Uganda Sweaters

Why wear  sweaters in Uganda?

Sweaters are a special type of clothing that specifically offers warmth plus style. Generally every ones wardrobe has a sweater that is made of either moderate or heavy material. The most common fiber used in manufacturing of sweaters is wool as it is not only soft but also supple. With the evolving fashion world, rayon kits and silk are also being used. Sweaters are manufactured in a variety of materials, styles and colors making the perfect choice for all season.

What are the different kinds and styles of sweaters in Uganda today?

There are several types of neckline designs manufactured to differentiate sweaters. The most favorite to shoppers are the v- shaped because they attract attention towards the face plus the neck region without exposing too much flesh. On wearing a collared shirt of different color under the V-shape sweater gives you a fresh and yet updated stylish look despite ones age.
Another type of sweaters are the off the shoulder sweater which greatly compliments one fashion regardless of the season. If you choose the right length of the sweater sleeve, it can cater for you in whatever season. Similar to the V-shaped, the off-shoulder sweaters expose a reason amount of flesh and can also be worn at work.
Previously believed to be the best garment for winter, the Cashmere Sweaters have turned out to a year-long option. These sweaters are usually manufactured in twos with a cardigan and the other a short sleeved/tank top. The double production is good for every season although they can be worn all together. The Cashmere sweaters are produced in several men’s designs.

Trendy and fashionable cardigans and sweaters in Uganda

Cardigans are now the most addition to one’s wardrobe. They are on the market in different colors and styles like the solid, button-up and the zippered. These can be worn on any outfit to give one warmth, comfort and layering, thus making them ideal for long journeys. They can be added on formal out fits or on informal fittings all depending on their designs.
So when buying a sweater the length of the sleeves will be a major determinant. Short sleeved sweaters are ideal for summer due to the heavier and additional nature so they can always be an extra to provide warmth. On the other hand long sleeved ones are not only worn during the freezing season but can also work if you are wearing light clothing underneath. For the moderate days, three-quarter-sleeves are a very ideal alternative. They are wonderful for individuals who are very conscious of their upper arms.
Sweaters are a wonderful clothing to invest in as they are never out dated as compared to other types of clothing.  Most sweaters are durable even this now and again changing fashion world that has several designs that are open to a wide range of body shapes and ages.

Makers of sweaters in Uganda;Directory to sweater making companies in Uganda

Southern Range Nyanza Ltd.

1025,Jinja Jinja


Sigma Knitting Industries Ltd.

38 – 40 Oboja Road 2140,Jinja Jinja

043-4121131, 071-2721133

Mukwano Industries (U) Ltd.

30 Mukwano Road Industrial Area 2671,Kampala Kampala

041-4313313, 031-2313313

Quality Uniform Supplies Ltd.

64 Bukoto Street 27162,Kampala Kampala


Kwera Ltd.

513 Bombo Road Kalule Zone-Kawempe 359,Kampala Kampala

041-4566532, 031-2103688, 075-2649054