About Primates, Chimps, Gorillas, Apes, Gibbons, Monkey and the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda

Uganda is one of the destination that is well known for its great primates. It’s believed that these primates evolved from Africa and that is why they is a closer resemblance to human kind. They have features that are more like humans for instance the stretchy arms and legs, large brains, fingers as well as toes. Among these primates include the monkeys, apes along with lemurs. The actual relatives of human are the chimpanzees.Another exciting animal to see is the mountain gorillas and they can only be discovered in Uganda.

Currently Uganda has developed into a popular safari destination; this is because of its cool climate and the dense rainforest that has attracted a great number species. Uganda is a home to about 300 mammals and close to 20 of the primates. Tour companies can organize for you a wonderful safari package to Uganda.

The primates are at a risky as sometimes the forests are destroyed and yet it’s the best place for their stay. This makes the primates to live in fear as they have to keep moving until they get a stable habitat. Safari to Uganda will offer you a chance to discover the mountain gorillas in their natural setting as they play, feed and rest, Monkeys of different kinds as well as the chimpanzees.

golden monkey primate

Every tourist would love to see the mountain gorillas on their tour to Uganda but they are located in specific places. They can only be found in Mgahinga National park or Bwindi National park to the southwestern Uganda.Many tourists come to Uganda to catch a glimpse of the gorillas, the experience you get with them is for a lifetime. They are so amazing and the biggest of all the primates.

Another creature to fall in love with the Chimpanzees, they are small in size and take a bigger part of human DNA.They have the ability to understand, use sign languages and are so intelligent. Many of these are found in the western part of Uganda and safari to Kuniyo Pabidi close to Murchison falls National Park, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Lake Victoria and Kibale National park will give you an opportunity to see them in their natural setting and still associate with them.

Uganda is also gifted by monkeys of different species and among these include mangabeys, patas, baboons, guenons and colobus.The Guenons are a well known specie that can be located in every part of the country. The patas monkeys can be identified from the rest by its reddish brown coat, the guenon has a grey coat and a number of them are found in the northern part of Uganda particularly Murchison falls National park and Kidepo.

Every tourist that come to Africa may love to see the baboons, they are big in size and canine teeth. They are widely spread all over the continent and so peaceful. The river woodlands and forest strata harbors the black and white monkeys that are seen in every corner of the forest.

chimpanzee in Uganda Kibale forest

There are some primates that are not actually seen by tourists due to the fact they rest during day and are active at night for example the potto and bush baby. Unless if you visit Kibale National park, you may be blessed to see them as take on the guided night walks.

Uganda has parks and reserves with all kinds of wildlife, a safari to Uganda will enable see all that you want to see. The big five is a must; you can’t live without seeing them. Book of one the reliable tour companies that will organize for you a wonderful and memorable safari.