Tororo Hotels and Accommodation

Accommodation in Tororo town hotels in Uganda

Rock Classic Hotel:

Tel +256 (0)454 48012, (0)454 48102, (0)392 768536, (0)0392 768537 email: tororo@rockclassichotel.comFormerly the Tororo Rock Hotel is 10 kms from the border on the main Kampala-Kenya Rd.

Camping is permitted in the garden in spacious lawns under Flamboyant trees. Use of a room for bathing is provided. A good value restaurant and bar, satellite TV. Clean single and double rooms available. This is not budget accommodation.

La-Jolla Guest House: Tel. 0772 458553. Located in Tororo town close to the bus park.

La- Jolla Annex:

Tel. 0772 314113. Plot 24 Cox Rd. Newly opened with modern self-contained rooms. Located behind the Municipal Stadium overlooking the Railway Station.

Crystal Hotel:

Tel. 0454 45180, 0772 555174. Central. Self contained rooms with warm water. Room rate includes breakfast.

Tororo has its own Internet cafe Tororo Computer Institute to be found next the Uganda Revenue Authority office on Bazaar Street by the Municipal Council Building. Surf time rates Ushs40- per minute or Ushs2,400- per hour.

Tororo is bordered by the country of Kenya to the east, Busia District to the south, Bugiri District to the southwest, Iganga District to the west, Pallisa District to the north and Mbale District to the northeast.


It is home to the Sukulu Complex, a carbonatite complex 6 km east of Tororo town, which is known for its apatite, baddeleyite, dolomite, goethite, hematite, ilmenite, magnetite, pyrochlore, quartz, shortite, and zircon.

Tororo Cement Limited (TCL), the largest producer of cement in Uganda is also located in Tororo District.The district of Tororo is also home to Uganda Orphans Rural Development Program (UORDP), which was founded in 1998 to “promote and support the health, nutrition, income and educational status of orphaned children, their caregivers, widows and widowers and other marginalized groups especially women affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

A very active organization in Tororo area is Mifumi noted for its work on Domestic Violence and Bride Price. An up and coming school is Mifumi Primary School.


The 2002 national census estimated the population of Tororo District at 398,601 with an annual population growth rate of 2.7%. Given those statistics, it is estimated that the population of the district in 2009 is approximately 480,321.

There is a good mix of ethnicities in the district including the Jopadhola, Itesot, Samia, Bagwere and Banyole. Languages spoken correlate to the ethnicities of the population, including Dhopadhola, Lusamia, Ateso, Lugwere and Lunyoli. In the urban centers, English, Swahili and Luganda may be spoken and/or understood.



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