Uganda Mineral Water, Bottled Water in Uganda, Rwenzori, Highland, Aqua Sipi, Wavah and Riham

Guide and Directory to Mineral Water distributors in Uganda

Century Bottling Company Ltd. (Coca Cola)

3990 Kampala



Century Bottling Company Ltd. (Coca Cola)

Jinja Road Namanve 3990,Kampala Kampala


N.C. Beverages Ltd.

84 Bombo Road Kawempe 7861,Kampala Kampala

041-4566975, 039-2766975, 077-2404018

Crown Beverages Ltd. (Pepsi)

M214 Jinja Road Nakawa Industrial Area 20021,Kampala Kampala

031-2343100-4, 031-2343219

Hema Beverages Ltd.

923 Bwaise – Kalerwe Road Bwaise Block 208 71198,Kampala Kampala

Hariss International Ltd.

83 Bombo Road Kawempe 24972,Kampala Kampala

041-4567057, 075-5202010

Harris International (U) Ltd.

83 Bombo Road 24972,Kampala Kampala


Aqua Coolers Ltd

M-264 Ntinda Industrial Area 24593,Kampala Kampala


Wavah Water Ltd.

Jinja Road Lugogo Show Ground Wavah Building 10,Kampala Kampala

031-2100221, 041-4220889

House of Eden (U) Ltd. (Azur Pure Balanced Water)

128 6th Street Industrial Area 11255,Kampala Kampala


Rwenzori Beverage Co. Ltd.

588 – 592 Jinja Road Namanve Industrial Area 10241,Kampala Kampala


Aqua Pure Ltd.

1134 Mukalazi Road Bukoto 1001,Kampala Kampala

041-4530040, 077-6500301, 077-6500312

Mukwano Industries (U) Ltd.

30 Mukwano Road Industrial Area 2671,Kampala Kampala

041-4313313, 031-2313313

RWENZORI Beverage Company, is one of the leading producers of pure natural water in Uganda and East Africa.

Having started in 1993, the company faced challenges of acceptance since the product bottled water was new to most people.
However, with time, most peolple now cherish the company’s products.
The company employs thousands of Ugandans and supports different schools through study tours and co-curricular activities.

It was the first company in Uganda to receive the ISO 9002 certification for developing and maintaining a high quality management system.

It is also operating under the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) verification.

Prashanta Chowdhury, the marketing manager, says producing quality products to satisfy customers is what the company aims at.

He says despite the influx of other beverage companies in Uganda, Rwenzori continues to give people what they deserve.

“The influx of other companies has helped us readjust and come up with better quality products to give our consumers value for money.”
Chowder says it is because of the quality of their products that President Yoweri Museveni gave the company a golden President’s Export Award
last year for being part of Uganda’s major exporters.

He says they export pure water to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Southern Sudan among others.
Chowdhury says the ban on plastics has affected the company since the cost of producing bottles has increased.
He adds that the competition from other companies is stiff, however, they have coped.

“It is due to this competition that we are trying our best to beat all odds and retain our initial sole distribution.”
As part of its strategy, the company aims at strengthening its market leadership by enhancing its products through innovative manufacturing,
marketing, reinvestment and an efficient distribution network.
To achieve fame and maintain popularity, Rwenzori Beverages strictly adheres to the internation standards of quality.

This has been a major motivator and has propelled the company to greater heights. Since the company values corporate
social responsibility, it has over the years sponsored sports events in Uganda including the Kampala Kids League for Football, rugby
and tennis.

The origin of Rwenzori Mineral Water is from a rich artisan well in Namanve, around one of Uganda’s natural wetlands.

The source has one of the purest fresh natural mineral water in Uganda.
The water is bottled at the source using modern manufacturing and production technology. The Company has a well equipped PET bottling plant, which can produce over 480,000 bottles per day.

The water bottling lines can produce over 300,000 bottles per day, according to Chowdhury.

This reflects the company’s desire to keep a pace with technological advances.

Currently, the production capacity has risen to 25,000 boxes of water per day from 4000.

“This is a big achievement and it gives us the morale to continue producing