Cost Of Living in Kampala Uganda;Accommodation,Food,Groceries,Nightlife,Transport and Communication

What is the cost of living in Kampala, How much salary one would need for a decent living with some savings?

Living in Kampala is quite likable by many of the people since it is the capital of Uganda. In Uganda today, most of the activity happens here in Kampala, thus everyone looks for a place to reside for convenience in movement say from work to home, or even to meet their friends and party. Looking at how much salary one earns a month, it is a key factor that determines ones affordability whether to stay in Kampala decently or not.

Inform your Westerner friends that you’re leaving to stay in Africa, and they’ll certainly comment on how inexpensive it should be. Your money does not go as much as you would think in case you wish to sustain a similar lifestyle within Uganda to that back in your home town. Actually, I could in fact have a more relaxing lifestyle within my home state – Oklahoma (USA) for less expensive than a life of identical luxury (that is some overstatement) within Kampala.

Consider some of the following areas of expense if you are to live in Kampala. Accommodation or rather housing, transportation, meals, medication, shopping, or even just owning a car.

Rent/Accommodation: Rent a house in Kampala, how to find a house or apartment for rent in Kampala Uganda. Two bed roomed house or holiday apartment for accommodation.

How is housing in Kampala?

Housing is very key in Kampala. It is from this therefore that many people have opted to save money until they are able to build their own house. This is in the long run cheaper and saves one from the monthly rent costs towards lodging as you transit to being your own land lord in your own residence. Those who save and are ready to construct their own houses usually opt for the outskirts of the city as it is more peaceful there. Taking on the renting option it all depends on a number of factors and from one individual to the other. Some people may opt to stay home with their parents until they are married, for the case of girls. Boys usually move out of their parents home quite earlier to hustle out their lives on their own. They will often share roof with peers. However, one’s earning usually determines where they can reside.

Rent costs are overall. Actually, the range differs as broadly as $50 to $5,000 each month. In case you are on a very low budget, you may get a room within a slum for approximately 50 bucks.  The Wash closets as well as cooking area are shared (and also dirty). On the more expensive of the selection range, you may rent a wonderful mansion-like property within Kololo or even Munyonyo at more than $5,000 each month. Fortunately the most prevalent accommodation prices vary from $300 to $1,500 monthly.

The places of Bunga, Naguru, Munyonyo, Kololo and Nakasero present as a few of the better residential locations. A furnished apartment within these places will normally go for about $1,000 or more each month. The Unfurnished houses usually begin at about $1,500 within these locations. Areas such as Kansanga, Ntinda, Makindye, Kisaasi as well as Bukoto are more inexpensive alternatives while still maintaining good destinations. Furnished apartments within these areas will probably begin at $600 each month. The Unfurnished houses here usually go for about $1,000 or more each month.

Can I share housing with a friend to cut down on costs while in Kampala?

In case you prefer to maintain your expenses low, your finest bet is to get a roommate. The ultimate way of doing this immediately appears to be by posting on various Face book groups aimed at Kampala expats. You could be in position to pay about $100 per month in case you can get a deal to share the house! Or attempt posting on any of our Kampala forum that is extremely new, however it will become busy!

Groceries: Markets and supermarkets, Food Places, Vegetables, and Fruits.

Where can I buy groceries in Kampala? Shopping in Kampala

I am a bachelor, therefore I do not cook. Allow me to offer you some bit of advice which I certainly do know. Cooking is obviously less expensive than eating out! Sad to say, I just do not do it. However here is what I have learned from some of my friends who do:

There’s a variety of locations to buy groceries, however the real treats are normally a little expensive since they’re shipped in! The next basic food produce costs are got from Nakumatt found in Bukoto in 2015 in the month of January (Forex rate $1 USD: 2826 UGX): as per (

Some high quality bread costs about $1.50 as a 6 packet of eggs will cost you $1.30. A block of 200g of cheddar cheese costs $4.30. You will spend $3.60 for a two kilogram bag of good quality rice plus 3 bucks for a liter bottle of sunflower cooking oil. A package of delicious Frosted Flakes costs $8.40, and then a liter of Splash juice costs $2.00. Trying to find vodka? You can try out a Smirnoff Red 750ml at just $8.00. In case you love whiskey, do the Johnnie Walker Black Label at a price of $31.50 for one liter. For $0.70 you can get at 500ml Coca-Cola. (Extremely happy with that a person after paying approximately $1.92 in the US a week ago for the similar items!)

The best supermarkets – Shoprite, Nakumatt as well as Uchumi and certainly these offer the priciest. Check out the smaller supermarkets by the roadside for better prices, nicer deals and convenient shopping. Ensure that you certainly shop for your fruits plus vegetables from the open markets, especially Nakasero market where you will get more affordable prices as you spend. In case you are on an extremely limited budget, then copy the diet of a Ugandan; that way you will be able to save some money as you purchase fresh produce from these markets.

Dining Out: Eating Places, Takeaway and Restaurant: Where can I find fast foods and Takeaway in Kampala?

Refer to me as a specialist on this! Bachelor life actually demands it. Kampala is packed with a huge variety of eating places which bring a really international taste to this landlocked country on this African continent.

Dining out is not as inexpensive as it was about ten years ago; however it as well won’t take you home sobbing. A normal nice meal for 2 at one of the better restaurants in Kampala costs about $40 (including a glass of wine). Among my favorite exclusive meals is game meat plate at The Lawns. There you can enjoy some Ostrich, Wildebeest, Impala and Crocodile plus so much more for around $30. Pretty good for a real exclusive and delicious meal! However, it is as well easy to have wonderful meals at one of the best restaurants in Kampala for less than $10. For the luxurious side, you will find amazing things at the various cafes such as Soho Café, Endiro as well as Café Javas. Enjoy some french toast in the morning at Soho for $4!

Dine out

In general, it is seriously worth trying out the several eateries across Kampala, since they could have fun as well as calming atmospheres. People on a limited budget should think about inconspicuously carrying their own water bottle along with you. That way you will be able to survive in accordance with your budget! Additionally, enjoying meals with a couple of friends is an additional nice strategy, particularly at the restaurants which offer huge servings.Eating out in Kampala is quite simple,check this out (

Kampala Nightlife

Kampala Hangouts, Nightclubs,Bars;Where to spend an evening or hang out on a weekend in Kampala

The nightlife of Kampala is really affordable by worldwide standards. The majority of clubs plus bars don’t have cover charges although those that do hardly ever go beyond $5.. In addition Beers are very affordable since majority of them cost less than $3 at any of the nightlife hotspot. Combined drinks normally are priced between $3 and $5. Leading clubs such as Guvner, Ange Noir plus Club Silk feature exclusive areas committed to the top notch clubbers, as covers might go for up to $15. The Covers at the ‘hang-outs’ for expats, like Bubbles O’leary as well as Cayenne, are often about 5 bucks. Pretty good for an exciting evening out! Mish Mash is another interesting place to go.The other clubs are also adopting this kind of system and also have exclusive are that require an extra cost at the entrance. Kampala Night life (

Transportation: How can I move about in Kampala by public means of transport?

Making your way around Kampala could be somewhat expensive because of the fairly high cost of fuel ($1.50 per liter as I write this). Fortunately, you have a lot of alternatives for moving around the city. Boda bodas – motorcycle taxis are currently the fastest way to move from one place to another. A typical trip will cost you below 2 bucks. On the other hand, for really budget travelers a matatu, or a shared taxi van, will cost you just one buck typically to move from one place to another. All the best working out the various routes. It is a trial – error effort that is completely feasible!

How do I manage sustaining a private car in Kampala?

In case you have your private car, be prepared to get around more efficiently, besides during the rush hour traffic jams of Kampala. (FYI, “rush hour” may be at the most unchosen times and mainly depends upon the weather, the school holidays, busy season like that one that brings Christmas along,plus anything more.) On the other hand, you may hire a private-taxi to take you around. A visit across Kampala usually takes between $8 and $10. And the second choice is to hire a vehicle however be prepared to spend about $100 daily for that?

Telecommunication and Internet Services in Kampala

MTN is the major carrier within the country, commanding the biggest share of the market. That does not imply that they actually have the finest rates. Seek information on arrival of the precise calling rates as well as promotions, since these change pretty often. Generally, making calls internationally or locally from Uganda is costly. This isn’t uncommon for people who use their cell phones so much. The majority of my pals however are in a position to press by when having a budget of less than $30 per month for just calling.

The Local calling rates (minus promotions) are generally below $0.08 per minute although regional calls are nearer to $0.15 per minute. Calling a number of distant countries, like the United States plus China, is remarkably low-cost at approximately $0.10 per minute. Local charges for SMS are normally about $0.05 per message and as much as $0.15 per message for worldwide SMS. However,most of the telecommunication companies offer sms bundles that can help you sms across all network at similar and very low charges.

Phone and Internet

My finest suggestion is to download apps in case you have a smartphone: a) MagicJack, b) Whatsapp, c) viber and d) Skype. Try this and you’ll have said farewell to costly calls plus messages (including SMS and MMS)! Obviously, you could use Skype directly from your computer; this offers the benefit of fair quality video-calls. Be mindful that this consumes a lot of Internet bandwidth, on the other hand.Most of these applications enable you to enjoy instant messaging as you keep in touch with your friends and family.

Let us explore our internet alternatives. The most prevalent technique to connect is using the 3G modem or a dongle or just call it an internet stick. Most of the leading telecom companies provide modems which are normally restricted to their networks. Prices ranges based on the carrier you choose and the every month data package you select that may range sizes from 100MB to the unlimited data usage. Anticipate spending around $35 USD for 3GB of data every month. That is what I use. Orange plus MTN are seen as the market leaders within the mobile data market. Additionally, there’s great news for folks on brief stays within Uganda. Orange together with a couple of other carriers provide pay-by-the-day good Internet packages. You may purchase as low as 20MB daily for just $0.20.