Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi as it’s serpentine shape may suggest , is essentially a flooded valley system , extending northwards from Rwanda border over a distance of 25 kms through the contours of the steep hills that separate Kabale from Kisoro. It is thought to have formed around 8000 million years ago, as a result of lava flow from one of the Virunga mountains which blocked off the Ndego river at present day Muko to create a dam.

The lake Bunyonyi covers a total area of around 60km2 but it forms the core of the 180km2 wet land eo system, along incorporating the ruvuma swamp and several other permanent marshes.It lies at an altitude of 1840m,but several of the enclosing hills rise up to 2,500m, and although reported estimates of it’s depth vary wildly, it is probably no where greater than 45m deep.An all-weather road connects kabale to Rutinda,the focal point of tourists activity on Lake Bunyonyi.

Dotted with at least 20 small Islands and encircled by steep terraced hills ,Bunyonyi is a magical spot , and it has been a popular day trip out of kabale for decades .Over the past few years , the lake ha further gained in popularity to proliferation of budget and other campsites and resorts around the small fishing villages of rutinda and (also known as Kyabahinga)and near by Islands.In it’s favor also is a high altitude location which ensures a moderate climate(often becoming quite chilly in the nights ) and a relatively low incidence of malaria .Bilhazia is reliably reported to be absent from the lake ,as are crocodiles and hippos ,which means that swimming is very safe.Active travelers are catered for with canoes kayaks and mountain bikes available for hire and enough potential excursions to keep one busy for days .

Tourism activities at lake Bunyonyi include;

The bamboo walk; These are Guided trails which have been established and are highly recommended for any body who may be looking for a serious leg stretch in the Bunyonyi area.

Excursions around Bunyonyi;Visits to most places of interest around lake Bunyonyi can be arranged through the lake shore resorts and hotels and its also possible to reach some sites using our transport facilities.

Lake Bunyonyi Lodges

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