Tangier Agadir Guide | Hotels, Attractions and Travel Tips

This is one of the ancient cities where Cartheginians and Phoenicians established their trade routs. The Visigoths and vandals invaded the Arabs who had occupied the city after it was made to be controlled by the Portuguese before the Spanish in the early 20th Century.

The American, whites and Europeans were more interested in the city since it was made a tax-free International city.
The city beach makes a long curve beside the white houses and most tourists come to enjoy their holidays here. The city beach serves all Moroccan families for 2 months holiday and for visitors its 1 day.
Among the evening activities include seeing each other, moving up and down without a common plan since it’s a tourist city. In West of Tangler, there are several Atlantic beaches. The beaches are surrounded by mountains with an attractive environment, yet with clear and wide beach providing all necessary facilities.
The streets of Tangler has narrow streets a concentration of small houses with most people living in this area.

The more popular is the gate of great mosque in Medina, which heads directly to the beach, which is also the easiest route to move through most parts of Tangler and you will find yourself in the towns of Petit Socco.
The Medina is the biggest of all commercial areas around so these act as tourist attraction and becomes difficult to find, where real handcraft is don, where others being devoted to living and there are a variety of painted doors decorated gates rose bushes and plenty of beautiful houses around.

The worst part of Medina is Petit Socco covering 100 square meters, where there is prostitution, theft, drug dealings and human trafficking. So you should be a ware of these activities when you are trying.

Morocco was identified as an independent country in 1777, an American embassy was set up in Tangler, which now serves as a museum for free entry. However, you should get a friend to assist you to move a round the area.
Also available are the American artists in the place. You will sometimes be forced to pass in several reception rooms.
Another word to mean the market by the Arabs is Socco, so this word has even been used and still exists in Morocco. We find the Grand Socco in North East of Medina. However, its not a market place now since it acts as a transformation center. For taxis and meeting place, it also acts as a modern city’s streets continuation to the old city.

The sultanate palace is infront of Kasbah and is being turned into a museum, but now has lost its attraction potential, being surrounded by good fortifications.

Due to the building of many houses in the town, most people have shifted away from the city center building, away from the city, hence making the buildings in the city to be old. However, the town of Kasbah is still a nice place to live in, with many luxurious houses and in good condition.

Sultan Moulay Ismail is the one who ordered for the raising of Dar El Makhzen where the sultan used to live. However, he shifted and in 1912, he turned it into a museum of art where you could find craftsmanships as well as volubilis which attract most visitors into the museum.
The most attractive and busiest place is Place de France, with a number of restaurants, cafes and shops and the meeting place for nationalists as well as national expatriates.
The place is a well-stocked and fashionable town, which is different from all other towns in Morocco.

The many stylish Moroccan palaces in the place have been taken care of by American multimillionaire Maicom Forbes.