Swimming Pools in Kampala

Where are the Best Swimming Pools in Kampala Uganda?

Having a day relaxing by a swimming pool is among the much-loved pastimes for any Kampala expat, and with its excellent location on the equator as well as ever increasing quantity of elegant hotels, Kampala doesn’t have lack of good weather and swimming pools available. These places usually are crowded over the weekends therefore in case you are organizing a pool day ensure that you arrive there early to get the best lounger spots

Kabira Country Club

Situated in Bukoto along the Old-Kira road this amazing hotel offers one of the bigger swimming pools and is encompassed by verdant palms and what’s typically regarded as the finest (if not even close to being the most affordable!) gym within Kampala. Entrance fee to the swimming pool is 40,000 UGX daily, with free use of the gym plus a discount on all work out classes that very day. People with children there is as well a good children’s pool nearby as well as a play area. They offer Private swimming lessons which must be booked upfront. The restaurant is next to the swimming pool with huge TV screens and a good wide range of foods (such as the steak sandwich plus quesadillas which are my own favorite!). The meals here, on the other hand, are really expensive, therefore be cautioned that in case you intend to spend the entire day here and even eat you will have to spend quite a lot!

Swimming Pools at Lake Shores;relax at Conveniently located swimming Pools in Kampala Uganda

Speke Resort

Certainly the best swimming pool in Kampala, it is situated on the shores of the large Lake Victoria within the expensive Munyonyo district. It features an Olympic-sized pool and in addition has a gym for people searching for total exercise or some extreme swimming. the Entrance fee is 20,000 UGX and fortunately food is somewhat less expensive than at Kabira and incorporates  swimming poolside snacks like cheese naans, fish fingers as well as club sandwiches all very tasty!. The location implies that you can as well take a stroll along the shores of the lake and rather than leaving disappointed at being not able to take a swim in the bilharzia-ridden lake waters you may go to the swimming pool and dive in there! Their gym is as well included in the swimming pool entry fee and you may rent towels for a little extra expense. Similar to Kabira additionally there is a small children’s swimming pool loaded with sun lounge chairs for families. Also Private swimming training may be arranged for people with hope of becoming some of the swimming stars internationally. Perhaps the finest thing about this swimming pool for me, on the other hand, is watching people – you frequently don’t actually have to carry your book for enjoyment!

Kabira Country Club plus Speke Resort belong to the same company (who as well owns the Speke apartments found along Wampewo Avenue in Kololo) therefore in case you are residing in any of these places (or have a friend who is!!) and wish to take a look at the others, you may get in free with only a note from the management.

 Emin Pasha Hotel

The swimming pool here is fairly small, consistent with the boutique theme of this hotel. It is not usually kept the very clean however the biggest attraction is the spa service they offer. For only 70,000 UGX you use of the swimming pool for the entire day, have a sandwich plus fruit juice, and also a massage within the luxurious spa at the poolside (additionally you can combine various spa treatments rather than a basic massage). Emin Pasha Hotel is certainly an excellent place if you wish to engage yourself for an affordable price, and in case you go there on a weekday you are more likely to enjoy the pool to yourself. In addition, towels are offered at no cost!

Sheraton Hotel

Located in central Kampala from Nile Avenue, Sheraton provides a convenient swimming pool option. The Entrance fee is 15,000 UGX, including a towel for the entire day and use of its fitness centre (plus aerobics classes). Additionally, there are lockers by the poolside for people wanting to keep their valuables. The swimming pool is circular, therefore still not the smartest choice for extreme swimmers, however it comes with some inflatables plus balls in addition to a small nearby children’s swimming pool, therefore it’s a wonderful place to spend time and or even play. Additionally they provide a lunchtime grill by the poolside with all dishes going for only 15,000 UGX as well as poolside drinks service, not forgetting Kylie Minogue tunes in the background, in case you are into that kind of thing. Ensure that you arrive before lunch to get the better sun loungers near the pool side.

Serena Hotel

I assumed I would consist of this since it is the largest and coolest hotel within Kampala; however, the entrance to the swimming pool here is 60,000 UGX, for non-hotel guests, which is basically that alone!

Imperial Royale Hotel

This hotel situated near the Serena is a more affordable alternative and costs a fairly standard 20,000 UGX. It features a fairly large swimming pool located outdoors on the Fifth floor, which offers some good views over Kampala city. It’s entirely concrete although it doesn’t have a number of the more relaxing, garden ambience of the other leading swimming pool hotels, however again its central location helps it be handier than a number of the other, much more faraway pools for a laid back day.

Cassia Lodge

This hidden jewel of a hotel features the finest views throughout Kampala. Located on the peak of Buziga Hill, you will be able to see across Lake Victoria. It is an amazing place to enjoy sundowner cocktail. Additionally, it has a really small swimming pool that you can enjoy for 10,000 UGX per day while the towels are rented at an extra cost. The Food here is excellent – particularly the fish dishes as well as the pork nyama choma – and it is well worth making an entire day of. The Only concern is that this swimming pool is really very tiny (more decorating than meant for serious swimming) so this implies that it fills up very quickly during the weekends. In case you come after lunch you are likely not to get a spot near the swimming pool.


Located in Mengo across the road from the Backpackers hostel along Albert Cook road, this swimming pool is small and somewhat dirty yet very inexpensive! It is much more in the Lido-fashion, in other words intended for swimming instead of sunbathing, and it is very well liked by the locals. It charges 6,000 UGX and while there are just a few sun lounge chairs which are plastic and are close to the edges where you can unwind and enjoy some sun rays. Every Sunday evening it becomes a moving outdoor nightclub – loud with R&B plus hip-hop from around 5:00 p.m., which based on your mindset could either be a attracting point or even put-off – therefore be cautioned!

Imperial Resort Beach (Entebbe)

Situated in Entebbe, approximately one hour’s drive from the city center of Kampala (in case there isn’t so much traffic), it is not awfully located. However Imperial Resort is a place for most of the people from Kampala who love to get away from Kampala over the weekends. This is among the most affordable swimming pools (charging an entrance fee of just 6,000 UGX) and as well features a private sandy-beach along the shores of Lake Victoria, in addition to a great meat grill restaurant -the Carnivore – and a sports bar with lots of screens. It provides an awesome day trip and can also be converted into a bit of a beach day by visiting the Ssese Islands gateway beach and then to Lido beach which is the oldest  beach, opposite the former airport (well-known for its party ambiance every Sunday and  regular beach volleyball tournaments). The simplest way to get there is most likely by drive; however there are a number of matatus serving from Kampala to Entebbe daily particularly on Sunday night since they leave at around 2 am in the night and return to Kampala!