Acacia Shopping Mall in Kampala

Which is the Best shopping Center in Kampala Uganda?


Oasis Shopping Center

Oasis is the smaller-sized mall situated very near to Garden City you could think they actually are connected at first sight. Regardless of its closeness to Garden City, Oasis mall is very different from the adjacent Garden city.  Oasis is a lot tranquil and doesn’t have a lot to offer however it is my favorite of these two malls. In case I want to visit the bank and also pick up some things at a good grocery store I would certainly decide to go to Oasis mall. Below are some of the highlights at this mall

Clothing and Crafts

Mr. Price – Mr. Price jogs my memory somehow of Target due to its cheap and pretty clothing alternatives. Mr. Price offers clothes for children, men as well as women, together with shoes plus other accessories. Choosing to shop here will certainly not hurt your wallet.

Tot Oz and Kiddies Closet – Both of these stores offer a modest collection of infant plus toddler clothing in addition to their accessories such as bibs plus toys.

Maridadi – This is a small yet wonderful craft plus souvenir shop at the main entrance of the mall. Most of the store is filled by a more elegant collection of craft jewelry. The stunning Maridadi in addition has additional craft items such as purses plus animal sculptures.

Dolce Vita – this Markets its clothing as a selection of “the Italian lifestyle”. Dolce Vita features a couple of simple better quality clothing items for women plus men; however the price tag is somehow too high for their products.

In case you get a spot on any of your newly bought clothing items you can go to the Spot Clean Drycleaners found in the basement of the Oasis mall who will certainly take care of that.


Oasis has a number of ATMs for these banks: Centenary Bank, Crane Bank, Barclays, Bank of Africa, Ecobank, Baroda Cash, as well as Standard Charter bank. On the other hand, KCB, Ecobank plus Equality Bank have branches of their banks at Oasis.


Bancafe – Bancafe is an outdoor, 2 story coffee house with a restaurant found on the outside reel of Oasis mall. Bancafe offers a great peaceful ambience with comfy table plus booth seating. Having a fairly standard coffee shop menu their amazing selection of smoothie stands out. They offer a selection of uncommon smoothies such as the orange, carrot plus beetroot and these go for less than 15,000 UGX and are ideal for a person seeking a cool treat having a punch of vitamins.

Mokka Terrace – This is an awesome place to spend time and enjoy coffee with s a couple of bites particularly if you want to get some online time. They provide free wireless and it’s normally very fast (in comparison to Uganda’s standard). It is as well a wonderful place to sit and watch other people.

Kawa Lounge – The jungle themed decoration of this place is rather distracting on your first visit to this place however Kawa’s drawback location within The Hub offers it a pleasant private feeling despite the fact that you are still within the mall. Kawa in addition offers free wireless plus a variety of coffee drinks, sandwiches, pastries as well as salads.

Pizza Connection – The menu at this pizza joint is similar to a budget Italian restaurant in the US with pizza being the principal focus however, also including salads, a couple of meat dishes plus pastas. The Pizzas offered here are entirely of medium size and go for anything between 16,000 UGX and 20,000 UGX based on the toppings.

Food Court – I would not write about the food court as one of the lunch option too quickly simply because they their reputation in the US is not the very best. Food Court at Oasis mall offers a great variety of international cuisines. Korean, Middle Eastern, Chinese as well as Indian are all found here.

Café Javas – this is a normally busy for good reasons. They offer breakfast plus lunch meals which range between 15,000 UGX to 18,000 UGX, while their dinner main courses go for anything between 20,000 UGX and 25,000 UGX. Having a meal at the Café Javas will leave you really satisfied and even perhaps uncomfortably full that is i case you can finish everything you are served. I recommend finding a to-go container and you trying their incredible slices of rich chocolate deep brown cake.


You will certainly get more entertainment alternatives in case you check out Garden City however Oasis has The Hub.

The Hub – This is home to a movie theater, The Media Hub as well as Kawa Lounge. The theater at The Hub has 3 screens in most cases features a small number of movie options which Cineplex is not showing. These movies go for an additional 4,000 UGX than Cineplex and these are offered at 20,000 UGX however this theater is more modern and somewhat more relaxing. The Media Hub features a bookstore with a great selection, such as some biggest sellers. In fact Aristoc could have some rivalry since the paperbacks I looked at were less expensive here.

Oasis is the less complicated of these two malls found in Kololo however it is less tiring than shopping at the adjacent Garden City and you won’t encounter large crowds here that you’ll find at Garden City.