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Among the top attractions in Algeria include the National Museum of Fine Arts, the historical city of Tlemcen, Almohad ramparts and so much more. Among the activities include trekking tours, sight seeing, nature walks and visits to national parks in Algeria.

Attractions in Algeria
Algeria is one of the most diverse and gifted countries in North Africa with a long history of discoveries and rulers making a major mark on its tourism industry. It is however unfortunate that this incredible country has not been included on Africa travel list for many tourists.
There many interesting places to visit in Algeria from the beaches on the north coast to the Sahara desert in southern Algeria. Although many are ignored, here is a pick into some of the interesting places you must include on your holidays in Algeria.

Monument des Martyrs is one of the important places to visit in Algeria. There is a monument with statues of people that sacrificed their lives during the war for Algeria’s independence and an eternal flame with sheltering palm leaves. Other monuments to visit in Algeria include the tomb & mosque of Side Boumediene, Dar Hassan Pacha and the Citadel in Algiers among others.
There are many heritage and archaeological sites in Algeria and many of them have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Al Qal’a Beni Hammad the former capital of the Hammadid Empire is one of the interesting palces to visit while other popular sites include Djemma Ali Bitchine mosque, the ruins of Djemila, Hippo Regius and several archaeological sites at Tiddis, Lambese Tazoult and Timgrad.
Adventure in Algeria is defined by the Atlas Mountains that separate the country into two distinct climatic zones. The Northern part is dotted with amazing beaches and resorts like Complex Nautique, Canastel, Ain Turk and Les Analouses among others. Le Golf club de Deky Brahim in Algiers is an 18 hole course with amazing teeing adventures.
The different cities and towns have attractions and adventures known to only tourist that take time to tour Algeria. Annaba is an industrial town to tour while Tamanrasst and Algiers offer endless adventure tours and activities such as tours of the different museums, cultural trips and many others.  Blezma National Park in Batna is home to more than 300 species of birds and animals.
Hotels are located in all parts of Algeria and in major town across the north coast.Eating and dining in Algeria is exceptional when you visit top restaurants like Chez sauver, Dar Lahlou and Taj Mahal in Algiers. You can try sea food cuisines at Le Magelan and La Vague Bleu restaurants also located in Algiers. Some of the restaurants prepare international cuisines like pizza, steak, and other dishes.
If shopping is what you are looking forward to, the Marche Africaine market in Tamanrasset has locally made products like hand made carpets, traditional clothes and spices; Constantine is good for embroidered traditional clothing, Algiers’s library and bookshops, art and crafts sold at Abdallah Benmasour shop in Oran and many other interesting cities in Algeria. Most shops are closed on Fridays for prayers