Kampala Tips for New Commers and Travelers

Tips for New commers into Kampala

What I need to Know on my first Arrival to Kampala ,Uganda

Uganda may actually stun you. Popularly described as “The Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, Uganda’s landscape consists of the snow-capped towering Rwenzori Mountains, the true source of River Nile, half of earth’s population of the amazing mountain gorilla giants, as well as the breathtaking Murchison falls on the Nile and the waterfalls of Mountain Elgon. Because of its fascinating combination of natural splendor and a chaotic past damaged by Idi Amin a dictator and the L.R.A., you will start to discover a nation comprised of long lasting, culturally rich as well as warm and friendly people working to make their motherland a safe and appealing country.

On arrival you will likely have a couple of questions as you start to explore the various things this gorgeous country has to offer. Here are a number of beginning tips to assist start your transition into staying in Kampala.

Arrival at the Entebbe International  Airport

What I need to Have on me at Ugandan Airports

You will reach Entebbe International Airport in Uganda and there follow the crowd from the plane to the immigration. There you will have at hand your passport plus $50 US dollars (for your 3 month tourist visa). Prior to getting in line make sure you get an immigration form in which you will complete your travel dates and details. Afterwards you will buy a tourist visa and have your passport stamped, which will be checked before you obtain your bags or depart from the airport. You will then leave with your luggage.

In case your luggage doesn’t show up (which is very common) it is vital that you report to the office found in the baggage claim area. there You will describe what your baggage appears like and will fill in some information. You’ll then go through the luggage screening and then you are home free!

Mzungu – a common word!

Possibly this is among the very first words you will hear when you head to the market or go for a walk. “Mzungu” Literally translated as “a person who walks around aimlessly”, the origins of this word come back from the Eighteenth century when the very first European explorers traveled in East Africa. The local people would use this term to describe those humorous looking people.

Nevertheless in present times this meaning evolved to merely mean a “foreigner” or a “white person.” Although it might appear clear enough that you’re a foreigner and or even a white, often children as well as some adults will be amazed by your distinctive presence and want to publicly take note of your presence by screaming “Mzungu!” I suppose a reminder every now and then is not really bad, and several times the people mean no damage when they call you this, particularly young children who surprisingly still manage to be delighted each time a white person strolls past them.


In case you are looking over this sentence and understanding it it’s likely that you speak English. Actually, this is a wonderful skill to possess while in Uganda. English is largely spoken here and it is regarded as the national language. Even so it’s a wise decision to learn some phrases in the local languages. The capital Kampala is within the Buganda tribal region the largest tribe in the whole of Uganda. Luganda is the ethnic language of the prevalent Buganda tribe, and I am certain that you will hear it being spoken more frequently than English. In case you take some time and learn a couple of fundamental phrases you will be stunned by how happy the Ugandan people will be.


As a beginner, “Oli otya” pronounced as (oh-lee-oh-tee-ya) is a wonderful phrase to say. it actually means “how are you?” and this is the fundamental Luganda greeting. “Nnyabo” (Knee yah bo) and “Ssebo” (Say bo) are as well crucial words to add after the greetings, and these actually mean “madam” plus “sir”. “Webale” (way bah lay) is as well a great one to say which means which means “thank you”.


This is not necessary in Uganda, however it is becoming more prevalent as expats go to restaurants and transfer this culture. in places where visitors frequently eat, it is normally best to leave some tip. I attempt to tip about 1,000 UGX for each 10,000 UGX I spend on meals however, everyone is different, so simply do what your really feel like doing. On the other hand, you don’t have to tip taxi or even boda boda riders since they don’t normally have specific prices to begin with, and anything you bargain the price down to is exactly what you will pay. Regarding the good hotels, it’s at times nice give a tip for the housekeeping staff.

What is Uganda’s weather like?

The weather experienced in Kampala is quite moderate all year round. The Average temperatures are normally in the warm middle to 70 F (22 and25 C) range. It also experiences some rainfall. Also, in case a Ugandan cautions you to stay there (or move on) due to the rain, take this critically regardless whether there is a cloud or not.