Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary Uganda, Ngamba Tours

Ngamba Island is one of those beautiful Islands in Uganda, it’s located on Lake Victoria and a tour to the island begins from Entebbe. With either a speed boat or ship whichever you decide on taking, you will reach your destination. As you sail on Lake Victoria you will enjoy the cool breeze and the amazing scenery made up many islands, the water birds will give you great accompaniment .It’s about one and half hours to get the island.

While on the boat, the tour guide gives information concerning the Chimpanzee sanctuary, how it’s conserved and how to relate with animals when you get closer to them. The behavior of the chimpanzees is quite unique and exiciting, you will see them fighting  for food and making sign languages. The stubborn ones will throw stones at people but this is all a great experience.

The aim of setting up this sanctuary was to carter for the homeless and orphaned chimpanzees in Uganda. It was put in place in October 1998; it has about 42 chimpanzees of which those that were sold to people discovered their way to the forest. Before this sancturay, the chimpanzees were killed by the poachers until when the wildlife Authority come up to protect and give them life.

You may be wondering how they get their food but they feed on various fruits including passion fruits, tomatoes, water melons, avacado and carrots. Eggs and porridge is also part of their menu. They feed four times a day; they are handled with care when one falls sick. They have a sanctuary clinic where they are treated. Chimpanzees are believed in live for about five years in custody.

The chimpanzees are more like the apes; they almost behave in the same way and are discovered in only 21 African countries. They share a big percentage of DNA like that of humans although theirs is much stronger. It’s one animal that is closer to humans. The female chimpanzees are on contraceptives to reduce on their population. If this measure is not put in place they may give birth at any time and yet the funds are not enough to carter for them and the sanctuary is not so big to accommodate a larger number of chimpanzees. A trip to see these chimpanzees will be exciting and memorable for a lifetime.