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Under your own stream, you will first have to leave your guidebook behind and explore the city.
However, you should not miss the following: –
Take a bath:
Marrakech’s hammans may not be compared with Instabul’s by Zantine splendour in Turkey. Here one can take a bath after the day’s dusty trips in the Souks, with a massage and a stream. There is no any other way to unwind.
Hamman Menera is the pick of the traditional decorated crop and the Riad Medhi or Sofitol best for contemporary soak.

Take a cateche ride:
The open air eatery is being formed by transferring Djemma El Fna during the sunset, so its possible to escape down calache on a horse.
It is a bit cheesy to Marrakech short break quit essential. The perfect view of the city lies when you tour the Medina walls.

Koutoubla mosque the shadows offer the best caleche and cost as low as 80 Dirham for each person for an hour, so you should tell your driver the time and know which time you are returning.

Dine in a riad:
You can experience the raids even if you have booked the slick out of town in the hotels. The raids bring seclusion in the center of Medina. The raids were built at first as dwellings for the rich merchants for privacy. However, everything was transformed into boutique.
Hotel Riad Tamsna is the Morocco’s best restaurant. Fro more information dial
For best and perfect sites, visit Tamsna.

Watching Djemaa El Fna:
When you come a cross the top of the battered petit tax in Djemaa El Fna, you will get the perfect views of the city’s central square.
Here you will also have a chance watch the Berber musicians producing a loud sound track accompanied by wailing snake charmers on their goatskin drums. Visitors also be able to see friendly monkey and tooth less cobras. Here you will pay for the photographic fee to the grinning water seller.

Camel Riding:
Sweet with my 4 sons on a lovely monkey, Mohamed the guide went to trouble in a most exciting place with a number of starfish hermit crabs, flamingos squid.
Other services offered include tuition, meals, drinks and insurance, as well as camping equipment like sleeping bags as well as musical entertainment used during your last night.
This can take up even up to 6 days with the last day having the most desired route starting from Agadir through the coastal suburbs. With a vehicle assistant, you can use the Mountain and Oasis scenery route.

The camels are beautiful, looked after and are very friendly and well-civilised.
Delight L Melvilee 4/07 was our Guide.
Temperatures are very favourable for our trekers due to moderating Atlantic effect unlike where only the Spring and Autumn are perfect in the Sahara, temperatures here range from 200C in January and in April 270C.

According to the timetable, the longer you engage in trekking, the more you will be able to see sand dunes, sandy beaches, wood lands, scrub estuary and other beautiful places.

First day:
Here you will be picked from the hotels by our guides, to go for ranch, then you will depart at around 10:30am. Here you will be able to trek for 5 hours and 1 hour for break, then you be brought to the camp at a round 5:30pm.

Breakfast 8:30am
Arrive back to ranch 10:30am and town 11:00 am.
Timing 1 day 1 night 3 nights and 3 days.
Choice of sleeping in tents for 2 or in large tents.

Note to castrate horses is illegal in Morocco, so you may find stallions being ridden since they are comfortable for ride. Horses are very safe and trained for a ride, but if you had never used a horse before, you should seek advice from our guides.
A substantial pre-visit information will be sent to you after booking.

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