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Sport fishing is done on Lake Victoria and Murchison Falls National Park.
The main catch ot the Lake is the Nile Perch which is the largest fresh water game fish in the whole world.

The method of fishing is by use of trolling lures

At Murchison Falls, fish are often caught using a live bait.

Fishing is generally done over a few days, requiring some level of fitness and experience.
Common types of Fish include Nile Perch, 10-80 kgs, Tilapia and tiger fish.
Most companies doing fishing offer equipments with powerful boat engines.

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  • Journeys Uganda Reply

    November 18, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    Fishing as an activity dates back before even the coming of the explorers and it is a cultural attraction that we as uganda are mean’t to boost of. we have very many fishing formats that we can market to the visitors that are interested in such activities.


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