Uganda Footwear Dealers and Manufacturers

Shoe designing and the shoe trend in Uganda

The good thing regarding designer footwear is it takes the most current trend which the clients would always want to see in their best store. Top designers such as Vibram five finger shoes or Thierry Rabotin shoes always satisfy the buyer’s style and choice. Toy can either visit specialty or departmental stores to get a wide assortment of shoes that meet your needs. Such websites ease the possibility of consumers to place orders and receive their shipment as early as 24 hours later.
Regardless of the buyers’ preference ranging from sports footwear and formal footwear to the casual trekking shoes, there are countless varieties that can overwhelm and confuse the clients as they look for that which they exactly need. If you get a right price, feel free to buy more than a single pair.

Buying a  Trendy and fashionable  shoe versus a comfortable one in Uganda

Some people actually prefer purchasing a comfortable pair than one which is fashionable. The footwear on today’s market offers a wide assortment of styles that are not only comfortable but also stylish, thus catering for those with foot problems. Fortunately footwear designers have availed all designs of shoes both online and in the local stores in your area. The latest types of footwear are usually first seen with renowned athletes and celebrities, in addition to those featured in fashion magazines. If you are aware of the brand name of the footwear, you can easily find the product online and be able to easily purchase it.

Luckily, the footwear industry has tremendously grown with the recent year. There are several designs on the market from which you can make your choice be it for an adult or a toddler. It is normal for family members to have in their closet several pairs. Good enough even athletes has many designs from which they can choose, for instance there are many colors and designs that soccer players can choose from.
Footwear shopping has of late become much easier. There are so many stores online to take the overwhelming client orders.  You can place an order for whatever type of shoe, model or brand of your choice and they will certainly deliver your product according to your recommendation and convenience. Uniquely global footwear chains have also emerged.  You can always provide foot measurements and the store will make all necessary arrangements for return to them the product in case it does not fit well. There are more benefits if you are to make purchases in bulk. Also several stores are available online that deal in specialty products only. For instance mothers searching for baby shoes you can always surf the internet to find an assortment of these.  Furthermore there is a wide selection of footwear to cater for all family members and these can be got on either the internet or the local stores at very reasonable prices.

A directory to shoe manufacturers and shoe stores in uganda

Rhino Footwear Ltd.

Kampala Kampala

041-4234000/1, 041-4233577

Amob Italian Shop

Kampala Kampala

077-2904254, 078-2339660

Alam Group of Companies

86/90 5th Street Industrial Area 4641,Kampala Kampala


Bata Shoe Company (U) Ltd.

92/94 5th Street Industrial Area 422,Kampala Kampala

041-4233617, 041-4236440