Working Out in Kampala, Gyms and Health Clubs

Among the secrets to remaining healthy as well as happy wherever you are is by remaining in good physical shape. Despite the fact that working out in Kampala can feel challenging because of the over-crowding and pollution, in case you search a bit deeper you will find more physical challenge that you can deal with.

Where can I access Work out and fitness services and Facilities in Kampala Uganda?Kampala Gyms


Gym lovers can find anything their protruding heart muscles wish for  in Kampala, ranging from free weights, machines, kickboxing classes to spinning. There are also facilities for those interested in yoga, pilates exercises, as well as martial artists. To find the finest in town, pay into Kabira Country Club found in Bukoto or the Serena Hotel close to Parliament. For the a less budget, check into Royal Suites found in Bugolobi, or Fairway Hotel at the Nakasero-Kololo roundabout, as well as R & M Fitness found in Kansanga. For a good Saturday spend, go to Speke Resort Munyonyo to enjoy the Olympic-size swimming pool as well as the well facilitated gym. Acacia Avenue Wellbeing Center found in Kololo is a great option for yoga, pilates plus other forms of working out so visit it too.

Are there good walking Hills in Kampala Uganda?

Walking the Hills

In the past Kampala was referred to as the City of 7 Hills. Nowadays the Kampala metro area consists of nearer twenty. A lot of people can’t actually walk to the market devoid of a minimum of a couple hundred feet in elevation change. For those looking to burn some calories, there’s nothing better than a long walk or run up and down some of the everywhere slopes of Kampala to get your heart pumping, particularly considering the altitude of Kampala which is around 1,200m or 4,000ft! Kololo, having its fairly light traffic plus twisting, hilly streets, is ideal for an evening exercise routine. Simply be on the lookout for wander bodas plus holes in the pavement, be cautious about staying out after night fall, and enjoy yourself exploring the city.


You will find groups, clubs, as well as frequent pick-up games for virtually any sport within Kampala, (other than baseball). Football or soccer, basketball plus volleyball are particularly popular; however, you may discover your area of interest in merely about anything. The fields of Makerere Business School found in Nakawa or at Makerere University main campus around Wandegeya you will find several other players, get involved, and begin playing!


From basketballs plus tennis rackets to house fitness equipment, you will find nearly everything you’ll want to stay in good shape within Kampala. Visit the Katumwa Sports center in the city center near Watoto Church close to Bombo road, Asiatic Sports close to Kisimenti, Game within Lugogo Mall, as well as Nakumat within Oasis Mall for a excellent choice of workout equipment. Not to mention, you can find the enchanting mystery of Owino market found downtown, where one can find whatever they needed. Equipment is usually very costly in Kampala; therefore do not be reluctant to get innovative!