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We only list credible and well established tour operators here with excellent services and a high reputation in the tour and travel industry. reserves the right to remove any company that does not meet the minimum standards to be listed here. Uganda has many registered Uganda safari companies operating in the field of Tours and Travel. The list provides Uganda Tour operators or Uganda tour firms. Many of these listed below offer Gorilla Safaris, birding safaris and other tours to the National Parks.

Find a list of tourism companies in Uganda, or tour firms for adventure tourist travel and safaris.

Insight Safari Holidays
Ancient Africa Safaris
Africa Tours Adventure
Wild Discoveries Safaris
Kori Safaris
Encounter Africa Safaris Ltd
Oree Safaris
Mission Africa Safaris
Intare Safaris
Gorilla Tours Uganda
Safaris With Jon
Tales Of Africa Safaris
Gecko Safaris
Africa Big Six
F&M Adventure Safaris
Gorilla Safari Rwanda
Gorilla Tracking Africa
Primates Safaris Rwanda
Travel Hemispheres Safaris
Twist Africa
Gorilla Bookings Ltd
Focus East Africa Tours
Adyeri Creations
Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours
Jungle Memories
Adventure in The Wild Safaris
Safaris Rwanda
Wild Gorilla Safaris
Achieve Global Safaris
Kisoro Tours Uganda
GoExplore Safaris
MuAfriKa Adventures
Africa Nature Trekkers
Gorillaland Adventures
Maranatha Tours & Travel
Africa Adventure Vacations
Gorilla Uganda Safaris
Pamoja Safaris Uganda
Uganda Gorillas Safari
Engabi Tours & Travel
Alpha Wild Safaris
Lets Go Tours Rwanda
Congo Gorilla Safaris Tours
Wild Whispers Africa Safaris
Gorilla Safari Consultants
Adventures To Gorilla Africa
Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation
Rwanda Safari Africa
Roots Tours and Travel
Uzuri Uganda Safaris
Wild Uganda Safaris

The Operators Above provide the following: Uganda Safari adventure Uganda honey moon safari Customized safaris to Uganda Uganda Safari Planning Vacation offers Luxury Safaris to Uganda Uganda Safari Vehicles Travel Requirements Uganda Tour Operators Uganda’s unique nature and exceptional endowment has increased the variety of visitor/tourist-associated activities that include mountaineering, sports fishing, bird watching, tracking Mountain Gorillas in Kidepo and the Impenetrable Bwindi National Parks, in addition to marveling at the scenic countryside.

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So as to have a properly designed, successful and rewarding safari or adventure holiday in Uganda, it necessitates that you recognize a travel agency/tour operator within the country. Majority of the safari agents in Uganda have good experience in organizing all types of expedition trips or touring itineraries. They operate complete tours to mountains, historical sites and Uganda’s National Parks. Majority or probably all tour operators greatly consider their client’s budget which will mainly influence/ suggest the accommodation facilities you will occupy while on your safari/tour. The register agents might provide tours across most of Africa’s renowned tourist destinations/sites. It is therefore crucial that you plan your safari with a registered and bona fide operator like the ones listed under this article.

On deciding your preferred destination, then you decide on whether you will travel privately or require a tour operator. Most experienced travelers usually use travel agents although some people may opt to plan their tour by themselves. Below are some things to consider while choosing whether or not to use travel agent. Advantages Comfort As you enjoy your trip, it is better that someone else caters for the other particulars. You choose the tour itinerary, pay a travel agent and then sit back and relax as the travel agent deals with airways, hotel manager, busmen and other local guides. All that will be required of you is to arrive in time at your departure point with your luggage. Price Large travel agents utilize savings-of-scale. They posses purchasing power with airlines, ground-transporting services and hotels.

Some of these economies are available for you. Worry-Free Travel You guide/travel agent will be concerned with handling all resulting troubles like language barriers or transit strikes. Troubles are usually uncommon since the travel agents have pre-planned your trip and have possibly guided the same trip a number of times before. Social Opportunities Meeting and interacting with new people is fun and exhilarating. Many trips are usually comprised of intentional social interactions. You can reach odd or overcrowded destinations.

Learning Experiences Disadvantages Pre-planned trips One man’s meat is another’s poison. A number of travelers rather to visit destinations at their personal footstep. They like the flexibility of private trips. So if you are such a traveler who would prefer to visit sites independently, then services provided by tour agents won’t be a necessary for you. Travel agents’ plans don’t include natural attractions so you cannot suddenly go into an attractive shop/restaurant. Health Concerns Lack of free or personal time Personality or behavioral Conflicts Conspicuousness Schedule Issues


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