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uganda national museum

Museums in Uganda

A country without a museum is not worth visiting since there is nothing that is going to show you the history of that particular country. That is why museums are built in Uganda to show the history and heritage of the country. The museums that are found in Uganda present what the present generation did not see and we all get to see the different cultures that are found in the country from the way

Islands to visit in Uganda

An island is a relatively small area of land that is completely surrounded by water.The longest surviving islands usually last no more than 5 to 10 million years. In Uganda alone, there are over 84 Islands with Lake Victoria having about twenty islands spread all-over it. Islands are usually inhabited by different flora and fauna which are the main tourist attractions. They include, wild animals, forests, waterfalls, beaches and many others.Estimates suggest that 20 percent

baby gorilla Bwindi

Uganda Mountain Gorillas in Baby Boom

This only happens in Uganda. The endangered mountain gorillas have gone on a wild baby boom as yet another mountain gorilla is born in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. This park found in the southern western part of Uganda is a World Heritage site. And with the increasing number of births here, it is rightly so. 11th November 2016, Businza  gave birth to a new baby. Businza is an adult female in the Rushegura

Uganda Equator

Uganda Equator The Uganda equator is one of the most and well known landmarks in Uganda.” The intersection of the earth’s surface with the plane perpendicular to the earth’s axis of rotation and containing the earth’s center of mass” is what Wikipedia sometimes refers to the equator as, but it is still the imaginary line that divides the world into two halves. The Equator is an imaginary line that is seen on maps marking the

Largest Crocodile

Largest Crocodile Many of the known large crocodile have been known for man eating. A number of them have been in the race of being known as the biggest; however, what is the actual reality about the largest crocodile that still lives? What are the ranking large crocodile there is in the world? Gustave Gustave is one of them. It is a large male Nile crocodile from Burundi. It has been known for eating over

Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi Tombs Is Kasubi Tombs on the UN heritage sites’ list? The Kasubi Tombs is the traditional burial place for the kings of Buganda, a tribal group in Uganda. Located on Kasubi hill in Kampala which is the capital of Uganda. Kasubi was formerly known as Nabulagala.Residing on over 30 hectares of space, the kasubi tombs hosts a number of traditional and agricultural activities mainly. In 2001, the Kasubi tombs were listed as a UN

Migingo Island

Migingo Island Where is Migingo Island Located? Compared to half the size of a football pitch, Migingo is a small rock Island, located in Lake Victoria which is the largest lake in Africa and the largest Tropical Lake in the whole world. Migingo Island has a population of about 131 as per the 2009 Uganda census. The people that live here stay in corrugate sheet and wood huts. The people here are mainly fishermen and

Mabira Forest Reserve, Tours and Holidays

Tour activities in Mabira Forest Reserve;Uganda Forest Reserves This forest reserve is one of the last untouched tropical rain forests in Africa. The forest is recorded to stretch for more than 300sq kilometers on Kampala Jinja Highway.  It sits on a stretch of valleys, hills and some parts are fringed by papyrus swamps and savannah on the shore of Lake Victoria. This reserve is filled with more than 300 endemic plants and species that are

Tree climbing lions in Uganda

Tree Climbing Lions in Uganda, Africa, Ishasha Climbing Lions Safari Holiday

Where Can I see Climbing Lions in Uganda? Ishasha is one tourist spot that is well known for its tree climbing lions in Uganda. Besides these animals can also be discovered in Kenya, Tanzania close to Lake Manyara as well as South Africa, once you are in these places, you will get a chance to see the young lions playing as they climb from one tree to another. Unfortunately it’s not so easy for you

Sipi Falls in Uganda, Visit,Tour to Sipi, Accommodation and Safari

Sipi Falls Uganda Kapchorwa is a district in the Eastern part of Uganda where the Sipi falls are located. The other known neighboring districts in relation to the Sipi falls are Sironko and Mbale.As you move towards the Kenyan boarder, there lies the Mount Elgon National Park and it is at its edge that you will embrace the Sipi waterfalls. A series of three of these waterfalls make up the Sipi falls. Where does the

Uganda Wildlife Safaris Guide

Uganda is a landlocked country and well known to be the pearl of Africa. It is an English speaking nation that was colonized by the British in the past years. It’s one country that is full of calmness and peace and yet has about 53 different tribes. Uganda’s wildlife has highly increased in the past years due to the conservation polices that have been put in place. The country is also gifted with the source

Ssese Islands Uganda

Welcome to the guide to Ssese Islands, honeymoon guide, visitor information, where to stay, attractions and when to go. Ssese Islands are located in Uganda and are the best Islands to visit. As you get to the Bugala Island, you will be welcomed by the cool water of Lake Victoria and the white fine sandy beaches. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the beaches and a closer look to the green forest that

Rafting in Uganda: White Water Rafting Services

The world’s longest river roars to life as the White Nile minutes after slipping quietly from Lake Victoria. It thunders between heavily forested islands and then leaps wildly into a series of spectacular drops. The roar of the rapids drift upstream with the gently breeze. Wooden canoes laden with excited locals congregate in the calm waters anxious to see our rafts in action. To the amazement of our audience, we plunge into the maelstrom and

About Primates, Chimps, Gorillas, Apes, Gibbons, Monkey and the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda

Uganda is one of the destination that is well known for its great primates. It’s believed that these primates evolved from Africa and that is why they is a closer resemblance to human kind. They have features that are more like humans for instance the stretchy arms and legs, large brains, fingers as well as toes. Among these primates include the monkeys, apes along with lemurs. The actual relatives of human are the chimpanzees.Another exciting

Source of the Nile Uganda

RIVER NILE If pure relaxation, water rafting, bungee jumping and a chance to complete de-stress is what you are in need of, then take a cruise on the River Nile inUganda. River Nile is well known to be the longest river in the world. Its source starts right from Jinja Uganda, some people may be wondering how the name Nile come about. It’s a famous Greek word simply meaning valley. The river starts from the

Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary Uganda, Ngamba Tours

Ngamba Island is one of those beautiful Islands in Uganda, it’s located on Lake Victoria and a tour to the island begins from Entebbe. With either a speed boat or ship whichever you decide on taking, you will reach your destination. As you sail on Lake Victoria you will enjoy the cool breeze and the amazing scenery made up many islands, the water birds will give you great accompaniment .It’s about one and half hours

Lake Victoria, Sailing and Fishing, Uganda Lakes

Lakes in Uganda Uganda is located in the tropical equatorial region of Africa and crossed by the Great Rift Valley escarpment to the west. With such important geographical and natural features, Mother Nature has created some of the best water resources…lakes, rivers, swamps and water falls in this diverse ecology. It is important to note that Uganda is one of the countries in the great Lakes region of East Africa that includes Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Gorilla Tours & Safari Adventure

Gorilla Watching in Uganda Most times regarded as Gorilla Trekking; it is one of the breathtaking activities one can enjoy while on a safari in the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is gifted by nature; with the deep lakes, spectacular greenery, exclusive cultures, soaring mountains and above all half of the world’s reaming gorilla population which live in the mountains in the southwestern part of the country. It is not a mystery but reality, it is

Uganda Forests, Nature Walks in Uganda

Uganda’s tropical forests are ideal for bird watching and forest walks. Mabira forest This one lies 54kms east of Kampala on the main Jinja to Kampala highway.It offers visitors a tropical experience on their doorsteps.The forest center is based at Najjembe village. Visitors can enjoy forest walks,follow a cycle trail,or relax, and have a picnic lunch at forest center. Accommodation in bandas(round traditional African huts) and refreshments are available. Budongo Forest Reserve in Uganda. The

Uganda Fishing, Tour sites, Fishing safaris

Sport fishing is done on Lake Victoria and Murchison Falls National Park. The main catch ot the Lake is the Nile Perch which is the largest fresh water game fish in the whole world. The method of fishing is by use of trolling lures At Murchison Falls, fish are often caught using a live bait. Fishing is generally done over a few days, requiring some level of fitness and experience. Common types of Fish include

Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking Guide

Quick Facts about Chimps Chimpanzees are found in 21 countries in Africa. They used to be found in 25 countries and it is estimated that within 20 years, 10 countries will have lost all their chimpanzees. Like the mountain gorillas, Uganda probably has lost 90% of its chimpanzees and most of the great apes in the last 500 years while the human population has increased by 800% in the last 100 years alone. There are

Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi as it’s serpentine shape may suggest , is essentially a flooded valley system , extending northwards from Rwanda border over a distance of 25 kms through the contours of the steep hills that separate Kabale from Kisoro. It is thought to have formed around 8000 million years ago, as a result of lava flow from one of the Virunga mountains which blocked off the Ndego river at present day Muko to create a

Bungee Jumping in Uganda, River Nile in Jinja

About Bungee Jumping I believe many people have had a number of bungee jumps with renowned companies but still yearn for more. You may rather set out with your friends and go jumping anywhere without having to pay any fee for this activity. Well, all this is fun but below are a few guidelines to help you prevent blotting on the terrain. Step one If you are planning to bungee jump in the absence of

Budongo forest in Uganda, Budongo Tours, Chimpanzee Tracking

Budongo forest in Uganda Budongo Forest is about 3 hrs drive north west of Kampala en route to Murchison falls national park.It is the largest Mahogany forest in East Africa and home of the largest population of chimpanzees in Uganda. The main tourist sites are Kaniyo Pabidi Ecotourism site and Busingiro Ecotourism siteKaniyo Pabidi Ecotourism site: Lies within the boundaries of Murchison Falls National Parks composed of Mahogany trees and Iron wood. The 115 km

Mabira Forest Tour Uganda

How is it Like taking a Tour to Mabira Forest in Uganda? Straddling the road to Jinja , a Mere hour’s drive from Kampala , Mabira forest supports over 300 bird species many of which are difficult to see else where in Uganda . An excellent Trail System allows access to both undisturbed primary and good secondary forest. Managed by the Forestry department with input from local community, Mabira Forest was opened to the public

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

The beautifully landscaped botanical Garden Entebbe, established in 1901, lie on the shores of Africa’s greatest lake. They offer a superb introduction to Ugandan birds and are situated conveniently close to the capital and international airport. There is a wide range of accommodation available in Entebbe and Kampala .To get their, take a “matatu” (the leave from the new Taxi Park in Kampala every 10 minutes or so, cost $1 and take approximately an hour)

Mgahinga , High Altitude Birds in Africa, Uganda

Taking a Safari to Mghinga Kisoro Uganda,to view the High Altitude Birds Uganda’s Smallest and probably most scenic national park is situated in the extreme south western corner of the country forming part of the large conservation areas that straddle political boundaries to include Parc De volcans in Rwanda and Parc De Virungas in the spectacular Virunga ranges , lie with in the boundaries of the Ugandan portion of this biologically rich area . Mgahinga

Mabamba Wetland – Birding safari guide.

MABAMBA BAY WETLAND OF INTERNATIONAL IMPORTANCE Mabamba bay has grown into one of the most interesting and spectacular site for bird watching in Uganda.  Apart from Murchison Falls National Park, Mabamba bay is the only place and site (so far rated as the best in Africa and/or the whole world) where the elusive Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) can be spotted at any one time of the day, approximately 38% of the global population of the Blue

Kajjansi Fish Farm, Fishing in Uganda

It is situated between Kampala and Entebbe. The Kajjansi fish farm, with it’s several artificial ponds attracts a variety  of water birds such as, herons, storks, water fowl and waders. Large numbers of migrants are present on passage and rarities have included Eurasian spoonbill, northern Pintail and little ringed Plover. The turn off lies 100m northwest of the large total petrol stations and is signposted: “National Agricultural research institute”. Continue down this track for 1.1km

Uganda Birding Safari Tours, Birdwatching Guides

The information provided here gives an introduction to birds in Uganda, the top destinations for birding in Uganda, Uganda Bird Guides , Uganda Bird Checklist and any other useful information for a successful Uganda birding safari and tour. Introduction to Birds of Uganda Uganda is an equatorial country with astonishing contrasts. No other area in Africa can match its amazing diversity of habitats and this richness is reflected in its bird list of over 1000

Uganda has a lot of interesting attractions to see in many spots of the country. All top destinations for Uganda safaris are presented below.

Uganda the ‘Pearl of Africa” has numerous attractions and notably are Mountain Gorillas. Come join us as we track these impressive Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park , alternatively tour Kibale National Park to see more than 10 primate species which you will only find in this place. Additionally you will enjoy the awesome sight of the exploding Nile as it squeezes through a 7 meter gorge and drop into the spectacular Murchison Falls, and also visit Mountain Rwenzori. There is plenty of accommodation which includes tented camps and a variety of privately managed lodges.

Gorilla Safari Uganda

This is undeniably one of Uganda’s finest tourist attractions. The highly endangered Mountain Gorillas can continue to survive if only conservation efforts are increased in the habitats they occupy. There are close to 680 of these remaining in the whole world with half the populace dwelling in Bwindi forest, and others in Mgahinga forest, Parc de Volcano in Rwanda and Congo’s parc de Volcans which parks have prioritized Gorilla tracking as their major activity. Gorilla trekking is an exciting life time experience that is comprised of having guided tours in the natural habitats of the tranquil giants. The primates have their natural habitat in the verdant tropical rain forests in southwest Uganda with a total populace of 360 gorillas dwelling in the Impenetrable forests of Bwindi National Park divided into 6 habituated families. And for many visitors entering Uganda, Gorilla tracking has been their number one favorite activity to partake so as to pleasure in the exciting and memorable experience.

Chimpanzee Safari tracking

Another exciting activity is touring the Chimpanzee habitats. You will observe the impressive chimps climbing, playing, mate, feed , look after their young, and respond to the presence of human beings. You will visit their habitat in the morning and late afternoon to catch sight of the way they make their beds and unmake them. They basically communicate by drumming trees, screaming or hooting. These primates are tracked down by following their unique sounds. Of all African primates, chimpanzees are the noisiest although they have some quiet time and also during the habituation process as they spend time with the team.

Uganda Wildlife Safaris, Game & Scenery

Uganda is blessed with a diversity of exciting wildlife and their natural habitats which vary from savannah grasslands, forests, wetlands and mountains spread throughout the country. For this reason, Uganda has become a major destination for viewing wildlife, presenting an opportunity to view the indigenous wildlife and beautiful sceneries of Uganda, with ten National Parks, natural reserves, natural forest and a wide range of safaris. Among the momentous activities are launch boat trips on Lake Mburo & Queen Elizabeth, game drives with private vehicles in the park and nature walks. Unlike other countries in Africa, the word “Safari” in Uganda refers to a very close encounter with animals, people, nature and the environment. Ugandan safaris offer a direct, proper and uncontaminated experience with wildlife.

Uganda birding safari

Uniquely, Uganda is a destination with more than 1,050 recognized species of birds, as compared to the entire Europe which has a total population of 700 types of birds. The ten most commonly seen species are: the African Green Broadbill, Nahan’s Francolin, Karamoja Apalis, Purvell’s Illadopsis, Green Breasted Pitta, Brown-Chest Plover, Red-fronted antpecker, Black Bee eater and the Shoebill. The good climate and immaculate habitats in Uganda have attracted migrant birds form the southern & northern hemispheres, making the country the richest bird watching destination in Africa.

Sport fishing tour

With a third of Uganda being covered in water, the country offers fine opportunities for sport fishing enthusiasts. The commonest fish is the Nile perch which weighs averagely 60Kg although there is a recorded great catch that weighed 100Kg. these are plentiful in Uganda’s largest lake, Lake Victoria which is also the 2nd largest in Africa, and also in the river Nile. Other species in the Nile include the ferocious fighter and the Tilapia, while the Tiger fish is unique to Lake Albert. The Murchison falls is an additional destination for sport fishermen. Make your fishing trip today.

Nature walks

Numerous trail-networks have been designed in most of the protected conserved detwinations, to cater for nature walks. The trails offer a leisurely means to explore the wilderness and get a close feel of true nature. These can be taken in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve which has tress as old as 200 years, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth National parks, Murchison falls, Kidepo valley or the Rwenzori Mountains. You will enjoy the quietness of the wild broken now and again by the sweet bird melodies and the cool wind breezing blowing the leaves atop the tropical trees, view wildlife, different birds and the rich flora covering the terrain.

Mountain hiking and climbing safaris

Uganda’s mountains are quite challenging for hikers and additionally provide overwhelming views such as the snow capped Mountain Rwenzori which is 5, 119 meters high, Mt Elgon at 4, 321mters and many more impressive mountain sites. Taking a trip to any of these mountain ranges is an exciting life time experience with a lot of adventure. We recommend you take hiking trips on the mountain.

White water rafting and Bungee Jumping

In addition to the scenic background, the river Nile has a number of exhilarating adventure activities. The river is gifted with many water fall & rapids, making it a popular water rafting place in the world. There are various opportunities to swim, unwind observe the rich wildlife which includes, the red-tailed monkeys and a variety of birds such a the fish eagle, numerous cormorants and otters. The Nile rumbles though densely forested island, and widely soars among hard rocks into stunning drops to form the crystal clear water rapids.

Uganda Culture Tourism

This country has a rich diverse cultural heritage. The different 56 cultural groups that make up Uganda have distinct norms and beliefs that form a deep-rooted culture which is evident in the day to day live of the people as the dress, dance, their art crafts and feeding. Culture has greatly promoted peace and harmony in this country together with international understanding. Discover and learn the tradition and life style of Ugandan people which are unique to each cultural group. The exhilarating ceremonies that commemorate historic events or celebrated in particular seasons annually keep their culture alive. Traditional music & dancing are typical of Ugandans lifestyle. Visit the Buganda Kingdom, the Bagisu during their circumcision ceremonies, nomadic Karamajong and their cultural sites like the Kasubi Tombs, Nyero Rocking Point, Kabaka’s lake, Sewzibwa Falls and Naggalabi coronation area. Visit some of the cultural sites today.

Quad Biking

This motor bike has four wheels and can ride on all terrains and very suitable for all age groups. This is done down the length of the Nile close to the Bujjagali Falls. The exciting safari runs for a number of hours as you explore the beautiful countryside up to top view point. Free training is offered to those who cannot ride and it is done before the safari. The various packages offered include: a full day, an evening, 3 hours, two hours exploration, and a one hour trip. This is also available in Lake Mburo National Park where you will also be able to view game at a very close range.

Entebbe, Ngamba Islands Safari Tour

Entebbe is the major flight terminal in Uganda, and it also holds the Wildlife Education Centre, Lutembe bird Sanctuary, Kasenyi Fishing-site, green gardens and numerous beaches. Taking a boat tour to Ngamba Island allows you to view more than 30 rescued though orphaned chimpanzees.
Source of the nile and bujagali falls

Driving through the Mabira rainforest and the spectacular sugar plantations in Lugazi, you will reach Jinja town, making an en route to view the healing-spiritual waters of the Sezibwa falls. You will cross the spectacular Owen Falls Dam and head to the Source of the Nile. Visit the adjacent Bujjagali Falls or have a memeorable adventure as you water raft, quad bike or bungee jump.

Ssese Islands tour

The Ssese Island located in the northwestern region of Lake Victoria is a gem to Uganda’s tourism industry with more than 84 gorgeous unoccupied islands. You will embark on a 45 minutes ride on a ferry from Bukakata to the beautiful islands characterized by thick rain forests and white beaches that provide a refreshing and tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle in the city. Unwind on the white beaches as you enjoy the cool breeze and watch the rich birdlife that decorates the skies. Go for a hushed forest walk that will reward you with precious memories of these islands. Book your customized trip and join the fun today.

Bunyonyi safaris

This locality was formed after the volcanic blockage of the drainage system by the flowing lava in the Virunga region. As a result, Lake Bunyonyi was formed which holds close to 27 island. The word Bunyonyi means “a place with numerous small birds.”

Sipi Falls Uganda

Uganda is one destination that is blessed with the most amazing and passionate falls. The Sipi falls is located close to 55km in the northern part of Mbale.It connects to Mount Elgon and also adjacent to the town of Kapchorwa.

Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha

Ishasha is one tourist spot that is well known for its tree climbing lions in Uganda. Besides these animals can also be discovered in Kenya, Tanzania close to Lake Manyara as well as South Africa, once you are in these places, you will get a chance to see the young lions playing as they climb from one tree to another.

Kampala Attractions, Tours and Guide
Kampala is the largest city in Uganda and also doubles as the administrative capital city of Uganda. The city is in south central Uganda stretching its border to the shore of Lake Victoria