Uganda Travel Magazines

The Eye Magazine: Perhaps the best travel publication.The Eye Magazine is an informative Bi-Monthly “Insider’s Guide to Uganda”. The magazine aims to highlight everything to do with Uganda, from hospitals to hotels, from shops to sporting events and from taxis to tour operators. The magazine is distributed free of charge to all major hotels in Kampala, Jinja, Entebbe, Kabale etc plus restaurants, bars, travel Agents and tour Operators, Airlines, Entebbe Airport, Uganda Golf Club, NGO’s, Diplomatic Missions, International Schools, Gift Shops, Tourism Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority.
Contact : 23 Prince Charles Drive Kololo – Entrance in Ibis Vale Road- Kololo
Tel: +256-0312 251117 /8

The Uganda info- Digest: Yearly issue covering tourist attractions, accommodations, tours and travel, shell road maps, sports, shopping and services in Uganda.
Contact: The Uganda info Digest: Infopoint Uganda ltd, MTAC Nakawa , Jinja road
Advertising Manager, Justine Nakafeero. -25677 721785

The SMART Consumer guide:
Printed out after every 3 months covering tours and travel information in all parts of the country. Some free copies are given out while some others are sold .

International Travel Magazines

There are many magazines that are released every year targeting travelers and holiday makers from all over the world but what makes a travel magazine good?  Travel magazines often inspire travel to choose certain travel destinations over others.
These kinds of magazine have tips on food, cultures, festivals, holiday packages, adventures, activities and travel advice for every country they feature. Some of the notable travel issues and magazines in the world today include;

National Geographic Traveler

It is one of the best magazines on travel and adventure in the world today. National Geographic Traveler has great pictures and information on some of the world’s best kept tourist and travel destinations. Pictures are always accompanied by pages of travel advice, adventure tours, cultural events and festivals, food, Hotel & accommodation and the different activities to enjoy from a featured destination.


This magazine release is carefully tailored to cater for international traveler with limited budget. It is released more than 6 times every year with special issues for different seasons of the year featuring some of the world’s remote tourist attraction that other travelers have always ignore. Great information on the best places for family vacation, health care tip, travel safety tips, people & cultures and holiday packages-accompanied with stunning photography.
It is tailored for adventure travelers with a touch of budget travel for fun!

Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine

Another of the world’s best travel magazine tailored for budget travel. It often features places you never knew ever existed in the modern world. Pages are filled with travel resources on ways to have an exciting holiday yet save lots of money at the end of it all. Great resource for student travel, study abroad programs, backpackers and family holidays with high resolution photography. Once you read Arthur Frommer’s Budget travel, you’ll get tempted to arrange a holiday immediately.


A perfect resource for backpacking and outdoor camping adventures. How would you like to spend a holiday in a foreign land without going through the hassle of making hotel reservations? Backpacker is the magazine to read! Get packing on your camping tents and put on the best hiking boots to some of the world’s serene destinations. There are tips on hiking trails, things to pack and how you can enjoy a holiday in the wilderness without negatively impacting the environment. It is more like making contemporary Stone Age holiday.

Inside Out

It is an internet based travel resource for season travel and backpackers. The magazine has two releases every month making it the best online reference for up to date travel advice, holiday packages, travel agents, cheap tour packages and rates for hotels and accommodation. It has articles top destinations in the world accompanied by striking photos, people & cultures around the world and also how to make a holiday without spending a fortune!
With such interesting resources on hand, you know where to go and the best times to have a holiday in different parts of the world. Also check out travel magazines and issues from different countries that you want to visit.