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How are Curtains,Fabrics and House designs done In Uganda?

Curtains have become a very vital item used by many to block light and for privacy. Many people are not only using them at home but also in offices to craft a fashion statement and add beauty to their environment. Unlike before, people are increasingly becoming conscious of interior design and for that reason many are pleasuring in decorating their homes or space using up to date designs & colors. Many spend lots of time surfing the internet as they search for interior design related documents so as to get ideas of how to best cater for their personal space.

There is vast information and guidelines to consider when choosing curtains to purchase for your home. The main reason why people purchase curtains is to block the sunlight during the day and for privacy particularly in the night. For that reason knowing the position in which your home is located and the effect of the sun on it will help you a lot. The most important guideline/tip is to choose curtains that enhance the window plus the room other than taken those that are extravagant and kill the entire beauty. To enhance the style and beauty of your room, compliment it with curtains that have a resemblance that will definitely make your room lively and comfortable. In other words, if you room has less sunlight entering that makes it appear dark, opt for bright colored fabric curtains so as to make the room livelier.On the other hand, if your room has too much light , use heavy bodied curtains whose fabric has a strong resistance against fading. This will help you protect your furnisher together with the carpet from the long term effects of the sunlight.

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Color is a very important factor which is basically determined by the space you want to decorate. The color used clearly communicates the mood of the room, for instance if the room is where you do your private reading, have quite time or relax, it is wise to use dull colors that will relay the calm mood. In children’s rooms, and all room that are associated with fun, opt for bright colors which will certainly brighten up the mood. The design & color of the curtain fabric are important and should greatly be considered.  There are various curtain designs some for fun, tranquil or somber. Therefore before purchasing a curtain, have in mind what you exactly want and how you desire you room to look like.
Currently curtains stand to be the most renowned way to dress a window, in addition to blinds, stained glasses, or shutters.  Among these, users are free to choose the fabric design, style, color and the length as required by the room. So spare time to contemplate and plan on how you desire your space to look at before buying your curtains.

A Directory to Interior Designers in Uganda

Kitchen & Office Concepts Ltd.

15B 7th Street Industrial Area 7301,Kampala Kampala

041-4341200, 041-4341201

Lilyann Ltd.

3 – 5 Bombo Road Next to Sure House Emka House 9715,Kampala Kampala


Homes Ltd.

7 Nakasero Hill Road Nakasero 2186,Kampala Kampala

041-4348419, 041-4230292/321

Katumba Furniture & Construction (U) Ltd.

68/70 Jinja Road Lugogo Show Ground 6448,Kampala Kampala

Biplous (U) Ltd.

62 Kampala Road 2876,Kampala Kampala

041-4233611, 031-2262801

Nina Interiors Ltd.

41 Jinja Road Nina House 16388,Kampala Kampala

041-4251024/5, 041-4233379