Yoga in Kampala Uganda

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This time, I am dealing with the big pop of contemporary workout classes which is yoga! Regardless of where you stay on the planet, you have certainly heard of this very old Indian practice developed around strength, breath plus balance.

Yoga Poses


In case you have never tried any yoga class, you do not know what you are missing. Prior to deciding to write it off as basically sixty minutes of breathing plus deep stretching, understand that yoga will fit into any exercise plan. Irrespective of whether you are a hardcore Cross-fit lover or a periodic walker in the neighborhood, you have to remember to care for your body in order that it can nevertheless succeed for you.

What are the Different Kinds of Yoga I can engage Myself in in Kampala Uganda?

It is here that yoga becomes really useful. The classes range from soothing, therapeutic yoga, to the more extreme, challenging Ashtanga-style class, there is certainly something for everybody!

Fortunately that there isn’t shortage of these yoga classes in the entire Kampala. Actually, I would say that there’s a significant big yoga community in Kampala. As the more popular studio classes are quite prominent, there are a number of amazing, independent instructors across the city. This week, I investigated several styles plus classes, which makes it my mission to attempt two distinctive classes which are off the beaten course.

Who are the Best Yoga Instructors in Kampala Uganda and where are they found?

Restorative / Therapeutic Yoga

Firstly, a restorative / therapeutic yoga class around Kisementi area near town trained by a nice Indian woman called JayJay. I do not what you think guys; however the Kampala I stay in can be extremely hectic. The Lengthy boda rides perform long lasting knots and the day-to-day problems of handling easy tasks can push an expat crazy! In case those symptoms seem familiar, you have to de-stress and have a class of restorative yoga from JayJay.

Jayjay has been instructing yoga for Thirty years and instructed at Bihar School of Yoga found in India. Her class concentrates on breathing patterns, a number of sun salutations, plus leaves some time towards the end for yoga nidra, practicing yoga relaxation in which your body gets into a hypnotic, sleep-like condition helping clear the tension plus nervousness.


JayJay instructs classes in her home found at Kisementi Shopping Center just above Crocodile Café every Tuesday evening starting at 5:45pm to 7:15 pm.  The upper floor of her apartment is a huge, open-air outdoor patio that lets you practice yoga with continuous fresh breeze as you maintain your gaze in balance poses on the nearby palm trees. Not really very bad!

 How much does it cost to attend yoga Classes in Kampala?

Classes are offered at 15,000 UGX for a one and a half hours class. Since her teaching is more of a hobby as well as a lifestyle, all benefits from her classes are given to personal efforts to enhance as well as support girl-child education across Uganda.


I truly enjoyed JayJay’s night class last week. In case you are interested in sweaty, rigorous workout, this isn’t your class.  However, I greatly suggest that you try her class with the aim of getting rid of stress, finding balance and acquiring focus on your life, and a good, deep stretch. Afterwards, I actually felt really relaxed and refocused, the best thing of all is that when I Slept i did Like a BABY!


Ashtanga Yoga


The other class I went to was Joyce’s Ashtanga Vinyasa class conducted on every Thursday mornings starting at 8:30 am to 9:45 am in Bukoto. She teaches at various venues across town, however this specific class was at AnnaE’s studio near Kampala International School.


Joyce has stayed in Kampala for 4 years now however has just recently started teaching yoga. Throughout a break in various jobs, she spent one month living the dream and becoming certified as an instructor for yoga trainer within Southern India.


Her class turned out to be an excellent power workout and I thought it was agreeably challenging (be aware the focus on “pleasant”). Her morning class on Thursday is normally really small, that helps Joyce to offer individual focus on each yogi within her class. You feel like you are in a fitness session since she offers valuable corrections and closely watches your form!  Joyce is wonderful at evaluating the skill level of every member of her class and customizes the program to fit her students. This means that, you will not be doing the “upside-down” as a novice.


Her classes go for 75 minutes for a price of 25,000 UGX.  Although this is on the expensive yoga pricing around Kampala, I actually think it is worthwhile for the exercise routine you get.  For many, this may simply match into your every week budget and, for some people; it must be an intermittent treat!

Lastly, as a reward to you for going through my lengthy article, I have compiled a weekly listing of yoga classes around Kampala. With some luck, this could be a resource that offers the inspiration you need!  All the instructors I approached can easily be contacted through phone and email so you can actually reach them for any inquiries.

Hope to see you on the yoga mat!