Uganda Hair Products and Accessories

How can I have a Hair extreme Make over in Uganda?

It’s a dream come true for every woman to look attractive and beautiful, they will do whatever it takes to have a great appearance. Hair is something that every woman is so conscious about. However much women put on expensive clothes and perfect makeup, if hair is not well done, they will not feel confident about themselves. Some woman does not have time to look after their hair well and yet what it takes is to have the right hair products. The products are available on the markets and for all types of hair for example dry, frizzy and many others. Don’t just visit a salon without any idea of what type of hair product is good for your hair. If you are not sure, you ask your hair specialist or search on the internet for the best hair products. Once the right hair products are used, you will have the best hair and every woman will ask you where you did your hair from.

What should I consider while choosing the hair products to use on my Hair?

Hair products such as conditioners and shampoo have a good smell, as they wash your hair with these products you will feel more calm and relaxed. The hair dresser massages your head and the whole process is just wonderful. What makes my hair beautiful is that i use hair products like pureology and Paul Mitchell Tea Tree, they are costly but with the best results. Try using these products and you will never look back. With this generation, women are coloring hair; they want to look attractive and a bit younger. Truth be told, this idea is great although you must get a hair specialist who can surely do it well. Look for conditioners and shampoo that will protect the color in your hair, they are those products that are designed for that particular purpose. Believe me your hair will stay longer than what you expected, it will hurt you so much if you spend your money on coloring your hair and within no time it fades because of the certain conditioner or shampoo that you used. I still emphasis pureology as the best hair products but those women with less money may use Biolage, it’s a good color care product. The best way to know that this hair products works for me is by trying different products, through this you will stick to one. Some women think that when they use expensive hair products, they have the best hair. This is not true, cheap products that can also do wonders. All you have to do is to spend some amount of money on the product assigned to your hair to make you feel good and confident about yourself. The best place to buy from your hair products is the salon, you will be advised on what is good for you and still get something genuine. Purchasing from the retail shops may not give you the best results this is because they will ill-advise you on a certain product as the best and yet it will just damage your hair. As you are in a salon, you may ask your hair dress to explain what difference is between products. The discussion will be interesting and by the time you live the salon, you may have learnt a lot about different hair products. Any hair stylist will be glad to answer any questions asked by the customer. Hair care products come in different collections and some are specialty products meant for demanded hair. Depending on the type of hair you have, the stylist will give you a product that will suit your hair and still make it regain its growth. By just getting the textures and length of hair, they will advise on what styling products to use for your hair. Natural hair products are the best for any kind of hair; it gives you an attractive and perfect look. Retail stores have all kinds of hair products which may not be the case with all salons. Purchasing a product from a shop may be easier and cheaper than a salon although you may not get a genuine product from the shop. They usually duplicate these products and that is why they damage people’s hair. Kind request goes to all women to take time and buy from salons; they may be expensive but have the right products for your hair. This will give you the confidence you need to appear great and gorgeous.

A directory to Dealers in Hair Products and Accessories in Uganda

AMK Salon 57 Nasser Road 2890,Kampala Kampala 077-2403838

Swiss Cut

2A John Babiiha Avenue (Former Acacia) Kololo Kampala Kampala

041-4236655, 077-2505750

Trends Salon

Yusuf Lule Road Garden City 3rd Floor 11950,Kampala Kampala


Salon Ultra

Jinja Road Game / Shoprite Lugogo 29452,Kampala Kampala


Sparkles Salon

Yusuf Lule Road Garden City 29452,Kampala Kampala

041-4237805, 071-2488367

New Alternatives Saloon

35 Kampala Road Amadinda House Kampala Kampala

078-2348100, 077-2655559

Lords & Lady’s Salon

2 Parliament Avenue Jumbo Plaza 25824,Kampala Kampala

041-4503057, 077-2430403

Wild Growth Hair Oil

8 Luwum Street 25574,Kampala Kampala

077-2462706, 041-4343538

Aisha Beauty Parlour

3 Cooper Road Kisementi – Kololo 7285,Kampala Kampala

041-4344366, 041-4254526

Makula Beauty Salon

Mawanda Road 30587,Kampala Kampala


Mario & Nash

36 Kanjokya Street Kamwokya Kampala Kampala