Uganda Garment Designers and Manufacturers

Who are behind the garment industry in Uganda?

Garments in Kampala, Jinja, Entebbe and Mbarara
Who manages the garments industry? The 2 major determinants of the market demand are the consumer preferences and the related manufacturing costs. A garment company being profitable depends on its operational efficiency plus the ability to make good business deals with the marketers of clothes including those that are in the whole sale or the retail cloth selling business. So as to effectively compete in this industry the business requires skilled as well as intensive labor so as to out compete larger companies in the industry.

How the Apparel Industry works?

How is ownership licensed in the manufacturing and marketing of popular designs in Uganda?

Various skills plus equipment are required to produce various clothes, however, manufacturers specialize in producing one to two types of clothes. On the other hand there are several cloth manufacturers of clothes. Integrated manufactures not only make clothes but also go ahead to produce garment at their manufacturing plant and also market their brand product. The licenses posses the manufacturing plant s although they market the manufactured product following a license from the brand owner. Also available are Contract Manufacturers who make clothes following contracts from private designers. The designers go ahead to market their finished clothing without the help of manufacturer. All Apparel manufacturers look for their markets where they sell the finished garments after making a good overview of the Garments, Apparel and Clothing industry.

What the Apparel Manufacturers do?

The procedures that most of the Apparel manufacturers follow are almost similar. To begin with are the designs of the clothes they make. Their fabric is folded into sample patterns which with the assistance of computers they form the graphical illustrations. Usually the manufactures trim the clothes according to their general sizes that they estimate to be fitting majority of the population.  Workers at the various sewing plants then sew the finishes on the clothes. These finished clothing/garments are well pressed and inspected before they are packaged to be delivered. The whole process of making clothes is quite exciting.
Having learned about the entire process involved in the clothing and garment processing industry, I will not be surprised if many decide to begin manufacturing clothing themselves.  Nevertheless this business has become a favorite to many entrepreneurs today. It is a very wise decision to start up your personal line of clothing in this booming business.

Garment/Clothes Manufacturing companies in Uganda;Directory

Christex Garment Industry

484 Old Kira Road Bukoto 3309,Kampala Kampala

041-4531736, 075-2231736

Sigma Knitting Industries Ltd.

38 – 40 Oboja Road 2140,Jinja Jinja

043-4121131, 071-2721133

Super Garments Industry Ltd.

29 Rutembe Road Naguru Kampala Kampala


Asiatic Garments Industries

34 Bukoto Street Kamwokya 120,Kampala Kampala

041-4230236, 041-4232037

RTM Fashion Out Fitters

225 Sentema Road 71623,Kampala Kampala


Uganda Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors Ltd.

51/53 Nkrumah Road Former Cloud’s House 25458,Kampala Kampala

041-4342871, 078-2887730

Atom Garment Designers

932-13 Entebbe Road Najjanankumbi (Qtr Zone) 23126,Kampala Kampala


Kwera Ltd.

513 Bombo Road Kalule Zone-Kawempe 359,Kampala Kampala

041-4566532, 031-2103688, 075-2649054

Phenix Logistics (U) Ltd.

100 – 102 5th Street Industrial Area 4378,Kampala Kampala