Kampala Children’s Play Center, Where to Hangout with your Kids

Where can I take my Children for a day out in Kampala;Play, run around?

Children’s Day Out within Kampala

As all parents or care-takers know, regardless of how wonderful your children are, a bored kid can easily turn into a naughty child. There are puzzles plus toys at home; however at some point even the most attractive objects lose their charm and outdoor stimuli is needed. Fortunately, Kampala has a good number of places for your children to run around, interact with other kids and even climb. several Activities which leave them really exhausted, they will eventually get to bed without a struggle (freeing you from the everyday nap time wining dance – this I am sure that I am not the only one who has ever done this dance!).

 Where Can I hang out while my kids also Play in Kampala Uganda?

People living on the north part of town (Ntinda, Kololo and Bukoto, ), there are a number of good options. One is Kabira Country Club; These grounds have a huge pool, a children’s pool, a spacious supervised play space having slides plus climbing toys, as well as a huge grassy area to run in. This is an excellent place to go in case you wish to hang out with your children and spend time on yourself too. Come along with your partner and grabbing a massage, enjoy a steam bath and even go gyming in turns. This may be a great option for a family day trip with treats for adults and  children.

Where are the Best Day Care Centers ,Play schools and Nursery schools in Kampala?

In Ntinda you will find Pop Up Cafe having a multitude of board games for children, and, based on the day, art shows, craft fairs, plus delicious milkshake.  There is Mish Mash on Acacia, renowned for its child friendly attractions. The huge area on the right side of the entrance of the restaurant has park benches, an enclosed kid’s play area, and gentle soft grassy slopes for children to roll down. Additionally they offer a child-friendly menu plus giant play chessboards.

Some distance away is Prunes another wonderful place for a parents who want time out with their children. You may relax in the huge, shady yard as your children jump around on various swings and play with their toys. During the weekends there are usually several families there, on picnic mats which are provided by the restaurant. You can buy anything including decadent treats to the healthy fruit snacks for children and parents.


Also Time2Play located in Kiwatule is another amazing place. It is labeled as the biggest indoor play centre and as well serves as a daycare nursery. The activities they offer take care of newborn babies to the pre-teens. There are face painters, slides, sand pits, pools as well as bouncy castles. The staff is always available to watch your kid in case you have a hectic day and require going out. Additionally there is a parental rest area to sit and even do some work yet still be available for your kid.

On the Southern side of town (Bunga, Muyenga and Kansanga, ), there are numerous of options. The most renowned is Munyonyo Speke Resort. Belonging to the same individuals at Kabira, you will find a comparable child-friendly establishment. It has a a lifeguard, Children’s pools, plus a play area. Nonetheless, Munyonyo is fortunate to be at the lakeside. Therefore after swimming and romping you may go down to the beachfront. This is as very safe place for children to learn how to skate and even ride bikes due to its well-paved track. This very area as well enjoys soft grass plus a small beach for making sandcastles.

Although Cafe Roma is a favorite to several lovers of Italian food, it is as well a wonderful place to bring your child for dinner or even lunch. There are amenities with  a sand pit,  swings plus trampolines and these are open up to 8pm. Hotel International is another renowned spot with a multitude of activities including sliding, swimming, donkey rides and swinging. The staff is available to always watch the children, to help you relax even enjoy your meal. Nevertheless, if you want to spend time with your child, you’re very welcome to take pleasure in the play area.

Makindye Country Club is another place to take your children. There is a big swimming pool, with a supervised well fenced-off wading pool for smaller children. You will find fields plus sports groups for older children to enjoy  as well as a children playground having swings, book library, and  see-saws . The restaurant offers Children friendly menus.

In case you happen have a whole day to enjoy, you can as well take your child beyond Kampala to (UWEC) Ugandan Wildlife Education Center located in Entebbe (also referred to as the zoo). UWEC is nearly always filled with children playing around and there they will be able to see the different animals including Leopard, Rhinos plus Zebras. UWEC features a restaurant (having minimal options, therefore a packed lunch is the best idea) and a large play area for children. There are as well donkey rides plus a grassy lakeside area for you to relax. The Exhibits have large signs or even paintings targeted at educating children on the natural habitat plus life cycles of the animals. Giraffes, lions plus chimpanzees offer a lot of entertainment for children (and mainly adults).

Community is obviously a crucial part in child parenting and the city offers alternatives to get involved with one without having to sacrifice your peace of mind. Several families use such places as a chance to interact with other parents across the city. Exchange tips about the most effective foods, caretakers plus healthcare providers. Let alone the extra bonus of using up some of your kid’s seemingly limitless energy. So when it is sunny again and your children are antsy take time to explore the several many child friendly places in Kampala. Then tuck in that baby and pour a glass of wine for yourself because you have earned it – After all, we adults need our personal recreational time too.