Kampala Shopping, Garden City

Where is a one stop shopping Center in Kampala,Uganda?

Filled with a great range of restaurants as well as shops, Garden City is a one stop shopping place worth visiting while in Kampala. Situated next to the golf course within Kololo, along Yusufu Lule Road, Garden City is a huge building you will certainly not miss. This mall houses a variety of shops, a number of restaurants, some salons, a health and fitness club, plus a number of entertainment venues. Although there are just a couple of reasons I decide to go shopping in this mall it has a great deal to offer so I will offer you the details.

Where can I buy Trendy and Fashionable clothes in Kampala?

Clothing Shops

Garden City has a lot more clothing alternatives than pointed out here however these are a couple of the more well-liked stores.

Woolworths – has clothing for children, men and women with the majority of selling prices in the higher double digits (approximately 99,000 for one blouse). Clothes here are mainly casual wear items. They offer pretty and trendy clothes however the price will not fit in a budget of a common NGO worker.

Enka Pasha – This clothing store as well offers great clothing alternatives for children, men and women, however the prices too are high-end.

Sylvia Owori– This is a fashionable women’s clothing store which mainly has clothes best for the nightlife of Kampala. Their clothes are pretty and I was fascinated by a couple of items however with prices over 100,000 UGX I had to leave.

Knights – This is a high end men’s garments store which has great long and short sleeve button-ups in addition to pants plus a number of other stunning items. Knights was among the most expensive clothing stores I visited with prices over 200,000 UGX.


Crafts and Souvenirs in Kampala

The craft and souvenir stores could be good in case you are not in the state of mind to visit the craft markets. Although it is a more tranquil and relaxed shopping experience you will pay a lot more than you probably would have at the craft market in the event that you can bargain.

Banana Boat – is found on the ground floor of this large mall and it is an excellent option for people reluctant to head to the markets. They offer all the items one would get in the craft markets in the city.

Banks in Kampala

The primary reason I visited this mall was to use the ATM of Barclays Bank. Garden City has numerous ATMs such as Stanbic, Orient Bank, Standard Charter as well as Crane Bank. Barclays, in addition, Orient Bank plus Standard Charter have their branches here.


Cineplex – here you can loosen up from all the chaotic everyday life of Kampala and try to get caught up with Hollywood. Actually Cineplex shows the most recent blockbuster hits approximately one month after they have been released in the united states. Tuesdays are half-price movies (going for 8,000 UGX). The design is similar to the majority of movie theaters found in the united states and you may purchase various goodies such as candy, popcorn as well as soda  at Cineplex just as back in your home country.

Boda Boda – This place has the ambiance of a higher-end lounge bar. It is a great place to have a drink with some friends as you catch up. This place normally is very packed on Saturday plus Friday nights.

Kids Playground – In case you want a place to keep your kids as you do some shopping then I recommend taking them to an outdoor playground situated outdoors on the 1st floor. This playground appears to be an enjoyable experience and also I was lured to go down the slide. this will  keep your kids well entertained for one or two hour.

Casino Simba – The casino, situated within the mall, is among the best casinos in the whole of Uganda. Gamblers will completely enjoy themselves in this place and will also be entertained each hour by a couple of female dancers performing different cultural dances on the little stage. Additionally, you will enjoy some free drinks provided that you are gambling.

Alleygators – This is home to the only bowling alley in Uganda’s. You would think this bowling alley alone makes this an incredible enough spot for a weekend night additionally, they have pool tables, karaoke, a bar plus an arcade. Thursdays, Tuesdays plus Wednesdays are buy ‘5 games and get 1 free and drinks. It is possible to enter from the 3rd floor of the wide parking garage.

Restaurants in Kampala

Nawab – I really believe the finest food inside the mall is at this Indian restaurant known as Nawab. It is found on the roof of Garden City. once you leave Nawab you’ll be planning your following visit. I can contentedly eat at Nawab 2 nights consecutively. And, actually I have eaten there 2 nights consecutively. The substantial menu offers several options for regular visitors and they’ll gladly cater to big groups.

New York Pizza Kitchen – NYPK doesn’t have the finest ambiance since it is found in the parking garage however it has decent pizza as well as decent prices. The style is similar to a 1940’s soda-fountain shop with huge soft red booths as well as Betty Boop décor. They possess a pizza special every Monday for ‘buy one and get another half off all the pizzas. Certainly a great place for exciting group dinner.

Café Pap – Situated on the 1st floor in the middle of the mall, Café Pap provides typical coffee -shop food as well as drinks. They offer cold plus hot coffee beverages with an attractive number of smoothies many of which are simply 7,000 UGX. It serves dinner, breakfast plus lunch items such as salads plus sandwiches (one of the most fascinating is the roast beef together with peanut butter).

Ranchers Butcher Shop and Grill – As you may determine from the name, Rancher’s has high quality meat cuts, however they as well have unusual imported items such as Aunt Jemima’s pure maple syrup, Al’s barbeque sauce, nerds, blue diamond almonds as well as fruit roll ups. Dining at the stunning Rancher’s and relishing one of their great meat cuts will cost you between 14,000 and 32,000 UGX based on whether it is seafood, chicken or steak.

Dormans – This is lacking in ambiance and is normally pretty loud because of its nearness to the road as well as the open air design of this restaurant. They offer coffee, breakfast, cocktails, lunch plus dinner with mid-range prices in line with the majority of coffee shops in town. Because I am personally looking for the finest Caesar salad around town, I needed to try theirs and it was among the very best I have enjoyed so far within Kampala.

Food Court – has a selection of ethnic options together with a remarkably beautiful view of the nearby golf course that significantly enhances the standard food court experience. Actually the most appealing food alternative at Garden City is A Lo Cubano – a Cuban food restaurant. The food court in addition has Lebanese, 2 Indian places, an “oriental” kitchen and Italian.

Electronics in Kampala

Do you have any electronic needs? Then Garden City is probably the best place to check out. Visit these stores:

Elite Computers – is a store selling Apple products for example headphones, iPods plus computers in addition to other accessories for Apples such as chargers. In addition they do repairs therefore in case you possess a Mac within Kampala and you want a repair I recommend you can check-out Elite Computers (found in the basement level, get into from the parking lot).

    Uchumi – hosts an additional electronic store which is worth visiting particularly if you are searching for a computer or large TV screen. This store in addition has big appliances such as ovens, washing machines and refrigerators.

Colour Plus – In case you need passport pictures or simply a couple of normal pictures printed, visit Colour Plus for all your photo requirements. In addition they process video.

Bookstores in Kampala

Aristoc – It is a bookstore but additionally offers toys, art supplies plus games. The books are somewhat expensive with a publication novel at approximately 36,000 UGX; however it is among the few places within Kampala where you can get the latest releases. Aristoc can as well custom order books that aren’t in stock. I actually had them order me a book and, although it took a couple of weeks for it to arrive, they contacted me as soon as it arrived so I did not actually have to keep checking with them. Aristoc is the finest bookstore in the whole of Uganda; however I primarily go there when I want to get some art supplies. They do not have the finest selection however it will have to do since they have the solely selection around town.

La Fontaine Christian Bookstore – is found within Uchumi in the rear right corner close to the electronics. It is a smaller bookstore with only Christian materials such as bibles, books, CDs plus cards. They offer an amazing range of Bibles such as a couple of versions for the youth as well as kids.

Telecom Shops

In case you want air-time or Internet, Garden City has a store for Orange and MTN. You can purchase Internet bundles at any of these stores and I recommend that you go there and see the types of deals available there for the phone plus Internet.