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Sipi Falls Uganda

Kapchorwa is a district in the Eastern part of Uganda where the Sipi falls are located. The other known neighboring districts in relation to the Sipi falls are Sironko and Mbale.As you move towards the Kenyan boarder, there lies the Mount Elgon National Park and it is at its edge that you will embrace the Sipi waterfalls. A series of three of these waterfalls make up the Sipi falls.

Where does the hike to the Sipi falls start from? What is the best route to the Sipi Falls?

For many persons who take hikes up the prominent Mount Elgon, Sipi has in most cases been their starting point.Budadiri is the commonest of routes that has been a starting point for many hikers. Continuing with the sasa trail, until the peak, then downwards to the Sipi falls and then back into the Sipi falls. While at the Sipi falls, you are able to view gorgeous sites of the slopes of Mount Elgon, Lake Kyoga and the Plains of Karamoja.

Completing the circuit of the three fall series of the Sipi falls will require one to take part of the journey with a vehicle while you walk some distances of the hike. The hike will involve up and down movements on the slopes to reach from one water fall to the other. The roads and paths will be muddy especially if your hike is on a rainy day.

Where can I find accommodation around the Sipi Falls

Accommodation around the Sipi falls takes care of any of your budget needs. With a number of safari lodges and backpackers, or/ and even the campsites. You will be able o enjoy the cool weather around the areas of the Sipi falls, as it is quite cool as compared to the rest of the other parts of Uganda with temperate weather conditions. You will relax and enjoy the calm environment away from the town and city hustles and dust.

What other activities and adventures can be done around the Sipi Falls?

Abseiling is one of the other activities you can enjoy while in the Sipi hood. Sipi falls lies at the base or rather foothills of Mount Elgon thus, these Italian adventurers can ably take you around for that activity. This place is called the Rob’s Rock, in Jinja. You will enjoy the 100 meter Sipi main fall as you walk. You are also in position to visit the local waterfalls and taking hikes around the local areas.

You are also at liberty to visit the Sipi River, which gets its name from a local plant that grows around the banks of the river called; the Sep.Sep is often used for medicinal purposes and looks like a kind of a wild banana. From its nature, the green colored plant is used for the treatment of cases like fever and measles.

You may as well arrange for an agro-tour to have a look at the coffee farms. The Arabica coffee grown in Bugisu which is around the Sipi Falls will enable you to have a look at the Bugisu Arabica coffee which only grows at altitude ranges between 1600 and 1900 meters. You will know lots of information to do with the entire coffee value chain as you will be able to met the coffee producers, processors not leaving out the exporters and roasters. The profits from such tours are usually put to use for community developments and advancements through local projects.

How do I get to the Sipi Falls?

Getting there.

For an arranged tour safari to the Sipi Water Falls, the journey will take you about 4 hours 30 minutes to Sipi from Kampala city. You drive towards the Eastern part of Uganda along Jinja road, then to Mbale town from where you drive towards Kapchorwa where the Sipi Falls are. The journey is about 268 Kilometers. You can already book your safari with us, to the Sipi Falls.


Preparations for a Sipi Falls Tour;Uganda Africa What do I need?

Sipi Falls Tour Africa

Uganda is one destination that is blessed with the most amazing and passionate falls. The Sipi falls is located close to 55km in the northern part of Mbale.It connects to Mount Elgon and also adjacent to the town of Kapchorwa.The falls are believed to have three levels although its acknowledged that the upper two levels are relatively small when you compare with the main fall. The Sipi falls brings out the beauty of Uganda.

Where Am I able to View the Elgon Mountain in Uganda?

On top of the Sipi falls, you will get a perfect view of the magnificent and breathtaking Mount Elgon.The plains of both northern and eastern as they take their course through the lands. As you trek to see the origin of the Sipi falls, it’s a bit tedious although when you get there, it’s the most beautiful place to stay. The water is so cool and the environment worth adoring. Having a night in this place will be of great experience, as you will enjoy the waterfalls as well as the sound of the birds. It’s one of those peaceful places that will enable you meditate on your life and still thank God for his creation.

If you love adventuring, please come to Uganda and visit the Sipi falls. Your dream will come true as you tour the bottom of the falls where the water thunders. You may be forced to take a swim and enjoy the cool water. The locals will definitely be there to entertain you as they dive in the water, some washing clothes and the rest trying to catch some fish although it’s not so much successful because of the rapid water.

As you approach the Sipi falls, you will discover some caves that are well designed with seats to have you rest a bit as you go deep the falls. To some people, they think it’s manmade and yet it was naturally made by God. It’s such an amazing stopover. Surprisingly it is said that in the years of Amin Dada’s regime, the government of Uganda held its meeting from that cave. Some other caves are small and link to Kenya however they are too dark to give you a proper direction to get to the border of Kenya. Those that tried to use this route were killed on the way by wild animals and to others; it was too dark to access the route.

How to get to Sipi Falls

You can get access to Sipi falls from Sironko Mbale town, on the way, there are various markets selling different products. The scenery is beautified by the vegetation as well as the rocks that appear as though they are falling anytime. The weather in this area is just too cool and for first time visitors, you are recommended to get to the top prior to mid day. The roads tend to get slippery after that and your car may get stack. Just in case you experience this, don’t panic. The locals are always ready to give a hand and believe me they will make your safari memorable.