, a bored kid can easily turn into a naughty child. There are puzzles plus toys at home; however at some point even the most attractive objects lose their charm and outdoor stimuli is needed. Fortunately, Kampala has a good number of places for

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How to spend Time Off at A Movie in Kampala Uganda? At times you want to go out although you would not love to mix with people. You want to leave your house, but won’t get out of your relax wear. You wish to eat snacks, yet you don’t wish to share a table with another people. That is actually very possible in Kampala. At times you simply need a couple of hours to get

Kampala Night Life

How is Kampala Uganda’s night life Like;where can I hang out,relax and enjoy an evening out with friends in Kampala? Kampala is a very lively city both in the day and at night. Kampala is one of the safest places to move in the night. Almost every corner of the street is a club, pub or an entertainment center to enjoy. Blurring music is part of the nights in Kampala-western, Uganda and contemporary music…Ugandans will

Kampala Restaurants Guide, Where to Eat in Kampala

Where can I eat from in Kampala?   Below is a list of restaurants in Uganda that have ranked the best in the Capital of Uganda Kampala and even though they are not necessarily in order, they have been placed on my list because of the good customer care service offered, the wonderful delicious food and the cool calm clean environment they offer to their clients and not forgetting the security. Namayiba Park Hotel Restaurant

Kampala Hotels Uganda, Accommodation , Cheap Hotels in Uganda – Hotel Prices

Hotels in Kampala Ivys Hotel Kampala Uganda Mugalaasi Place, 90/91, Sir Albert Cook Road, Lubaga Wakaliga, P.O. Box 14047, Kampala, Telephone: 041 273664, 041 270061, Emails: Ivys@ivyshotel.co.ug Already Hotel** Rashid Khamis Road Kampala Africana Hotel Kampala**** 2-4 Wampewo Avenue Aminaz Garden Place** 31 Acacia Avenue , Apsen Place: ,Plot 773, Ggaba Road, 10 minutes drive from Kampala city. Athina Club** 30 windsor Crescent Kololo Blue Mango** Old Kira Road, Bukoto Bougainviller Hotel located in Bugolobi

Location:  Kampala District is situated in the heart of Kampala. Its bordered by Mukono District in the East and Wakiso to the south, north and west.
Population: the district has a total human population of close to 1.2 million.

Main Town: it is a modernized city and the capital of Uganda.
Area: covers an expanse of 197 sq. kilometers.
Land and Vegetation: 8.6% of Kampala is open water, 0.04% forest and 8.3% wetland.

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The survey on the various attractions in the District of Kampala was conducted basing on the different zones that make up Kampala among which are Makindye, Nakawa, Central Division and Rubaga.

The main attractions in each division are listed below.
Makindye Division

1. Beaches at Lake Victoria

Makindye Division has the largest share of Lake Victoria, of all Divisions in
Of all the several divisions in Kampala, makindye Division has the biggest portion of L. Victoria. Numerous beaches have been established with accommodation and comfy recreation facilities in this division. among them are: Gaba Beach Hotel, Kawuku Water Sport Club, KK Resort Beach, Mulungi Kabaka’s Recreation Center and Speke Resort Munyonyo.
The main sports activities on these beaches are: canoeing, fishing, boat rides, angling and boat cruises. Furthermore, these beaches provide a chance to view a number of birds. For instance, Speke Resort Munyonyo provides horse riding, and the Kabaka’s recreation center host annual boat competitions among the Buganda Clans.

Unexploited prospects exist for future tourism development of facilities like beaches and some are already underway like at Kawuku which is near Gaba.

2. Scenery Viewing

The numerous hills within Makindy Division offer opportunities of enjoying scenic views of the different areas surrounding Kampala City. Among the hills are Muyenga,Bukasa and Buziga.

Some of the hotels in Kamapala with breathe taking views are: International Hotel Muyenga, Hotel Diplomat, La Panorama Hotel, Shires Hotel located in Bukasa Parish and Lake View Guest House in Buziga.
3. Cultural/Historical Sites

This division has just counted historical and cultural sites of both national and international relevance, and the most important of all being Sir Albert Cook’s  site which is located at Luwafu within Makindye.
4. Other Attractions and Prime Recreational Areas
Additional attractions in Makindye Division are: Didi’s World Amusement Center in Kansanga, American Embassy Sports Club in Makindye – restricted to members and other entertainment centers in kabalagala, kansanga and other localities.
5. Crafts and Souvenirs Industry

At the time when this survey was carried out, there were just 10 standalone souvenir & craft shops. These were situated in Kabalagal, Gaba, Muyenga and Kansanga.
Many of the souvenir items and craft that were being sold were from Kenya. These areas have the best potential markets as compared to other crafts and souvenir items made in other parts of the country.
6. Hotel and Catering Industry

Makindye Division had about 26 comfy accommodation facilities. And the most outstanding of them all at that time were Hotel Calendar in Makindye and Hotel International Muyenga.
Nakawa Division

1. Kiwatule Recreation Centre

This recreation center is situated just 10 km in the East from the city centre. It has an amusement park with a train that rides all through the park, swimming pools, kid’s jungle gymnastic, and exclusive members club, an aquatic habitation, a variety of mobile children playing equipment, approximately 8 acres of plat and touring ground and a health club.
The center is popularly known to the local natives for wedding functions, musical shows, and other excursions.
2. Pier at PortBell

Port-Bell was the initial communication centre for soaring boats that used to deliver mail from Kenya’s Wilson Airport in Uganda. currently, it id the major terminal for passenger & cargo ships between Uganda and the surrounding countries with which it shares Lake Victoria.
Other than the booming business activities in the area, the port is significant for cross border tourism particularly between Tanzania and this country.
3. Lugogo Show Grounds

These show grounds are found in the Valley of Nakawa just 3 km from the heart of the city. The Uganda Manufacturer’s Association (UMA) manages the grounds and they are of international importance. Annual international trade exhibitions are hosted in this place in addition to other local trade fairs.
4. Cultural/Historical Sites

The most significant cultural or historical site in this Division is the Commonwealth Veteran Cemetery in Nakawa. It is situated close to Bugolobi trading center in Kiswa Zone.  This cemetery is a burial site many military servicemen who passed on in this country in the colonial era. These well reserved grounds are properly decorated with marble gravestones that clearly bear the names and the court of arms for the forces which the deceased served.  The vast number of visitor who have so far signed the visitors book clearly indicates the significance of the place.
5. Scenery Viewing

At the hill tops of Naguru, Mutungo nad Mbuya hills, you can enjoy the breathe taking holistic view oof Kampala City.
6. Other Attractions and Prime Recreational Areas

The Lugogo Cricket Oval and the tennis grounds are some of the main recreation sites in Nakawa Division. Among others is the Lugogo Rugby .
7. Crafts and Souvenirs Industry
Bugolobi African Creation Ltd ans Luzira Prison Crafts were the only existing stand alone souvenir and craft shops at the time of the survey in this division.  The shops have several pieces of art & craft from the different tribes in other countries like Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria and Tanzania.
8. Hotel and Catering Industry

There were 16 comfortable accommodation establishments at the time of the survey, with Silver Springs and Dolphin Suites as the outstanding facilities.
Kawempe Division

1. Bahai Temple

The Bahai Temple is situated on Kikaya Hill just 7 km from the heart of the city on Kampala Gayaza road. This is the only temple of the Bahai faith in the whole of Africa.
This temple is of international importance and attracts followers of the Bahai faith from all corners of the world. It also attracts numerous visitors to enjoy the wonderful scenic view of Kampala City. The quiet surrounding environment additionally attracts people to come for prayers and meditation.
2. Makerere University

This university lies on Makerere hill, just 3 km north of the centre Kampala City. This is the main higher institution of learning in Uganda. not until the 1990’s, Makerere was started as a technical college for East African Students in 1922 and later gained its status as a university in 1949 prior to becoming entirely an independent university in the year 1970. Of all universities in East Africa, Makerere is the oldest and was the only institution for higher education in East Africa not until 1954

Research, architectural designs, conferences and its history are the major tourist attractions at this university.
3. Mulago Hospital

Mulago hospital is the only existing referral hospital in Uganda. it is located 3.5km north east of the heart of Kampala City Center, and was initially a treatment center that started in 1913, and later built during the1950s.
The major attractions at this hospital are the architectural buildings and research.
4. Muganzi Lwaza Hill

This hill is situates approximately 10m from the heart of Kampala city center off Kampala-Gayaza Road. It has a church and an ancient house. The old house is a house of the Buganda king’s mother. It is presumed that it was the area were mothers of long ago Buganda Kings used to sit ass the watched over the burial grounds of the kings in Kasubi.

5. Mbogo Tombs
This tomb is the burial ground where the first Moslem from the Baganda tribe was buried. Mbogo a brother to the late prince Kakungulu who was the delegate of the colonial government that was responsible for managing and administering most of Eastern Uganda. The tombs are found Kawempe Division in Mbogo zone.

6. Scenery Viewing

The best scenic views over Kampala City are best seen at Mulago Hill and Makerere University. Other places where you can enjoy wonderful views include the Muganzi Lwanza Hill.
7. Other Attractions and Prime Recreational Areas

Wandegeya which is located adjacent to Makerere University  and the township of Bwaise situated 6 km from the heart of Kampala City  and other recreation places in Kawempe.
8. Crafts and Souvenirs Industry

At the time of conducting the survey, we did not find any souvenir or craft shop in this division. However, a few areas within the township of Wandegeya seemed to have potential marketplaces for such items.
9. Hotel and Catering Industry

There were 22 accommodation facilities in the division at the time of conducting the survey. And the notable accommodation facilities includes Tick Hotel and College Inn
Rubaga Division

1. Kasubi Tombs

These tombs are found on Kasubi Hill and are 5 km on Kampala Hoima Road. This place is the burial ground for kings from the Buganda Kingdom. There are four previous kings buried in this place and these are: Mutesa I ruled from1856 to 1884, Chwa Daudi ruled from 1899 to 1939, Mutesa II ruled from 1939 to 1966 and Mwanga who ruled from 1884 to 1897. The place has a main burial tomb which is the biggest in Africa. The other smaller adjacent tombs are used as resident places for the care takers and houses for some of the kingdoms royal regalia.

What attracts visitors most to this place is the scrupulous architecture of the Large tomb and the other smaller hats, in addition to having a detailed observation of the pictures, regalia and hear stories of the former kings and history of the Buganda Kingdom.
2. Kabaka’s Lake

The Kabaka’s lake is the biggest manmade lake in the country. It is found in township of Ndeeba close to 5 km from the city center in the west, on Kampala Masaka Road. It was under the orders of the previous king Mwanga of Buganda Kingdom that the lake was dug. The 52 distinct Buganda clans consider it sacred and the clan leaders mobilize their people to have it cleaned.
Around the lake have been constructed several cottages to offer accommodation. Activities on the lake are: boat racing, catering services and pleasure trips.
3. Rubaga and Namirembe Cathedrals

Rubaga Cathedral stands on the magnificent Rubaga Hill and is 5 km northwest of Kampala city centre. It is at this cathedral that the Cardinal of the Roman-Catholic Church in this country is seated. Previously, Rubaga hill was a palace of the former Buganda King –Mutesa I but in 1889, his successor king Mwanga donated the land to Bishop Hirth. The cathedral was later opened in the year 1925, on 31st October.
Namirembe Cathedral is situated on the the hilltop of Namirembe Hill near Rubaga Hill. On this hill is the Archbishop of the Anglican faith /Church of Uganda. This hill was a donation in 1877 by Kabaka Mutesa I to the long ago missionaries. An early church was constructed in 1880 that later saw the construction of the cathedral in 1890.
The two cathedrals attract numerous pilgrims. Also the architecture of the cathedrals attracts other visitors together with the scenic view over Kampala.

4. Other Attractions and Prime Recreational Areas

Among the other different attractions in Rubada Division are: the stones found at Katwe where they used to ground the kabaka’s sorghum, and also the very first mosque in the country was constructed Nateete, the Lubiri-the Palace of the Buganda King next to Katwe, Twekobe House-Buganda’s Parliament in Mengo and the shrine of the Late Cardinal Nsubuga  in Kabuusu.
The major recreation places in Rubaga Division include small sports centers and booming nightclubs found in Nakulabye, Nateete and Mengo.
5. Crafts and Souvenirs Industry

There were 5 standalone souvenir & craft shops in this Division among which were Kasubi Tombs Crafts shop in Kasubi, Andrew’s Artistry, Sikyomu Drum Makers found at Busega and Musigula Mbugo, by the time we conducted the survey.
6. Hotel and Catering Industry

Also at the time of surveying, the division had 60 accommodation facilities with Pope Paul IV Memorial Center, Back-Parkers Hostel, Namirembe Guest House and Campsite as the outstanding ones.

Central Division

1. Lugard’s Fort at Old Kampala

Lugard’s Fort is found on Old Kampala hill and overlooks the heart of Kampala at just 2 km North West from the heart of the centre of the city. It is national significance and denotes the colonial period under the governess of Captain Fredrick Lugard who was the first governor of this then Protectorate.
By the time we surveyed, this site was being torn down and relocated to another place by the Muslim Supreme Council.
2. Uganda National Museum

The National Museum is 3km along Kira road from the heart of Kampala city. It is the only museum yet the oldest in East Africa in the whole of Uganda. The museum was established in 1908 with assortments of item/objects from the different traditional chiefs.
Specifically, the Museum holds items on Uganda’s history , natural historical samples, musical instruments and archeological artifacts.
3. The Nommo Art Gallary

This Art Gallery is found in Nakasero close to the State House. In this gallery you will find all the country’s remarkable art work. The items in this place range from Tie and Dye item, Pottery pieces and impressive paintings.
4. Architectural Designs

Ancient and up to date architectural designs of houses/ buildings can best be seen within the central division. These designs have greatly attracted international and local-upcountry visitors.
Among the stunning building are: Sheraton, Workers House, Nile Conference Centre, Crested Towers, Bank of Uganda and Workers House.
Buildings with ancient architectural designs are yet to be recognized and reserved by the Department in charge of Museums and archeological findings.
5. Town/City Tours

Kampala Central’s 3km radius allows room for brief private or guided tours. Popular route commonly exploited at the moment by tourists include driving on Kololo Hill, Jinja Road, Old Kampala Hill, Kampala Road and other roads within the city centre.
6. Scenery Viewing

You will get the best views of the city centre on the following hills: Kololo, Old Kampala and Nakassero. Because of its generally hilly terrain, Kampala City offers a variety of scenic views which can also be seen from some of its hotels like Fairway Hotel and Sheraton Hotel.
7. Other Attractions and Prime Recreational Areas

Additional attractions and major recreation places within the central Division are the Golf Club, Clock Tower, Nakivubo Stadium, national theatre , several night clubs, Parliamentary buildings, and city Markets.
5. Crafts and Souvenirs Industry
There are numerous souvenir shops together with craft shops within the central Division by the time we conducted the survey, among which where: African Creations in Kamwokya, Uganda Crafts Shop in Bat Valley, National Theatre Crafts Village and Banana Boat found at Kisementi-Kamwokya.
6. Hotel and Catering Industry

The central division had 60 accommodation facilities by survey time. The overwhelming accommodation facilities included:  Fairway Hotel, Lugogo Apartments, Grand Imperial Hotel, Musa Courts Apartments and Sheraton Hotel.


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