Uganda Beach Hotels and Resorts

Which are the Best vacation or holiday Beach Hotels and resorts in Uganda;holiday accommodation in Uganda?

Uganda beach hotels and resorts are places that are often visited in Uganda this is because of its quiet environment that enables everyone to relax and enjoy every bit of  the beach including the chanting birds, fine sand as well as the calm Victoria water waves. The accommodation is superb, affordable and provides excellent services to its clients. The resorts are suited on the shores of Lake Victoria giving a perfect view of the lake as well as the surrounding islands. Beaches and Resorts are the best places for your family vacation or holiday. Experience the beauty of these beaches and enjoy all activities done. Kids will love visiting this exciting place, and get the best memories in their life time.

What is the price of accommodation during a family holiday in Uganda?

Islands Club & Restaurants

Entebbe Road Ganesh Plaza Kampala Kampala

077-3033549, 075-1053660

Lutembe Beach Resort

Entebbe Road off Namulanda Along Entebbe Road 24689,Entebbe Entebbe

041-4232009, 077-2488496, 077-2496258

Ssese Palm Beach Resort

Pilkington Road Colline House, Rm. 29B 487,Ssese Ssese


Anderita Beach Hotel

5 Mambi Road Entebbe Entebbe

041-4322435, 031-2271912

Jinja Nile Resort

ATB Building 36468,Kampala Kampala


The Gorilla Resort

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and National Park Kabale Kabale

041-4578209, 041-4255288, 031-2276414

Pearl Gardens Beach Ltd.

22/24 Entebbe Road Shri Ganesh Plaza Level 4, Rm. 1046,Ssese Ssese

041-4349107, 077-2372164, 078-2467116

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort Ltd.

Munyonyo 446,Kampala Kampala

041-4227111, 041-7716000

Ssese Gateway Beach

Entebbe Road Kitinda – Kitubulu 9316,Kampala Kampala

041-4233821, 077-2774455

Sky Beach Gardens and Resort

556 Nalugala – Entebbe Jomayi Beach Estate 34044,Kampala Kampala

077-7080669, 071-2233314

Hornbill Beach

Buggala Island Kalangala Kalangala

077-5880200, 075-3803121

Jinja Nile Resort

M130 Kimaka Road 1553,Jinja Jinja

043-41221901//2, 041-4233593

90,Entebbe Entebbe

041-4320800, 041-4320806, 031-2263670

Nyinabulitwa Country Resort & Safari Camp

Kamwenge Fort Portal Fort Portal

071-2984929, 078-2291577

Mirembe Resort Beach Ltd.

24/26 Entebbe Road Shri-Ganesh Plaza 22103,Ssese Ssese

039-2772703, 075-1067122

Ssezibwa Falls Resort

1 Jumbo Plaza Shop 1 3874,Kampala Kampala

041-4663346, 077-2603161

Ssese Islands Beach Hotel

Ssese Ssese

041-4220065, 077-2845905, 077-2408244



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