Facebook owner could buy the Whole Uganda

Facebook owner could buy the whole Uganda $ 22 billion Facebook’s Acquisitions equate to Uganda’s GDP Mark Zukerberg CEO of Facebook is trending in competition with Uganda’s GDP.All Facebook acquisitions would buy Uganda today as they stand at 22 billion US dollars, only leaving out just a minimal difference of 6 million and in points.  As a strategic trick and move, Mark is trending in buying and holding other companies under his arm.WhatsApp, Instagram, and

Microsoft Makes Scaling WordPress On Azure Easier

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Four Alternative Keyboards For iOS 8

iOS users can finally tap into alternative keyboard software. Although you’d be forgiven for not changing from the stock Apple keyboard (pictured left) — given that Cupertino has buried the switch for enabling alternatives deep within settings. It has also given the stock iOS keyboard some TLC, adding a word prediction feature called Quick Type. This draws inspiration from various third party keyboard software makers by offering a trio of next-word suggestions above the Qwerty

Music and design workflow

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Apple – Introducing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Featuring a larger, more advanced display, and significant leaps in capability and performance, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus represent the biggest advancement in design and engineering since we introduced the original iPhone.

Markup And Formatting

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kidepo safari giraffe

Kidepo Valley National Park Marks 50 Years

Which is the Best National Park in the North Eastern Part of Uganda? In the far northeastern Uganda lies Kidepo valley national park, Uganda’s remotest park in the sparsely populated part of the country in arid lands, Kidepo is one of the most alluring destination in the country boasting with strong wildness atmosphere with dramatic jagged mountains looming over golden savanna, peculiar conical hills sprout out of the grasslands, and prides of lions survey the

Mauritius Flights

Mauritius is a very small island located in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean. It is one among the most renowned tourist islands because of its warm climate, white beaches and clear blue sea. This paradise enables tourists to participate in various sport activities like snorkeling, sailing, parasailing, diving and windsurfing. The island is a habitat to big game fishes, and the bleu marlin and an important site for the big fish game from

Uganda Associations

How do I find professional affiliation and association in Uganda;Ugandan Associations? How do people with similar ideologies and thoughts meet and share in Uganda? The Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA-U) 11 Kanjokya Street Kamwokya FIDA (U) Secretariate 2157,Kampala Kampala t: 041-45308482 Uganda National Council for Science & Technology (UNCST) 3/5/7 Nasser Road Min. of Finance, Planning & Econ 6884,Kampala Kampala t: 041-4250499, 041-4705500 Uganda Aloevera Growers 46 Lugogo Bypass 31923,Kampala Kampala Uganda Manufacturers Association

Morocco Holidays Travel Guide

Morocco  holidays guide, hotels,  flights,  tour operators. Are you planning or contemplating on spending a holiday in Morocco? Morocco is a very good place for all those in search of attractive and pleasurable vacations. Special about this country is the fact you have the liberty to experience the rich and exhilarating culture of these people. In Morocco, everything is to do with culture & heritage. The ancient goes alongside the current culture. In each and

Mauritius Beaches

The Mauritius beaches are some of the best sources of attraction; this is why most people who are on holiday find their way to the beach. This is normally called the up market winter sun destination. This has got splendid white sand that would be worth resting in. This is why Mark twain was forced to say that may be Mauritius existed before and that Heaven was copied from Mautritious. While on your trip to

Casablanca Tours and Travel Guide Morocco

Casablanca is the largest port of the Maghreb basin. The city was built by the French, and it is even bigger than Marseille. The visit on Casablanca includes Habous district, central market, Anfa residential area, Hassan II mosque, Royal palace and Mohammed V Square. Hassan II mosque: The Hassan II mosque is the only almighty worship centre with incarnation message the brethren. The passion and gratitude of the mosque gives mankind the desire to have

Fes Travel Morocco, Fes Tours and Vacations

Fes Morocco, Fes City This is a sewel Holy City of the Spanish Arab Civilisation. It is not easy for Fez to show up its secrets, to show its shadow and secretine becomes a little too late to be discovered. The ancient city is only appreciated for its medrsa architecture because of its merchants and artisans. The visitors are attracted by the fragrances, colors and the captivating sounds of the city. The1st sanctuary of human

Essaouira Morocco, Essaouira Vacations Travel

This is one of the most attractive towns in the whole of Morocco on the coastline. It is concentrated with blue shuttered houses, art galleries, white washed wood workshops, colourful boats and surrounded by a red wall. The town font is covered by rocky islands with sandy beaches and dunes. The beaches are quite clean and you can walk there for few minutes. A number of people have cool temperature since all sites a round

Morocco Shopping, Supermarkets, Crafts and Food

Souks and markets are the major features of Moroccan life, and they are among the country’s best attractions. These are found everywhere and each town has got its own special souks. For the rather big cities like Marrakesh, Fez and the rest of the big cities have tangle of individual souks and each fills a street or square and is devoted to a given trade and in the countryside there are hundreds of weekly souks,

Rabat Morocco Travel Guide, Rabat Tours and Attractions

Rabat city is a sky blue close to the sea, surrounded by ochre coloured ramports. The city is characterized by towers that reach up to the sky and ever clears, which makes it hirely the capital city. As the capital city, Rabat had great history as far back as the 12th Century. Yacoub el Mansour chose it to be the splendour symbol since he was the successful conqueror of the Almohades. Rabat had already made

Flights to Morocco Flight Information, Airlines, Airports, Tickets and Airfare

Flights to Morocco Flight Airport Morocco Tickets Booking Welcome to the online travel guide to Morocco covering detailed information about the travel destinations, tips, national parks, visa guide and so much more. Morocco flights: Mohammed V Airport is Casablanca’s main airport, which is useful for passengers travelling anywhere. If you have sometime, there is a city centre train that moves for 30 minutes (30km). Airlines flying from United Kingdom direct to Morocco include; Royal Air

Tangier Agadir Guide | Hotels, Attractions and Travel Tips

TANGIER CITY: This is one of the ancient cities where Cartheginians and Phoenicians established their trade routs. The Visigoths and vandals invaded the Arabs who had occupied the city after it was made to be controlled by the Portuguese before the Spanish in the early 20th Century. The American, whites and Europeans were more interested in the city since it was made a tax-free International city. The city beach makes a long curve beside the

Ouarzazate Travel Morocco, Ouarzazate Tours

Towards the Atlas Mountain lies the Ouarzazate. This is most popular with tourists travelling in the Sahara desert. In provisions of desert treks, it becomes a good place to stock. The scenic trips in the surrounding area provides tourists with the true African nature of the ancient Kasbahs. With all coming from Lawrence, Morocco’s major watched city is the Ouarzazate where a number of mountain, moon and stars were being filled. The studios are raised

Moroccan Cuisine, Recipes Morocco, Food, Dishes and Cooking.

In Morocco, a number of food staffs are served mainly ranging from traditional to modern dishes. IN Morocco, sharing meals is a culture, since there is a strong belief in family ties. Dishes are mainly prepared by women and their meals are nice, tasty, coloured and are always kept in touch of warmth. moroccan cuisine Bread: This is the most holy food according to tradition, since the prophet ordered for its respect. So any piece

Holidays in Morocco, Vacation Morocco Holidays Travel

Under your own stream, you will first have to leave your guidebook behind and explore the city. However, you should not miss the following: – Take a bath: Marrakech’s hammans may not be compared with Instabul’s by Zantine splendour in Turkey. Here one can take a bath after the day’s dusty trips in the Souks, with a massage and a stream. There is no any other way to unwind. Hamman Menera is the pick of

Morocco Travel Health Insurance

Recommended Vaccinations: There are yet no inoculations required from visitors, but you should be a ware of tetanus and polio as well as typhoid and Cholera should also be considered worthy by use of jabs against A hepatitis. Vaccinations against TP Hepatitis, Rabies and Diphtheria, are also considered when one is to stay for a long time especially those going to deal with animals in research and healthcare field. Malaria: There are some parts in

Atlas Mountain Trekking Morocco

The high Atlas Mountains near Ouirgane is well known for its perfect site for trekking near the road to the well-known TIZ N Test pass Treks for request can be arranged at Mt. Toubkal for 1-5 days) and near Taraudant Western High Atlas in the Verdant valleys for 14 days. Walks are chosen according to your level of preference and choice when leading to the plateau, spectacular Nfis gorges in the Toubkal National Park. Bags

Cape Verde Diving tours, Surfing Cape Verde

This is the ultimate paradise for the divers. You will imagine, tropical underwater flora and fauna, a variety of species under water, fish, rock fish, turtles, sharks and the magical dolphins. There are a variety of sharks to see while on a diving tour or trip. Tou sill see cat sharks more often that the tiger, hammer-head,lemon or even the mako sharks. Diving in Cape Verde The diving is great. Really beautiful sites ranging from

Cape Verde Properties, Real Estates, Apartments

Welcome to the online guide for Cape Verde properties, find land for sale, homes for sale, holiday apartments and booking services as well as property management guide for Cape Verde. The Cape verde real estate industry has noticeable players who can help you find the property of your interest. Most investors plan on builing hotels, holiday apartments and other accommodation facilities to develop the country which is still in its tourism infancy. This beautiful place

Algeria Attractions, Vacation Holiday Algeria Tours

Welcome to Algeria tours guide. Among the top attractions in Algeria include the National Museum of Fine Arts, the historical city of Tlemcen, Almohad ramparts and so much more. Among the activities include trekking tours, sight seeing, nature walks and visits to national parks in Algeria. Attractions in Algeria Algeria is one of the most diverse and gifted countries in North Africa with a long history of discoveries and rulers making a major mark on

Algeria Culture, Way of Life, Algerian Religion and Customs

The culture of Algeria is largely influenced by the history, literature, music, crafts, religion and different arts. The primary language spoken by almost all Algerians is Arabic, this also tells you more about the religion. Of course Islam. The language spoken by the educated Algerians is French. You will find few individuals able to speak English. The diversity in the culture is largely as a result of the various Ethnic groups in the mainland of