Mauritius Flights

Mauritius is a very small island located in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean. It is one among the most renowned tourist islands because of its warm climate, white beaches and clear blue sea. This paradise enables tourists to participate in various sport activities like snorkeling, sailing, parasailing, diving and windsurfing. The island is a habitat to big game fishes, and the bleu marlin and an important site for the big fish game from November through to April. Wahoo, bull sharks and tuna are usually caught. There are annual fishing competitions on Grande Rivière Noire in the months of November & February. For those who love water sports, you can go scuba diving in the stunning coral gardens where there are tropical fish from the east at Passae de Trou titions d’Eau Douce, and Passe de Belle Mare in the south. For those who dislike water sports, you can go hiking in the Lion Mountains or Black River Gorges National Park. While hunters can enjoy Domaine du Chasseur.
With that wide variety to offer to you, you will certainly anticipate the prices to be high. And yes they are! But you can still get yourself a cheap flight if you do the following below.

1. Book when the time is right; when it is very early or quite very late
2. Travel during the off-peak seasons

3. Search over the internet for the finest deals

4. Bargain

1 – Book when the time is right; when it is very early or quite very late

If you are to book early – it means doing so as early as 9 months before. This way you can acquire good discounts since there are numerous tickets at that time. At that time travel agents are not sure if all of them will sell out. This is because travel agents usually purchase the tickets earlier. They don’t have a fixed price for their tickets as some may sell at a lower price than others. They will gladly sell you the tickets with an aim of making profits and not last minute losses when the some tickets are left over.
Optionally, book very late to get the cheapest price available. This move is quite risky especially if you MUST travel. At this time travel agents are seeking to sell off whatever is left to avoid making any loses.
The most popular airline company in this country is Air Mauritius. The country does not avail its airspace to cheap airlines or charter flights because it has only one airport called Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport. For this reason making a successful bargain is not so easy. Many holidaymakers go to france to get cheaper flights through Corsairfly or go to German to use Condor. But either way, always book earlier or very late.
2 – Travel in the off-peak periods

It is recommended to book your flights out of the holiday season which usually runs in August and December.  Off-peak months of February and November are the best. If you are traveling with children or work on an educational place, trey setting off one week earlier than the official holiday break-off. This will enable you get discounted prices.
3 – Search online for the best deals

There are several companies which enable you to look for travel websites, airlines and travel agents that will help you find discounted flights to Mauritius. These websites will do the hardest part of the work for you. So instead of visiting the British Airways website or that off Air Mauritius, just input the date you prefer to travel, the number of people traveling and choose your preferred departure airport. The site will go through the hassle of getting you results on the best deals available.
The perfect websites to check include,, and

4 – Haggle

When you acquire the best affordable flight, make a print out and take it to your travel agent. Be nice and polite while bargaining and never be commanding. Inform them that you have got a flight to Mauritius and ask if they can offer lower prices before purchasing the ticket. If lucky they may offer you a matching price or even a lower one. If they can’t don’t lose hope, try another agent or book your ticket online.