Largest Crocodile

Largest Crocodile

Many of the known large crocodile have been known for man eating. A number of them have been in the race of being known as the biggest; however, what is the actual reality about the largest crocodile that still lives?

What are the ranking large crocodile there is in the world?


Gustave is one of them. It is a large male Nile crocodile from Burundi. It has been

Still hunting for gustave

Still hunting for gustave,the man eater

known for eating over 300 people especially via the banks of River Ruizzi and Lake Tanganyika. It is still not know what the exact length and weight for Gustave is since it has never been caught. It is estimated that this crocodile is about 6 meters long and almost weigh the size of ton. Although some other estimates have also put Gustave at 7.5 meters and more in length. It is also known that Gustave displayed its complete set of teeth which helps to give its close to right estimation of its age. With this, a crocodile is nearly toothless at 100 years meaning that Gustave is way below 60 years of age hence still growing .Crocodiles can go for many months without eating, and for that same reason, gustave has often not been able to hunt for its prey species such as fish, antelopes and zebra because  its size hinders it. It has often gone in for larger animals like the hippopotamus to and some extent the humans. It is however unfortunate that often these prey victims are left uneaten. This information about Gustave however is highly based on a film documentary.


Lolong which is recorded in the Guinness book of world records as the largest crocodile got its name from Ernesto ‘Lolong’ Goloran Canete, who is one of the veteran crocodile hunters from Palawan crocodile and wildlife Reservation center who led the hunting process. Lolong broke the record of the past record holder named cassius that was 18 feet long kept in the crocodile park of Marine Land Melanesia in Queensland Australia.

Before the death of lolong on 10th February 2013,it stood as the largest crocodile in captivity. Lolong was a salt water crocodile that measured 6.17meters (20ft3) weighing 1,075 kilograms. This made him the largest crocodile ever measured from snout to tail. The confirmation of lolong being recorded as the longest and largest crocodile in captivity was done by Dr.Adam Britton who measured it from its enclosure.

Largest crocodile lolong dead


How and when was lolong captured?

It needed about 100 people to bring lolong to land after a hunt of close to 3 weeks. At the time lolong was estimated to be at 50 years and was caught in Bunawan creek in the province of Agusan del Sur in Philippines on 13th September 2011.While capturing lolong, it made many aggressive moves and also broke restraining ropes. Its stomach was well examined and lolong had eaten a number of fishermen in the area, a 12 year old girl whose head was found as well as suspected for the disappearing horses. However, no human remains were found.

What caused the death of Lolong?

Lolong was found dead in his compound on 10th February 2013 in the early hours of the night. He died of pneumonia and cardiac arrest as it was reported by necropsy. In the same line his death is also accredited to aggravated stress and fungi infection. First the remains of Lolong were preserved in Taxidermy but it was later reported that they were then put in a deep freezer in July in the Davao crocodile park for five months. The next course of action about the same has not yet been decided on between the local government of Bunawan and the National Museum since they hold the joint responsibility. This is bound to make so many tourist attractions and exchange earning for Philippines.

Largest crocodile Lolong dead

Largest crocodile Lolong dead

Who is the largest crocodile in captivity after Lolong?

Known for being a notorious crocodile from Uganda, Africa ,the killer crocodile could now be the largest crocodile in the world after Lolong.It is estimated to be 80 years of age weighing 1000kiograms ( 1tonne) making it 47 kilograms more in weight than the former world’s heaviest lolong from Philippines which died at the age of 50.The residents in areas near the Lake Victoria in Uganda have always requested the Uganda Wild Life Authority to haunt for this life threatening creature as it has killed a number of fishermen and residents in the areas of Kayunga, Kakiri ,Jinja only to mention but a few in Uganda. Many fishermen have feared to go to the waters due to fears of being eaten. They will however now resume their activities since the crocodile was captured. Many had been killed from landing sites like Masese, Wayange and others in Jinja and Kayunga. One case of a fisherman who was eaten and the residents were only able to trace his clothes floating on the water.

Now the world's Largest crocodile from Uganda

Now the world’s Largest crocodile from Uganda

How was the world’s largest crocodile captured in Uganda?

It took the responsible officials from Uganda Wild Life Authority four days to hunt

Uganda's notorious crocodile captured

Uganda’s notorious crocodile captured

down this large reptile in the village. Meat on a hook was used to trap the crocodile and this attracted many of the villagers as they captured the crocodile to the back of a pickup truck. Many of the fishermen had resisted from going near to the lake until the notorious creature was captured, and now since it was captured, then many of them have returned to do their fishing. After hunting down the crocodile it was taken to the Murchison Falls National Park.