Kampala Hotspots and Landmarks

What are some of the landmarks in Kampala that I can Use just in case I loose my way,or when I am lost?

Newbies to Kampala spend a lot of their time misplaced. I certainly did. There doesn’t appear to be one straight road in the entire city. The easiest method to begin to build your mental map is using a number of good landmarks. Taxi drivers and Bodo boda riders

Will know all these places hence they make excellent reference points. In case you can reach a landmark that is close to where you are going, then luckily you will be able to figure out your way

Central Kampala

Crested Towers – This set of two big, blue faced buildings are among the most distinguished landmarks in Kampala. They are found close to the Parliament and  Garden City , across the road from  Serena Hotel, and some distance from downtown, Kololo as well as Nakasero Hill .

Garden City – Not only a landmark, but a common destination for a lot of people, this was the very first enclosed shopping mall in Kampala. Today it competes with the adjacent Oasis mall plus a number of others.

Parliament – The large tower on the Parliament building of Uganda makes it identifiable from a distance. It is well located on Parliament Avenue that intersects Kampala Road at the renowned Nando’s.

Nando’s – On one occasion an haven of western-ish food, this place is not anymore very unique in its products, however its location around the corner on Kampala Road plus Parliament Avenue helps it be an awesome landmark.

The Gaddafi Mosque – This gorgeous place of worship stands over Old Kampala hill and can be seen from several areas of downtown.

Old Taxi Park – Challenging to view from a distance, however its location in the middle of downtown Kampala and its significance finding your way around the city inexpensively makes it an excellent spot to know.

Clock Tower – Named just like it ought to be, this junction has a large clock tower. It connects Entebbe and Kampala Road with the road to Nsambya as well as Kibuli.

Northeast Kampala


Kabira Country Club – found on Kira Road within Bukoto, this huge and exclusive club is en route to Ntinda from Lugogo Bypass or from Kololo .

Kisimenti Mall – Fundamentally a huge parking lot encompassed by Restaurants, supermarkets plus bars, Kismenti is located at the bottom of Kololo hill close to Kira Road.

Lugogo Mall plus Forest Mall – Feature several stores like Shoprite, Game plus branches of the majority of the main banks; these outdoor malls are found at the corner of Lugogo Bypass plus Jinja Road.


Southeast Kampala

US Embassy – Found on the far corner of Nsambya from the city center along Gaba Road, this castle of Marines plus lawns means you are close to Kansanga, Kabalagala as well as Muyenga.

Italian Supermarket – Driving from Kabalagala to Muyenga, you will see an Italian Supermarket on the peak of the hill. At this point you are only a short distance from International Hospital and Little Donkey Mexican restaurant. Turn right close to the supermarket and you will be going to Muyenga.

East Kampala

Industrial Area – This district of warehouses is located between the Namuwongo, the City center and Bugolobi on Old Port Bell Road.

Shell Bugolobi – along the end of Bugolobi on Old Port Bell Road, is this renowned petrol station located across from Hotel Le Bouganviller plus Jazz Supermarket, and next to a wonderful Italian restaurant.

Makerere University Business School (MUBS) – commonly Pronounced as ‘moobs’, MUBS is simply off Jinja Road within Nakawa, close to Naguru, Lugogo as well as Bugolobi.

Spear Motors – this is A display room for Mercedes along with other luxurious motor brands, this notable landmark’s junction on Jinja Road is approximately halfway between Kireka and the city center, with one road serving as a main pass to Ntinda.

Namboole Stadium – The hub of Ugandan professional sports, this national stadium is located on Jinja Road between Bweyogerere town and Kireka (which I certainly challenge you to articulate out loud). You will drive past it on your way to Jinja or even Mukono!