Uganda Leather Products

How can I Take care of my leather products;clothes,bags and jackets?

Leather clothes and lingerie can remain good looking for many years. It is Rather important that you keep in mind the key issues of protecting your leather.
Being a natural skin, leather will definitely mold if it is not well exposed to air. For that reason avoid storing leather products in air tight containers or plastic bags. It is rather recommended the you properly hung in a we’ll aerated environment and the cover it with a small clothe to keep dust away.  Hanging the item on the hung will enable the item remain in shape. If it gets wrinkled, use an iron but a very low heat. It is not good to use steam and remember to put a cloth between the iron and the leather material while ironing to avoid over heating the garment.
Fortunately most of the dry cleaners provide professional cleaning services for leather items. You can use their services in case your item has stains or requires deep cleaning.  You can use saddle soap to clean your items while at home. You may decide to use leather-polish to polish the garment to give it a new appearance. And to wipe away any dust, use a  damp light cloth. Remember never at any time expose your garment to excessive wetness or even use a washing machine.

In case your leather items ever get wet, hang them to allow it dry in the air but not exposure to heat. On drying, apply leather conditioner to ensure that it remains strong. If you are sure that your leather garment will get wet, then as a preventative measure, use a water repellant on it.
Having a leather garment in your wardrobe is an added feature because such clothing can be worn in all seasons of the year. Being a breathable fabric if worn it is not over hot in summer and during the cold weather will certainly provide you with the adequate heat you require. If properly taken good care of, the leather garment will appear new for years.

A directory to Companies that deal in leather products in Uganda;shoes,bags,clothes

Leather Industries Uganda Ltd.

Kampala Kampala

041-4258194, 041-4230288

Training & Common Faculity Centre – Crane Shoes

87 6th Street 1307,Kampala Kampala

041-348476, 077-2409021

Bata Shoe Company (U) Ltd.

92/94 5th Street Industrial Area 422,Kampala Kampala

041-4233517, 041-4235440

SWT Tanners Ltd.

M566 Ntinda Industrial Area 24610,Kampala Kampala


Leather Industries Uganda Ltd.

M74 Nyanza Road Fisherman’s Point 388,Jinja Jinja