Mgahinga , High Altitude Birds in Africa, Uganda

Taking a Safari to Mghinga Kisoro Uganda,to view the High Altitude Birds

Uganda’s Smallest and probably most scenic national park is situated in the extreme south western corner of the country forming part of the large conservation areas that straddle political boundaries to include Parc De volcans in Rwanda and Parc De Virungas in the spectacular Virunga ranges , lie with in the boundaries of the Ugandan portion of this biologically rich area . Mgahinga is best known for it’s Mountain gorillas , a habituated group of which wanders back and forth across the international border owing to it’s relative remoteness , the park has received little attention from ornithologists and this fact is reflected in the ridiculously short official bird list .Even if the prospect of adding of exciting new records to the park list does not entice you , a few birders will be able to resist the attraction of some of Uganda’s most spectacular birds such as the Scarce Rwenzori Turaco , Lagden’s Bush Shrike and scarlet- tufted Malachite sunbird.


SIZE: 33km2

ELEVATIONS: 2300-4127a.s.l.

HABITAT: Mantane forest with an extensive belt of bamboo (Arundinaria)and regenerating pastures on the lower slopes , health and Afro montane

BIRD SPECIES: 115 species

TIMING: April –may , October- November


KEY SPECIES: Handsome Francolin , Dusky Turtle Dove, Rwenzori Turaco, Montane (Rwenzori ) Nightjar, Alpine Chat , Kivu Ground Thrush , white tailed Blue flycatcher , Lagden’s Bush Shrike , scarlet-tufted malachite sunbird , montane double-collared Sunbird.

Please note that on your birding trip, you may need birding binoculars, an othinology book for better indentification of Uganda birds. We also encourage you to participate in efforts that encourage avian conservation of Uganda tourism.