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Hair salons

At a certain time of the month, we all need to pamper ourselves and head out to a salon to treat your hair, nails or just do a massage. When it is Hair, there are many hair salons at the corner of every street claiming to offer style, class and comfort. Nevertheless, we have heard many stories a time about bad hair days at salons!
Women are often left confused in choosing the right hair salon since all salon offer the same services and products. Men are neither relaxed nor anxious about their styles and salons where they get their hair cuts or locks made. Before you choose a hair salon to go to consider some tips here;

How do I ensure hygiene and Cleanliness in a salon?

Hygiene and cleanliness are very crucial in the business of salons and spas. Does the salon give you a relaxing and soothing ambiance? How are the stylish and staff dressed? Dispensers and sterilizing equipment are very important in the salon business…without these bacteria and skin infections are likely to spread fast. These and many more tips give an insight into the kind of service offered. We recommend hair salons with friendly atmosphere-cleans floors, exotic salon décor and separate section for men and women.

Honestly, salons offer the same service but the difference comes in with the equipment and tools used. In creating the exotic ambiance for salon customers, salon owners should look at comfortable chairs, hair dryers, blow dyers, sinks, trolleys, mirrors, curling irons, sprays and more. Having more items than one boosts the number of clients that visit the salon and the services offered. Fashionable equipment may keep customers coming back for more salon treats. Remember that spacious salon are great work places the arrangement of such equipment should create enough space for clients and stylists,
Professionalism is important in any business and so it to salons. Hair stylists should be very creative and receptive to the latest trends in the business such as hair color, men’s hair cut, extensions and braiding among others. Salons should be able to stock professional hair products and also assemble a number of professional hair stylists to reduce the time clients wait in salon for a hair do and advise clients on hair related problems. Satisfied customers normally revisit and recommend the salon to other possible clientele. This is the only way to beat the intense competition in the hair salon business.
Having these services and more is no good without a marketing strategy. Hair salon marketing helps introduce your business to more clients all over the world. Many salons are content with just a banner and recommendation to new clients from usual customers. Advertising online or through media provide insight into the service you provide. You can also feature some of the famous clients and celebrities in your marketing strategy. Some clients are trendy and would like to associate with the celebrities while others want to see the Hair salon equipment before they visit.
The experience you get in a salon is very important in choosing the Hair salon and this often reflects in the elegant look, hair growth and texture. Look out for such indicators before you consider moving to another Hair salon in the neighborhood!

A directory to Hair salons in Uganda

Delta Barbers and Unisex
Plot 45 Ben Kiwanuka Street
Box 15232 Kampala
Elijow Unisex
Plot 7 Channel Street
Box 9915 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 254311
Executive Services
Plot 1 Dewinton Road
Box 5812 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 343096
Harona Beauty Parlour
Box 4449 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 285328
Jacque H.D Salon-Bridal Wear
Plot 159 Bombo Road
Box 5148 Kampala
Jesha Beauty Sacon
Joka Braiding Centre
Bugolobi Market
Mob:256 75 655243
Lady Charlotte
Equatoria Shop No 1
Box 34 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 250780
Salon Delight Nakulabye
Hoima Road
Box 22402 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 533030
Salon Ambience
Plot 9 to 10 Dewinton Road
Box 30750 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 256938

Destre Barber Show and Salon
Masaka Road Nateete Kampala
Mob:..256 77 497022
Dina’s Beauty System
Plot 3 to 5 Bombo Road
Emka Kampala
Mob:..256 77 509192
Dynasty Unisex Salon
Tank Hill Road Muyenga
Box 25452 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 269917
Hair Creations
Plot 37-39 William Street
Hotel Equatoria Arcade
Tel:..256 41 255130
Hair Plus Unisex Salon
Plot 160 New Taxi Park
Box 1746 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 285328s
Kitty’s Bridal Salon and Boutique
Plot 42 Kampala Road
Box 21331 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 348306
Precious Moments Salon
Plot 78 Ben Kiwanuka Street
Box 24015 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 255356
Precise Moments Salon
Plot L033 Martin Road
Box 1746 Kampala
Tel:..256 41 341711

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