Mabira Forest Tour Uganda

How is it Like taking a Tour to Mabira Forest in Uganda?

Straddling the road to Jinja , a Mere hour’s drive from Kampala , Mabira forest supports over 300 bird species many of which are difficult to see else where in Uganda . An excellent Trail System allows access to both undisturbed primary and good secondary forest. Managed by the Forestry department with input from local community, Mabira Forest was opened to the public in 1996. The revenue generated from ecotourism is shared between the forestry department and the local community.
One of Mabira’s strengths lies in the large number of birds which may be seen from the visitor’s centre. Flowering trees in the clearing attract a variety of sunbirds such as green, Little Olive, Blue throated brown, Green throated, olive bellied and superb sunbirds. Other forest edge species here include speckle –breasted Woodpecker, Black throated Apalis, African blue Flycatcher and Grey-crowned Negro finch. Forest Ribon, Snowy headed Robin-Chat, Grey capped warbler, Black and white Flycatcher, Dusky Tit and common Wattle Eye occur around the Campsite where Buff-spotted Fluff tail and African wood owl may be heard in the evenings.

The beautiful Primary forest south of the main Kampala-Jinja road is a prime birding area harbouring a number of species that avoid secondary forest.

Please note that on your birding trip, you may need birding binoculars, an othinology book for better indentification of Uganda birds. We also encourage you to participate in efforts that encourage avian conservation of Uganda tourism.