Bungee Jumping in Uganda, River Nile in Jinja

About Bungee Jumping
I believe many people have had a number of bungee jumps with renowned companies but still yearn for more. You may rather set out with your friends and go jumping anywhere without having to pay any fee for this activity. Well, all this is fun but below are a few guidelines to help you prevent blotting on the terrain.
Step one

If you are planning to bungee jump in the absence of an expert, you better become the expert yourself. Inquire from numerous people to get an idea of the activity within the locality you want to do it from. Check the web or consult experts to get better information, or book, videos or even manuals.
Step two

Seek advice from reputable companies whose services you have used in the past and talk about the technique and the equipment to use. Inquire if there is training for those who want to do it by themselves. Remember that to jump you need someone to assist you, so this being the best time, find out what your colleague does too.
Step three

It is recommended that you purchase elastic. Purchase genuine equipment from recognized suppliers as there is a variety of cord; the all rubber or the sheathed, and harnesses.  As a novice you may rather to have a cheat & waist harness instead of a one ankle. Get guidance to make conversant decisions.

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Step four
Although you have the necessary requirement, you can just set out and jump off an old ledge or any bridge! You have to look for approve sites. Jumping from some locations is illegal while you may even end up killing yourself. Endeavor to jump from recognized site, or for the start you may join the bungee club in your area.
Step five

Just as stated above, you can never set out jumping by yourself. You require someone to assist in setting the equipment and checking on their safety, and even give a hand t unhook you when you are at the bottom or get you to the top. Or in case it ends up pear shape, you will be glad when you have someone to call on for help.
Step six

Before tossing yourself, confirm that that your equipments is well functional and properly assembled or ask your colleagues to check it to. If something appears worn, have it replaced.  This activity requires no big brains but just your love of your life and common sense.
Step Seven

You are now well set, and if it isn’t your first time, certainly you won’t chicken out while at the ledge. For first time, it is usually scary, but it you have conducted intensive prior research, you will be ready for it, and off you jump! As far as you can, throw yourself and take pleasure in the dash…

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Bungee Jumping in Uganda


The legendary White Nile offers some of the best White Water rafting in the world. We arrange either day, overnight or multi day excursions. With the trip beginning in Jinja, Uganda’s adventure capital here you find the only bungee jumping platform in East Africa with a drop touching the Source of the Nile.

– About the White Nile: The White Nile has up to seven times the volume of the Zambezi. The raft explodes through huge walls of white water and drifts through warm pools in the equatorial sunshine.

– Do clients need experience: Clients do not need any previous rafting experience. The guide instructs the clients on all aspects of safety and prepare them for an unforgettable experience.

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– Safety: Rafting the Nile has 100% safety records. Clients can enjoy the rafting knowing that they are in the safest hands.

– Organization: Collecting point from Kampala at around 7am and return to Kampala in the evening at around 7pm or next day for package trip.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Options and Tariffs:
– One day rafting: you tackle all the big grade 5 rapids of the Nile for 31 km. Tariff: 95 USD
– Half day rafting: if you are short in time. Tariff: 85 USD
– Two day rafting: the 49km rafting is thought to be the very best and most exciting rafting trip available in the world. Tariff: 199 USD

Other activities:
– Float trips from Nile High Camp: family boat trips for two hours.
– Try out the Bungee Jumping! Tariff: 55 USD per one jumping.

Price includes:
– Transfer from/to Kampala
– lunch, drinks and beers
– rafting equipment
– guides