Uganda Restaurants, Recipes and Dining in Uganda, Kampala Restaurants, Entebbe and Jinja

Uganda restaurants have the best services and they operate 24 hours. You will get what to eat at any time of the day or night. There are 5 star restaurants that serve both international and local foods to all clients that visit the place. Restaurants have affordable prices although they target overseas visitors who may stay longer. Other restaurants in Uganda include Indian, Japanese and Chinese. They have well stocked bars and their dinning rooms are so amazing. The environment is so favorable and the setting will make you relax and enjoy every bit of your stay in Uganda. Uganda offers a range of dishes ranging from continental, Italian, chinese, Ugandan, Indian and more. The finest restaurants in Uganda are located in Kampala which is the Capital City. Most restaurants have speciality in certain cuisines but can also handle other dishes using recipes from Uganda and other countries.

finest restaurant in uganda, Mateos

Cooking and Recipes in Uganda

Uganda is a very friendly place for travelers and tourists. Expect the same feeling when it comes to savoring the best of Uganda’s food from every tribe and parts in Uganda. Take a break from your home food and enjoy the delicacies prepared in many of Uganda’s restaurants.
There are many restaurants located in the different parts of Uganda. In Kampala there are plenty of five star restaurants at every hotel in Kampala preparing international cuisines and local foods like Matooke and Ground nut paste from Buganda region, sweet potatos and a variety of Uganda’s Vegetables. Do not be surprised to find some restaurants with Indian, Chinese, Lebanese and Turkish dishes on the Menu! Wines and soft drinks may be part of the menu
24/7 fast food points and take-ways are also delightful places to enjoy the best of Uganda’s cooking and get fast foods at all times of the day. Service at such points is quick and occasional get busy during the lunch hours and dinner times.
Many of the restaurants have relative food prices ranging between USD 2.5 and 50 USD depending on the location of the restaurant. Some restaurants have menus with price tag for different foods…this is good if you want to stay within your planned budget. You can as well ask for the food costs if they are not on the menu. Most restaurants in Uganda allow cash only
Be careful of the places where you dine in Uganda. Look out for some recommendation made by previous tourists on the restaurants by preferred while on their trips. What do the previous travelers have to say about the service, cleanliness, taste of foods, music and other details that come along.
Roadside meats and foods may not be clean enough to eat especially for halaal and vegetarians. If you to taste delicacies like Muchomo- a grilled meats mostly repaired by the roadside, try some recommended bars and hotels in our travel guide issued of the best restaurants in Uganda.

Chong Qing

2 Lumumba Avenue Simbamanyo House Kampala Kampala

041-4250242, 077-2985776

Steak Out

50 Lumumba Avenue Nakasero 33420,Kampala Kampala

071-2676460, 071-5290067, 071-5290075

Kati – Kati Africa Ltd.

16/18 Lugogo By Pass Lugogo 20085,Kampala Kampala

041-4236008, 077-6810350, 071-2810350

Explorer Restaurant (Kampala Serena Hotel)

16 – 20 Kintu Road Kampala Kampala


Selone Homes Ltd.

Munyonyo Road Kampala Kampala

041-4373465, 077-4359169

House of Olel Restaurant

25 Lumumba Avenue Kampala Kampala


New York Kitchen

Yusuf Lule Road Garden City Shopping Mall, Lower L ,Kampala Kampala


La Pizza Di Marco

Yusuf Lule Road Garden City Shopping Mall, Ground Kampala Kampala



William Street Equatoria Hotel Building Kampala Kampala


Ekitoobero Restaurant & Bar

40 Nakasero Road Near the Kenyan High Commission 9516,Kampala Kampala

041-4346834, 077-2498467

Plate Caf� Restaurant & Take Away

Kyagwe Road KPC Building 4453,Kampala Kampala

041-4535653, 077-2486729, 075-2738738

Nanjing Restaurant & Motel

15 Impala Avenue Kololo Kampala Kampala

041-4340928, 071-7588888

Food Paradise Chinese Restaurant

2 Katonga Road Nakasero (Near Fairway Hotel) 23930,Kampala Kampala


Yovani Hotel Ltd.

25 Namirembe Road 8540,Kampala Kampala


Nalongo’s Restaurant

Nkrumah Road Opp. Crane Engravers Kampala Kampala

078-2062798, 078-2062796

Little Ritz Africa Ltd.

Jinja Road UMA Show Ground Hoat Loaf House 4683,Kampala Kampala

031-2271463, 075-6022129

The Crocodile Caf� and Bar

21 Cooper Road Kisement 2769,Kampala Kampala


Just Kicking Sports Bar

5 Cooper Road 25820,Kampala Kampala

077-3734799, 077-3522965

Libya Hotel

Entebbe Road Entebbe Entebbe


Pavement Sizzles and Flames

Bugolobi Millenium Plaza 1571,Kampala Kampala


The Rose Restaurant

Nkrumah Road Opp. City Council Clinic Kampala Kampala

077-2665499, 077-7912691

Hencon Bar & Restaurant

87 Buganda Road 3508,Kampala Kampala


Seascallop Restaurant & Bar

Kira Road Next to Mariandina, Opp. Uganda Museum Kampala Kampala


Fang Fang Chines Restaurant

1 Colville Street Roof Terrace Communications Hous 6323,Kampala Kampala

041-4344806, 041-4340067, 031-2260681

Great Wall

21 Kampala Road Nakasero Kampala Kampala


Gately On Nile

34B Kisinja Road 130,jinja Jinja


Seventh Happiness

160 Tank Hill road Kabalagala Kampala Kampala


7Hills Revolving Restaurant

64 – 88 Yusuf Lule Road 22774,Kampala Kampala

041-4563500, 031-2302280

Colline Hotel Ltd.

26 Sekibobo Road Colline House 7,Kampala Kampala

041-4290240, 041-4251038, 039-2790212

Islands Club, Ssese Islands

Buggala Island Kalangala Ssese Ssese

041-4231386, 041-4250757


13 Parliament Avenue Kampala Kampala


U.P.M.B Guest House

877 Balintuma Road 4127,Kampala Kampala


Ethiopian Village Restaurant

70073,Kampala Kampala

041-4510378, 077-2623440

Indian Restaurant

3B Dewinton Road Opp. National Theatre Kampala Kampala

041-4236487, 077-2510145

Efendy’s Turkish Restaurant

Jinja Road Centenary Park Kampala Kampala

041-4374507, 077-2949793

Cardinal Nsubuga Leadership Training Centre (CANLET) – Nsambya

1539 Along Old Ggaba Road Next to American Embassy 11855,Kampala Kampala

041-4268871, 031-2111220

Fat Boyz Ltd.

7 Cooper Road Kisementi 71463,Kampala Kampala

041-4340380, 078-2482029

4-A Master Foods Restaurant & Takeaway

10 Namirembe Road New Taxi Park No. L107 Kampala Kampala


Angan Indian Restaurant

Nakumatt Oasis Mall 1st Floor Kampala Kampala


Eden Service Park

Bwaise Kampala Kampala


Caf� Ballet

34C Kyadondo Road Nakasero Kampala Kampala


China Plate (U) Ltd.

11 Cooper Road Kisemete 7409,Kampala Kampala


Kabira Country Club

63 Old Kira Road Bukoto 3676,Kampala Kampala


Krunchy Bites

321 Ggaba Road Aqua House 7119,Kampala Kampala


Antonio’s Grill

Kampala Road Pioneer Mall Kampala Kampala


Shahi Darbar Restaurant

3 Kintu Road Kampala Kampala

075-2895908, 070-2895908, 075-3539023

Le Pizziera

Bugolobi Next to Shell – Bugolobi 26672,Kampala Kampala

077-2956882, 075-2691454

Tiptone Hotel

Tank Hill Muyenga, Opp. Woine Garage Kampala Kampala

041-4668799, 077-7912107


William Street Zainab Aziza Building, 1st Floor Kampala Kampala

041-4234472, 077-2506333

Choma Espresso Bar & Restaurant

Jinja Road Centerary Park Kampala Kampala

Pizzeria Mammamia

Speke Hotel Kampala Kampala

041-4346340, 077-2630211

Joy African Restaurant

1 Clement Hill Road 5157,Kampala Kampala
041-4230565, 077-2579757

Wasabi Japanese Restaurant

7531 Muyenga Block 244 Kampala Kampala

078-2616845, 070-2777700

Arirang Korean Restaurants

15A Kyadondo Road Nakasero 12361,Kampala Kampala

041-4346777, 070-3788855

China Palace

3 Pilkington Road Kampala Kampala


Sheraton Kampala Hotel

1 Ternan Avenue Nakasero Sheraton Kampala Hotel 7041,Kampala Kampala

t041-4420000, 031-2322460


38 Buganda Road 7420,Kampala Kampala

041-4253862, 071-2578676

House of Sea Foods

3 Cooper Road Kisementi Kampala Kampala

041-4343156, 075-2694835

Squires Guest House

13 Kiswa Road Bugolobi 12883,Kampala Kampala


China Town

39 Shimon Road Nakasero Kampala Kampala


The Source of Life Resource Caf�/Craft Shop

20 Main Street 243,Jinja Jinja

043-4120911, 077-2687554

Abuja Restaurant and Bar

Kampala Road Fido Dido Building Upstairs 33847,Kampala Kampala

039-2857525, 078-2347386

Dominos Pizza and Restaurants

13A Kampala Road Opp. Orient Bank Head Office Amad 21206,Kampala Kampala

041-4251513, 041-4234891, 071-2366466

The Pyramids Casino & Restaurant

7A Yusuf Lule Road 7832,Kampala Kampala

041-4235082, 041-4234840

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant & Club

Centenary Park Kampala Kampala

041-4232890, 077-4826106

St. Anthony Restaurant

22 Lumumba Avenue 5590,Kampala Kampala


The Mist Bar

Kampala Serena Hotel Kampala Kampala

031-2309000, 041-4309000

The Cheese Bar and Restaurant

56 Lumumba Avenue Nakasero 26158,Kampala Kampala

078-2414906, 078-2335211, 078-2316993

Makie’s-2 Restaurant & Bar

37/9 Clement Hill Road Hill View Apartments Kampala Kampala

077-6446202, 078-2446202, 070-1446202

Ninaz City Restaurantq

Christ the King Church Kampala Kampala

071-2224036, 070-2240536

INNSCOR (U) Ltd. (Mateo’s)

13A Parliament Avenue / Kampala Road Cargen House 26599,Kampala Kampala


Texas Club

Nsambya Road Ave Maria Kampala Kampala

041-4371114, 039-2948051

Sports Caf�

4 Kampala Road Crown House 37599,Kampala Kampala

031-2371300, 077-2499816

Mamba Point Ltd.

22 Akii Bua Road Nakasero 7815,Kampala Kampala

031-2563000, 077-2243225, 077-2743227

Mamba Point Ltd.

22 Akii Bua Road Nakasero 7815,Kampala Kampala

031-2563000, 077-2243225, 077-2743227

Faze 2

10 Nakasero Road Nakasero Kampala Kampala

039-2700815, 077-2345808

Le Chateau Restaurant

Ggaba Road Nsambya Quality Hill Shopping Mall 12721,Kampala Kampala


New City Annex Hotel

7 Dewinton Road Opp. National Theatre Kampala Kampala

041-4254132, 077-3045920

African Buffet Restaurant

3 Kimathi Avenue Pan Africa House Kampala Kampala


Fairway Hotel

1 Kafu Road Opp. Kampala Golf Course 4595,Kampala Kampala

041-4259571, 041-4259572

7 Seasons Hotel Kitintale

27756,Kampala Kampala

041-4378965, 077-2446619

Plate Cafe Restaurant & Take Away

109 Bukoto Street Kamwokya Kampala Kampala

Katch the Sun

3 Bandali Rise Bugolobi Kampala Kampala


Silver City Spurs Restaurant

Yusuf Lule Road Golf Course Hotel Kampala Kampala


Shanghai Restaurant

Ternan Avenue Opp. Sheraton Hotel Kampala Kampala

041-4236213, 077-2222616

Masala Restaurant

3B Dewinton Road Opp. National Theatre 72536,Kampala Kampala

041-4236487, 077-2510145

Pearl of Africa Restaurant (Kampala Serena Hotel)

16 – 20 Kintu Road Kampala Kampala


 Cooking and Recipes in Uganda

Uganda Food

If you have not tasted Uganda food, you are missing out on something delicious. When we talk about Africa as a continent, we rank with the best recipes. Below is a guideline that will help you prepare the best Ugandan traditional food.

What makes Uganda food the best is that it’s in plenty, whichever place  you will visit you will be welcomed by fresh food for instance yellow bananas, fruits of all kinds, pastes as well as stews. People have to toured different countries in Africa but they all conclude that Uganda has the best food. Besides the dressing code, lauguage and the way of life. Uganda’s culture is well known for its big collection of dishes. At meal time you are served with different kinds of foods that make up the balanced diet.Chickennat is a must on every dish.

The most interesting thing about Ugandans is the fact that different tribes have a particular food they enjoy eating, if you visit the hotels you may not experience the traditional dishes of the local people. For instance in Buganda, people eat matooke, Bakiga eat Irish potatoes and many more. Visit the local restaurants and if possible some homes of residents, you will enjoy the best dishes served. It’s rare to find a home that has prepared one type of food; it’s a tradition for them to prepare all kinds of food like yams, sweet potates, vegetables and many others. Try tasting luwombo you will love the Baganda culture because it’s their best food served.

Ugandan Respected Recipes

The 5 star hotels or classy restaurants prepare the traditional dishes that are served as buffet, truth be told it’s not up to the standards of the locally prepared food. They put in various spices that tend to change the taste of the food to something international.Traditonal dishes are prepared by people who have enough time to follow everything as its supposed to be done, they respect culture as they prepare food. Cassava and banana are served at lunch time. Big hotels will try but won’t give you the best of the traditional food.

One famous local dish that is eaten by every Ugandan is matooke,its accompanied by peanut source with a mixture of roasted meat or fresh fish well prepared to make you enjoy your dish.Baganda have away they prepare this meal, its tied up in many banana leaves put into the sauce pan and then on fire for longer hours. When served, it has the best taste.

How to fold Uganda Traditional Luwombo

When it gets to that stage when it’s tender, the top is uncovered and compressed to get a silky soft as well as golden yellow mash. It is served with the banana leaves to keep it warm and delicious. In Buganda, there is so much attachment to the banana tree. All food is prepared in banana leaves to make meaning in Uganda.

Luwombo is prepared by using the tender banana leaves, they are first put on fire to get the best foil leaves that can give a good scent to the food prepared.Beef, pork or chicken is tied in small bundles of banana leaves put into the pan and there after covered with many other banana leaves. It’s given some time for it to get ready.

The type of cooking, preserves the recipes and the smell is appetizing, it’s more like a pressure cooker although you can’t compare the two because food in luwombo is in its own world.Matooke is wrapped in the dry banana leaves for steaming.

Slips of the banana leaves are first put into the pan to create a good bottom, this is because we don’t the boiling water to get so close to the matooke for we want it steamed the banana leaves are to preserve the moisture and enable the bananas turn color from white to yellow. Due to the many lakes and rivers that Uganda is gifted, the local people can enjoy different kinds of fish as the main source for the food prepared.

Plantain Cake on Ugandan Dining Table

Different cultures in Uganda have their own way of enjoying fish, some will have it smoked or fresh. There are some tribes that don’t eat fish for instance banyankole,bayima and some baganda clans. There are some parts of Uganda that enjoy the smoked fish, they first wash it and have it sun dried. Its the best dish for the eastern people.

Apart from the big fish, we also have small fish locally called mukene and nkejje, they are so nutritious and good for child growth. Its sun dried and well prepared with peanut. The flavor is so appetizing and with a nutritious value that will benefit the whole family. These can be got from supermarkets and some are with mixed with soya beans to provide energy to the growing children.

Lake Victoria has a variety of all Fish but most common is the Nile Perch, it’s one of the best fish dishes to have for lunch. There are the majorities and easily accessed in the lake. Well prepared Nile perch with matooke is such a wonderful meal.

Some Ugandans don’t like because it has a strange smell that will surround the atmosphere when preparing and yet it’s the major exporter to Europe. Such countries love natural foods and are willing to spend any coin to have the best. It has developed Uganda’s economy. Variety of the local fish tend to settle in the lake to the pleasure of many Ugandans, they would prefer the Nile perch getting over in the lake and they stay with other kinds.

Tilapia is another type of fish liked by many people, its served in many hotels and restaurants.Its fried and served with either cassava or chips, its locally called Ngege and if you get a chance to taste this you will enjoy the delicacy.

Uganda is well known for its various types of vegetables for instance dodo,nsuigga ,nakati and many others. They are prepared in a separate banana leaf and have to be well washed, they are steamed along with the matooke.Mushrooms just grow anyway; they are nice if prepared with Gnuts.Some are sun dried whereas others are eaten fresh. It’s also good for child growth. There is a type of mushroom called kabaala, it’s delicious and quite expensive in markets. It’s also used for various occasions like rituals particularly in the Buganda culture. The Bagishu are located in the Eastern part of Uganda, they have a vegetable called amaleeewa, its their best dish. Way of preparation is that, its first boiled then sun dried. It’s usually prepared with G nuts and every food is served with this dish.

In the western part of Uganda  among the Batooro,Bakiga , Banyankole and some part of the northeastern region like Langi,Alur and Acholi take millet flour as their best dish. The milled flour may be of cassava or millet, its well prepared with heavy paste and many Ugandans love it. Its quick to prepare and has all the nutrients good for the body. Its best served with smokes meat. In the past hunters used to run after animals and if they caught one, they would roast it on bush fire and enjoy the taste of bush animals. In the northern region, their smoked beef is well dressed with milled sim sim paste along with bitter vegetables. It produces a good flavour and it’s tasty. People in the eastern region add tamarind fruit to preserve it.

Uganda and Baganda Luwombo Cooking in Bananan Leaves

Sorghum is a common crop among tribes that live in the northeastern region; this is because the climate favors its growth than any other crop. In the Western part of Uganda, their sauce is mixed with cow butter to get something delicious and that will make the meal enjoyable. Nubians are good cooks, they mix the green vegetables with okra fry them with oil and pour in the meat. This makes the thick sauce that will make any food tasty. Chili sauce is made by mixing red hot pepper with grounded leaves of mangoes.

Meat stew is prepared thick and served with cassava that is roasted over a light fire. The cassava bread is more like the njera of Ethiopia that matches well with seasoned sauce with a little mix of pepper. Just a taste will make you sit and enjoy more food. The Bahima of western Uganda are not good eaters of meat like the karamajong.They keep many cows but only interested in milk and other products. Their best dish is millet bread,matooke and beans whereas the Batooro enjoy peeled off beans that is well mashed to make a thick  paste, ghee is added to make it tasty.

Fruits as a supplement of Uganda food

In Uganda food is accompanied by any fruit of your choice, these are in plenty and include sweet bananas, lemons, paw paws, tangerines, avocados, mangoes as well as jack fruits. Some bananas are mixed with sorghum flour to make local brew that is enjoyed by the local people. Sugar canes and other berries include pineapples and guavas.

All markets in Uganda have different kinds of fruits although the most accessible is Nakasero market.Its the main center for all food crops and from here; some are exported to other countries. Fruit production in Uganda is not well advanced like other countries, hybridized fruits are hard to find although some apples are being grown in Kabala because of the favorable climate.

South Africa and Kenya have temperate fruits that are also easily discovered in Uganda. Our local fruits are the best to adventure with, they are juicy and tasty however small it may look it has the best quantity. Different seasons bring about different types of fruits. This is noticed by the roadside and the fruits that are sold every way. Please don’t get excited and forget to wash the fruit you are going to eat. Enjoy Uganda’s fruits at any season of the year.

Uganda is come to nearly 20 different tribes and each of these tribes has its own traditional food. Many of the dishes may not differ as much but the cooking does have a few changes. Nevertheless, Uganda is a diverse food basket and there is no reason to give for not tasting the different dishes while in     Uganda.
Each of Uganda’s dishes has a touch of Arab and English roots mostly in the recipes and the spices used. Uganda was in the past flocked by many people from the Arabia, Europe, Far East and India. This is the one reason that many of the foods such as plantain, potatoes, vegetables and spices grown have roots from all these parts of the world!
So what makes Uganda’s food unique? From central Uganda are the Bantu tribes such as Baganda, Banyoro, Basoga and Ankole but all these have different ways of preparing delicacies like Matooke (plaintain) the staple food for many tribes. Often Matooke is served with sauces like ground nut paste, dried, smoke and fresh fish, beef, beans, peas, chicken and other soup. Most recipes with matooke as the main course are accompanied with other foods like sweet potato, irish potato, rice, posho, vegetables and greens grown from Uganda’s gardens.
The luwombo is a special dish for chicken, beef, ground nut paste or eggs steamed is banana leaves. The aroma is great and authentic for true Ugandan Cooking. Boiled or fried, Uganda’s food is a great taste and mouth watering. The recipes are easy to prepare with almost the same guidelines for each of them-as long as you have the ingredients you need the most.
When it comes to international cuisines and dining, there are restaurants with trained chef. The spices may be different but the taste of dishes from France, England, Italy, China, Lebanon and Indian will be great anyway. Remember Ugandan cooking is easy, less spices and not so hot with chilies!

Chinese Restaurants in Uganda Kampala