Kampala Wines and Spirits,Where to Buy

Where can I Buy The Best Wine in Kampala?

Let us be truthful: The expressions “Kampala, Uganda” plus “wine country” by no means appear in identical sentence. Regardless of whether you are a fan of locally produced “Altar Wine,” be recommended. There is so much to enjoy particularly for wine lovers residing in Kampala!

Although all of the bigger grocery stores have a range of wine, many folks actually love the buying experience, the atmosphere of a true wine shop having experts who know well their stuff! You do not simply want to walk in and look for the lowest priced bottle of red wine or any ol’ chardonnay; you really take pleasure in being familiar with the bottle prior to purchasing any it.

Last week, I had a closer inspection at a couple of spots in town. I discovered numerous wine shops that you will have to keep tuned in for “Part 2” soon, however for now Enjoy!

Wine shops and Distributors in Kampala,Uganda,Wine Prices

No. 49 Cheese and Wine

Located in the middle of the Bugolobi area, I discovered a small jewel of a wine shop known as No. 49 Cheese & Wine that was branded after its plot number along Luthuli Avenue. I suppose you might say this spot had me at hello! As soon as I moved out of my car and looked around the charming compound at the outside wooden-picnic tables, I realized I was in luck.

Where is the best place for a wine night out in Kampala,Uganda?

This shop really nailed it on the setting. It is a fantastic venue for a night out, drinks after dinner, drinks with friends, mum’s day out and girls’ night out. When you go into the shop, an amiable face welcomes you and provides samples from every day options of white plus red wine.


They concentrate on and have South African wines specifically, presenting a wide selection that ranges from 18,000 to 240,000 UGX.  You will as well find fresh bread, gourmet cheeses, a great store of cigars and jams. Trust me; I attained a number of key ‘wife points’ by taking my husband a Montecristo!

Where can I find South African Wine in Kampala Uganda?

The owner Michael Rourke a South African , claims that the inspiration behind beginning this business was due to the fact that nobody else was actually doing something like it. He adds that for the previous 10 years they have been lamenting about the shortage of great wine within Kampala, so they decided to do it themselves!’ He together with his 2 business partners, Peter plus Charlie, the two from U.K., established No. 49 Cheese & Wine in December 2012.

This shop is found on a plot with a gate off Luthuli Avenue which is the main street in Bugolobi. Try to find their tiny sign at the front because it may be easily missed. No. 49 Cheese & Wine is taking a huge, optimistic step in the course of building more of a wine-scene within Kampala.  Certainly, there are several other shops selling wine, however something concerning the ambiance plus quality makes No. 49 Cheese & Wine a unique place to visit!

Hours: Monday – Saturday  7:00-7:30 PM, Sunday 10:00 to 4:00PM

Address: 49 Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi

Phone: 0759 499 463

Email: wines@eqcatering.co.ug

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/49CheeseWine

Uganda Wines and Spirits Distributors;Where to find wines and spirits and at what Prices in Kampala

Uganda Wines plus Spirits Distributors have 3 locations within Kampala: the oldest downtown along Luwum Street, near the main post office, the other at Garden City Mall, and the third one on Acacia Avenue Plot 1A/1C behind City Oil. They are a Kampala preference and since 1994 have served central Kampala.

I went to the branch at Garden City and was thrilled with the variety of wines from all parts of the world such as Italy, Argentina, France, Australia, USA, Chile, South Africa as well as Spain . This shop is exceedingly clean and properly organized. In addition they sell cigars however only had a couple of Cohibas displayed.

Uganda Wines and Spirits also supply wine for hotels in Kampala such as Serena Hotel and Sheraton. I talked to the manager who was on duty and he detailed how, when the wine suppliers arrive in town and do the tastings as well as trainings together with the serving personnel.

Similar to No. 49 Cheese & Wine, they likewise have outdoors seats in case you wish to relax and revel in a drink. Regrettably, by “outdoors seating”, I simply mean that it is outside the entrance of the shop. After all you will still be sitting in the middle of the busy Garden City Mall. Not a thing at all says ‘romantic wine-date’ like crying a noisy mall, babies plus people everywhere!

Follow my recommendation: purchase your wine here however enjoy it somewhere else.

Hours: Mon to Fri, 9:00am to 6:00pm, Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm

Address: Luwum Avenue downtown, Garden City and Plot 1A/1C Acacia Ave

Phone: 0414 257 145

Email: sales@udfs.co.ug

Website: https://www.ugandawinesandspirits.ug

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UgandaWinesAndSpirits

Karuka Wine Shop

Karuka Wine Shop is found in the Kisementi Shopping Center a couple of doors from The Bistro. This wine shop has been operating in this location for nearly one year and previously they were located deeper within the Kisementi Mall before getting this prime location on the outer front.

While in Kampala, Karuka is where to go only if, you enjoy wines by Robertson Winery. This is because Kareka solely deals in this line of South African wine. To tell the truth, it somehow blew my mind that a whole shop was dedicated to promoting only one line of wine. I ultimately got a obvious answer from one of the staff who revealed that they were a country sales agent for the winery.

Address: Plot 13, Copper Rd., Kisementi

Phone: 0774 600 805

Email: isakaruka@yahoo.com

Website: https://www.karukaagencies.com

I believe my favorite place award goes to No. 49 Cheese & Wine. i visited the place a couple of days ago and I cannot simply wait to visit the place again. When buying wine, I am confident that No. 49 Cheese & Wine together with Uganda Wine & Spirits Distributors will offer a wonderful experience. In case you are a wine lover just like me, then I certainly encourage you! Kampala’s wine community seems to be increasing and I am glad that I am part of it.