Where To Go For Movies in Kampala, 3D Cinema and Costs

How to spend Time Off at A Movie in Kampala Uganda?

At times you want to go out although you would not love to mix with people. You want to leave your house, but won’t get out of your relax wear. You wish to eat snacks, yet you don’t wish to share a table with another people. That is actually very possible in Kampala. At times you simply need a couple of hours to get away from your house but as well not have to face other people out there.

I am confident that is why movie theaters were invented and the entire entertainment of watching movies.

Fortunately, Kampala has 3 amazing places where you can watch some of the latest movies. They vary from somewhat old and (a bit) damp to completely new well air-conditioned facilities. A number of them have basic snack bars while others offer full cafes within the theater. However think about the location, the pre-snacks, or the snacks you might not take into the theater simply because it is against policy? These among others are part to the experience of going to watch a movie. So let’s begin.

Which is the Best Cinema In Kampala Uganda?Theater Costs,Comfort and the Best Entertainment

First there is the oldest cinema, found in Garden City. It is basic although well maintained offering cheaper prices plus reliable show times. at 16,000 UGX you receive a soda and the opportunity to relax in their lounge before the movie. Note that their lounge comprises of just a couple of chairs, it isn’t that special. However for those seeking to pass some time during a matinee, this fits well the price. On the other hand, around the corner are snacks and ice cream (or even a gym in case you are really interested). And, obviously, with Uchumi on the lower floor!

a couple of meters from Garden City is a completely new movie theater – The Hub. It belongs to the same cinema group – Cineplex Cinemas Uganda however offers a completely new,air-conditioned, sleek movie experience. Simply take the escalator up to the top level and there! it stands in glory! Obviously, the movie tickets here are more expensive at approximately 20,000 UGX a take, which may feel somewhat expensive, particularly if you are taking someone on a date. However this does not come with a free soda! The sodas go for 2,000 UGX. However, these facilities are very nice. There is also a really elegant lounge area where you can relax before the movie.

Obviously we are going to need to take time and talk about the advantages of location. Ok, there is Nakumatt close by so you can get yourself a pack of melty candies. Nonetheless, more important is frozen yoghurt on the lowest floor. The yorghut probably deserves some review, however i will shamelessly put it here nevertheless. Designed after the ‘create your own fro-yo’ shops in the West, you get a cup and fill it up with whichever flavors you prefer. There are not so many, however they vary from vanilla to the delicious mocha plus cheesecake which means you can’t make a mistake there. After that, you select your own toppings. You’ll weigh it and after that pay a lot of cash for frozen yoghurt. However it is very delicious. And it’s possibly the best thing to nibble on ahead of the movie. So at times you may be prepared to pay the additional cash at The Hub, not necessarily for the classy bathrooms, but simply because you know you will have a wonderful snack before or after the movie.

Then, Cineplex Cinemas Uganda is continually having deals. Even though, they are not usually consistent based on who and when you inquire. Normally there are a couple of nice movies selected for Tuesday- the Half-Price day. You may check out their Facebook page for the particular movies outlined as half price. You may as well keep updated on movie premiers, deals plus times. Not too long ago they promoted a package for a “Kids Combo” for children between 3 and 14 which includes popcorn plus soda in the cost of the ticket.

As the grand-finale, i introduce to you the ever first 3D cinema in the whole of Kampala; Also referred to as 3D Cinema Magic. it is found in Naalya, this theater opened this year in March. The main focus at Cinemma Magic currently is Action movies. Future classics like Man of Steel, The Wolverine plus Pacific Rim dominate the movie experience. In addition to the outstanding sound system, this Magic Cinema offers a couple of promotions. Although the tickets are usually 16,000 UGX including a free soda, the Super Saver Wednesdays by Orange enable customers save some shillings. Certainly, since it is as well situated in a mall, you will find chances to shop for snacks before the movie.

Nonetheless, in case you’re searching for a more sociable movie watching experience, a couple of bars plus events in town now show movies on different occasion.

Mish Mash from time to time sets its huge screen and shows movies like Jaws or shows crucial football matches. The Hub (this time not the cinema, however the workspace) as well screens movies along with the Alliance Francaise which is renowned for showing popular films every once in a while.

Irrespective of whether you go during the lunch break or at night on a trendy date, there are very many choices. Therefore go watch a movie! Eat some popcorn! Drink  Pepsi and enjoy the experience.