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Where is the best Ice Cream in Uganda?

If there is anything exciting for kids is making different ice cream flavors at home. At their tender age, they like frozen treats which you can do at home than spending lots of money buying from shops. Ice cream can be made in all ways that pleases you and your kids, you can start by experimenting all kinds and from there you can get your own choice.

If you are looking for adventurous activities for kids, making ice cream must be part of the things to do. This will require someone to have an ice cream bag right from big to small. Ingredients that make ice cream are put in a small bag which is then inserted in the big one, other components added include rock salt and ice to bring out a yummy taste. Children are given time to shake the bag for around six minutes and the experience is exciting as when you are eating. The entire day is spent with your kids laughing and enjoying every moment of the process.

In the past, ice cream used to be made in a hand crank tub, when we talk about this; we remember so many fun activities that we used to do when we were little. We would fight for space in the freezer to have our tubs put. It would take about five hours to frozen and the taste used to be wonderful. The metal tub would be put in a big wooden tub overflowed with rock salt and ice, it was not something easily to do. With time it would harden and there after enjoy your own make of ice cream.

Currently ice makers have a story to tell, before they used ice and rock salt which is now not needed. With this advanced technology, all you have to do is to put the ingredients into the machine and have work done within no time. Making ice cream at home is so amazing and it brings you closer to your children. Back in the days, we could make ice cream on special occasions and it would work us out unlike today the process is so simple and ice cream can be eaten at anytime. Ice cream is now available in hotels and restuarants; this is because they have an ice cream maker that does work faster.

What do I need to make ice cream in the comfort f my home?

You may be wondering why surely one can spend time making home ice cream; this saves money more so if you have a big number of children at home. Take time and make your own yogurt and ice cream using your own electric machine the taste is the same like the gourmet flavors you purchase from shops. You may decide to use natural ingredients to have the best ice cream for your kids. Ice cream usually excites kids and if you want to make their day bright, give them a cup of ice cream and you will be friends forever.

Once you get the love of making ice cream at home, you will have many ideas on how to make the best flavour.You can purchase recipe booklets that will give you all the instructions to make something good for your kids. If not you may research online and get more recipes and still original ideas are welcome. Making ice cream is about having fun with kids.

Ice Cream Makers in Uganda

Rainbow Industries (U) Ltd.

110/112 7th Street Industrial Area 24608,Kampala Kampala


Sameer Agriculture & Livestock Ltd.(SALL)

49 – 53/55 5th Street Industrial Area 7078,Kampala Kampala


Jesa Farm Dairy Ltd.

210/212 Busunju 5961,Kampala Kampala


Steers, Debonair, Lubbobbo

14 Kampala Road Eagen House 27884,Kampala Kampala