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Kampala is a one stop center for many job opportunities. Below is a list of potential employers in Kampala. Categories of jobs include those from the Health sector, education, Non Governmental Organizations, Accounting, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Engineering, Services, IT and Technology, to mention but a few. Many of the jobs in Kampala require a high level of expertise, having the skills and qualities that employers are looking out for. Many people look at Kampala for offering the best career development opportunities, best jobs and of course with a matching remuneration.

What benefits come along with having a job in Kampala?

What do I need to get a job in Kampala?

Prepare your resume or CV very well clearly indicating your strong points and the new skills you will come along with to allure the employer to hire you there and then. Experience in the relevant field for the position you would like to be employed is always an added advantage for one to hire you in Kampala. Being creative and innovative will very much increase your chances for you to break through to that big job you have always looked for. Many people in Uganda move to Kampala so as to find better paying jobs in order to earn a descent living, and also to save some money for the future. Once offered a job in Kampala, a number of other benefits also come along with that package. These include; health insurance, mileage, meals, accommodation is also taken care of in some cases.

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Also often referred to as the city, Kampala district is the capital of Uganda. Kampala is one of the districts that make up the central region in Uganda. There are five main Administrative units; namely, Central division, Makindye division, Kawempe division, Rubaga division and Nakawa division make up the sub counties of Kampala district, with 79 parishes and 99 villages.

Kampala is surrounded by towns, other districts and suburbs such as Wakiso, Entebbe, Kajjansi, Kira and Matugga.According to Uganda Bereuax of Statistics, Kampala alone has a population of close to 2.5 million people as per 2012.Kampala’s population grows at a very high rate as compared to other towns in Uganda hence registering the highest rural urban migration rates. Many people leave the villages to Kampala in search for employment opportunities and better living conditions.

Kampala has quite a number of economic, political and social activities that take place. This explains part of why its population is really high as compared to the other districts.

Where are the ministry and government Agencies located in Kampala?

You will find most of the government head quarter offices and agencies in Kampala. Ministries also have all their offices in Kampala district. Other than government agencies and bodies, other organizations, on Government and Private also have their headquarters in Kampala. You will also find that even the International and Multinational companies establish their headquarters in Kampala before penetrating the other areas to put up field based offices.

Economic activities in Kampala include business and  trading, law firms, hospitals and medical companies,humanrights activism, advocating agencing,technical ,project and  managerial activities, consultancies, manufacturing, construction,

JOBS in Kampala

Many job seekers and others who would like to develop and further build their career may have interest in checking out the employers in Kampala, full time and available jobs in Kampala.

Who are the potential employers in Kampala?

Employers in Kampala range from Non Governmental organizations, to Government ministries and agencies as well as multinational companies. Of course not leaving out the private companies and investors who provide and create jobs from which many develop and advance their careers. Companies in Kampala include but not limited to International Human Rights Network, National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises (NUCAFE), CARE international, Action AID Uganda, USAID Uganda, Uganda Red Cross , Enterprise Uganda, Plan Uganda, Platform for Labour Action, MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda, Uganda Telecom, KPMG, Deloitte Uganda, Housing Finance Bank, Save the Children Uganda, Center of Excellence, Uganda Coffee Development Authority, UNICEF, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Akright Housing ,Frank Knight, Action for Development, Association of Human Rights Organization, Africa Foundation for Civic Education and Development ( AFCED),Agency for Integrated Rural development, CARITAS Uganda, Activists for Agro Based Entrepreneurship and Innovation