Morocco Holidays Travel Guide

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Are you planning or contemplating on spending a holiday in Morocco? Morocco is a very good place for all those in search of attractive and pleasurable vacations. Special about this country is the fact you have the liberty to experience the rich and exhilarating culture of these people. In Morocco, everything is to do with culture & heritage. The ancient goes alongside the current culture.
In each and every town in morocco you will find 2 sections; the ancient- Medina and the current. This will save you from traveling to particular sites to catch site of the ancient culture. Morocco has something to offer everyone; and there range from the hot desert to the cool beaches.

Each time you are to travel to Morocco, you should never leave your passport behind. You are free to stay for as long as you want be it months, but notably the Moroccan low dictates that one should possess a return ticket. There are numerous hotels to facilitate you with comfortable accommodation. Remember to respect and follow the people’s local customs.

Generally, Morocco is a Muslim state that follows conservative and very strict values. So try to follow all their customs. There are thousands of tourists that visit the country annual just to enjoy their holiday. What you should note is that majority of the Mosques in this country are limited to only Muslims. Men and women, specifically the women dress up to their toe, so don’t appear in public in shorts. Remember in whatever you do, follow their customs.

If your holiday is long-lived, endeavor that you visit moat of the main cities such as Marrakech, Fes, Rabat, Tangier and Casablanca. The above cities are busting with culture particularly during the festive days. You will discover the numerous exciting and historical sites in these cities.  There are several bazaars, markets and shopping malls where you can do you’re shopping. Children too have a lot in stock to entertain them such as snake charmers, play grounds and magicians among others.
A very attractive place that shouldn’t miss out on is the Sahara desert. This is the largest desert in the whole world. You can either enjoy a bus tour in desert or hire a camel. There are several things for you to enjoy or relax like the top-class spas & resorts. The natives of Morocco are very hospitable and welcoming so while in visit ensure your stay is prolonged so as to enjoy their hospitality of these people.

Morocco is a legendary and modernized country with a very rich culture. On you visit, you will experience a new world all together with an unmatched scenery, rich history and very many charming, hospitable and very welcoming people. This country is magical with a rich environment, and breath taking backdrop dotted with several royal cities and architecture that make the country more colorful.As you think about the different desert landscapes, in Morocco has a variety of them that are wonderful to explore. These cities are so capturing and absorbing to the visitors. Below are a few destinations that will assist you in plan your holiday itinerary.

Fez; the city of Fez/Fes is the 2nd largest in this country and the idea destination in which you will experience the true culture, smells, food, and lifestyle plus the unique sights in Morocco. It is the oldest royal city and it Medina (old town) is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Behind the thick high built walls you will find the medina city that will journey you back in time. The modern part of Fez or the Ville Nouvelle is much more updated with urbanized shops & traffic. You will visit the Merenid Tombs, the Kairaouine, or move around the 9000winding narrow streets.

Rabat; is another ancient city where you will certainly enjoy yourself as you explore this country. It has a medina which is more crowded than the one in Fez.  It is a very well organized commune bordered by high walls on two sides and the others are bordered with water. You will view the stunning architecture and the impressive souks/local markets where a variety of items are sold including the popular leather products and a variety of spices. Here you will get a souvenir.
Marrakech; this ‘Red City’ is the chief historical royal city in this country where you will see history engrave on every stone. This city holds the biggest market/souk in Morocco plus one among the busiest square in the entire world – Djemaa el Fna. You will watch dancers, story tellers, acrobats and musicians perform or  even taste the tasty dishes of the Moroccan food.
Casablanca; this is the most famous city in morocco that you should try and visit. Its Ville Nouvelle is much bigger and congested than its will visit the Hassan II Mosque or even go for the exciting popular night life. But if you rather a Medina experience, Rabat and Marrakech offer a better opportunity.
Enjoy the blend of the ancient and current, modern & classic, and the contemporary and the old, all in the royal cities of Morocco.