Uganda Wildlife Safaris Guide

Uganda is a landlocked country and well known to be the pearl of Africa. It is an English speaking nation that was colonized by the British in the past years. It’s one country that is full of calmness and peace and yet has about 53 different tribes. Uganda’s wildlife has highly increased in the past years due to the conservation polices that have been put in place. The country is also gifted with the source of the Nile as it flows from Lake Victoria to the rest of the countries. A safari to Uganda will give you a chance to see various wildlife for example buffalo, Uganda kob, gorillas, giant forest hogs, monkeys, elephants and many more.

As you take on your wildlife safari to Uganda, you will tour Bwindi Impenetrable forest. It’s famous for its big gorilla population in Uganda. Trekking through the forest in search for the gorillas usually takes many hours and once you discover them, you enjoy the way they live their lives. They are friendly to the visitors and adventurous to sit and watch. As you track the chimpanzees, you also come cross other wildlife for instance the colobus monkeys,mangabeys as well as the bush baboons.

Murchison Falls National park is another exciting destination to tour, this beautiful fall covers an area of about 50ft and its made up by the River Nile. When you are in this place, you will love the noise as it growls by the falls and at this point you can take the best photos that will give you great experience of the park. Its also one spot that is well known to harbor bird species and this can be done at your leisure time. Other places for bird watching in Uganda include Budongo Forest, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Mabira Forest, Mabamba game reserve and Kibale forest.

Besides the wildlife, your safari to Uganda will enable you interact with the local people and also participant in their cultural activities. The evenings are spent being entertained by the local people with their traditional dances and songs. Your safari tour will involve many activities to be done for example hiking different Mountains, Fishing in Lake Victoria and Murchison, tracking and trekking the gorillas and also cycling through Kabale village. The majority of the visitors that come to Uganda include Canada, UK, Germany, USA and Europe. The visitors are welcomed from Entebbe Airport by our tour representative and proceed to Entebbe Resort Hotel or Windsor Lake Victoria hotel for dinner and overnight. The tour operators that will guide you through your safari are well experienced and with knowledge about the different tourist destinations in Uganda. Book a safari to Uganda and enjoy the pearl of Africa.

1) Rwenzori Mountains National Park
2) Lake Mburo National Park.
3) Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.
4) Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park
5) Kibale Forest National Park.
6) Murchison Falls National Park.
7) Queen Elizabeth National Park
8) Mountain Elgon National Park
9) Semuliki National Park
10) Kidepo National Park

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