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The real estate industry in Uganda is on its way to the peak. The search home, apartments and Realtor is the business today. This Directory assists you to get in touch with real estate property agents as well as advising you on how to handle your search for homes , houses or apartments for sale in Uganda.
Real estate consists of buildings, land and the natural resources found on it. Real estate business in Uganda entails land, rentals and houses for sale in Uganda. It is a growing business and has seen many people reaping from it. The real estate business has many moguls putting up real estate companies in the different parts of Uganda.
It is generally a good investment as people gain profits from the property that is being sold or rented out even after a long period of time since land does not depreciate but appreciates with time.

Before you start investing in the real estate business, you need to follow the government guidelines needed to register a company and then start looking for clients using advertisement, word of mouth and friends.

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Types of Real Estate in Uganda

There are majorly four types of real estate that are common in Uganda and they include the following:

  • Industrial real estate

This involves buildings that can be used as storage centers, research grounds and a center for distribution of merchandise. These are divided into different zones i.e. during construction, the buildings are majorly for manufacturing and in Industrial real estate, the sales and construction are handled separately and differently.

  • Residential real estate

Residential real estate involves houses for sale and newly constructed rooms that are rented out. They include bungalows, single rooms double rooms, condominiums and some apartments are also known as residential.

  • Commercial real estate

These are majorly shopping centers and malls, hotels, medical and education facilities and apartments too. These are constructed to generate income from rent and most of them are always storied flat built houses.


  • land

Land in real estate includes working farms, ranches and vacant land. This is all sold or rented out in the real estate business. The land is of different sizes and the price depends on the size of the land and the location. The vacant land is divided into four three and these are listed below:


  • Undeveloped


This is land that has zero structures on it lacks resources and has no infrastructure on it. It is also referred to as wild land. Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages of undeveloped land


  • it has a high potential for profit for the agent since it has not been occupied before
  • It always has a lot space and one can do a lot of things that they want on the land.
  • One can construct in any part of the land that they want because of its vastness hence offering flexibility to the buyer.


  • It is expensive when it comes to clearing the land especially if there have been trees.
  • Getting access to the services like water, transport and electricity is hard.



  • Site assembly


Known as land assembly, this is where smaller pieces of land are joined to form a single site for redevelopment or development.


  • Subdivision


This is where a large piece of land is divided into smaller plots and sold off to different owners either at the same or different prices. Each person who has bought the smaller pieces of land gets titles for them to show proof that the land now legally belongs to them.

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What is needed to set up real estate business in Uganda?

  • Do a market research

Before you venture into real estate, you need to first research and find out how the market is and what exactly is needed for you to succeed in real estate.

A market research involves you making contact with other real estate owners and finding out from the clients what they want when it comes to houses and land.

  • Location

Location is an important key before you start real estate. This business is a mobile one but you need to at least have an office where the paper work can be carried out. Make sure that the office can easily be accessed by the different clients with ease.

  • Make a plan

Before you start the real estate business, you need to find out which type of real estate you want to be dealing in. some deal in all from land, commercial, industrial to residential real esate. But if you cannot manage all of them, then it is advisable to find what you can actually deal in with ease, make a plan and concentrate on it.

  • Get finances

This all involves proper budgeting. Starting up a real estate business can be quite expensive and requires a lot of funds and dedications before you start gaining from it. If you believe you cannot get all those funds for you to start from your savings, then it is advisable to get a loan or look for enough funds that will help you set up something that is good and worth it.

  • Build the brand of the company

Having a good brand for the company is very essential as this will help capture the trust of the clients. Branding involves a lot of things but it is majorly to create a certain perception in people’s minds so that the business looks bigger and better than others in their minds.

Make sure you deliver the services in time and they should be worth the money the client has paid for. You should also create a good rapport between you and the clients, this will increase he brand name of the company.


  • Market online

Online marketing is the way to go if you want to get clients at a faster rate. Create a website for your company showing what you really do and what services you actually offer. Many people in Uganda are always online throughout the day and can access internet easily. Make sure your page is designed to attract a large of people. This will see your real estate business grow and expand.


  • Start small in real estate

You do not need to start with a big investment when joining the real estate company, all you need is to start with the little that you have and work with that to increase your chances in the business.

  • Invest

Many people tend to give up mostly if they have made losses but in real estate in order to make it you need to invest and reinvest so that you can gain from it. The business is growing at a fast rate and investing more into it will earn you more even after a long period of waiting.

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Advantages of investing in real estate

Real estate offers a long term security of income in flow for the owner. Most of the land and buildings increase value with time therefore you are assured of your income even after many years.

It also allows you to concentrate on working on other projects to ensure steady flow of income.

The real estate business is a source of employment to the agents which improves their standards of living.

Real estate is rarely affected by inflation because when the inflation is high, the price of the houses and land increases hence the steady flow of income increases too.

The value of the land and houses appreciates as time goes on and since they are durable, you still earn from them even after retirement.

You can easily access loans using your buildings as security to further invest in the business or to invest in other businesses.

Disadvantages of investing in real estate in Uganda

The capital is ted up for months or even years and this needs patience.

It is quite expensive to set up and requires a lot of capital and dedication.

It’s a risky business since some tenants run away without paying their arrears to the landlords leading to loses. Some of the risks involved are credit risks and liquidity risks.

The continuous renovation of the houses on sale or for rent is not cost friendly and the real estate owners spend more on damages caused by the tenants.

The long government procedures that are involved mostly when getting land titles increase the money being spent on the purchase of land.

Since most people in Uganda are youth and have not yet settled down, they end up staying in rentals in order to avoid staying with their parents. And not to forget those that want to construct their dream houses on a vast piece of land and those who want houses that are already constructed. All these have increased the demand of houses, land and this has led to a big improvement when it comes to the real estate business in Uganda.

And this goes to those who buy or rent from real estates, you need to be very careful because there are many conmen in the country who sale the same land almost twice o more times to different people.

Therefore in conclusion, invest in real estate and gain form the tangible assets for a very long period of time with your family and children.

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[vc_row][vc_column][qk_posts_list cat=”estate” order=”100″ orderby=”ASC” thumb=”6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Bageine & Co. Ltd.
Workers House 7th Floor
Plot 1, Pilkington Road
Box 6244 Kampala

Eastlands Agency
International Conference Centre Ground Floor
Rm. 265
Box 22841 Kaqmpala

Gimco E.A Property Management Ltd.
Agip House Rm.15
Plot 9, Kira Road
Box 21369 Kampala

Jomayi Property Consultants
Sisa Arcade Room 123
Plot 4, Nakivubo Road
Box 4477 Kampala

JP Property Markets
Crested Towers Short Tower, 2nd flor
Plot 17-23, Hannington Road
Box 23384 Kampala

Kamugasha Agencies Ltd.
Uganda House 2nd Floor
Plot 8 – 10, Kampala Road
Box 26628 Kamapala

Katatumba Properties Ltd.
Katatumba Suites
Plot 2, Colville Street
Box 6968 Kampala

Knight Frank (U) Ltd.
Plot 4, Kimathi Avenue
Box 24513 Kamapala

Premier Property Management Ltd.
Plot 77,1ST Street Industrial Area
Box 1840 Kampala

Property Consultants
Box 20123, Kampala

Property Managers Ltd.
Otwepa House 1st floor
Lugogo Show Ground
Opp. Bell Lager Stand

Property Profiles
Plot 2B, Nakasero rOAD

Property Point Ltd.
National Housing Estates
Plot 128, Serunkuma Road, Mbuya Hill
Box 40322 Kampala

Tony Jonh’s Ltd.
Plot 51/53, Nkurumah Road

Transworld Properties
Box 33367 Kampala


Akright Projects Ltd.
Impala House 3rd Floor
Plot 13/15, Kimathi Avenue
Box 71806 Kampala

Conrad Properties Ltd.
Conrad House
Plot 30, Jinja Road


Crane Management Services Ltd.
Crane Chambers
Plot38, Kampala Road

Diamond Trust Properties (U) Ltd.
Plot 17/19, Kampala Road
Box 7155 Kampala

JP Property Markets
Crested Towers SHORT Tower, 2nd floor
Plot 17-23, Hannington Road
Box 23384 Kampala

Mairye Estates Ltd.
Plot 2, Binayomba Road.
Off Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi

Metropolitan Properties Ltd.
Metropole House
Plo 8-10, Entebbe Road
Box 8166 Kampala

National Housing and Construction Co. Ltd.
Plot 5, 7th Street
Industrial Area
Box 659 Kampala

P & E Realty Ltd.
Crown House Suites F202 2ND Floor
Plot 4A, Kampala

Premier Property Management Ltd.
Teacher House 3rd Floor
Plot 4A, Kampala

Property Services Ltd.
Plot 65, Yusuf Lule Road
Kitante Box 1707 Kampala

Tropical Properties Ltd.
Bukoto Street

Ubarn Real Estate
Kitgum House
Plot 53, Jinja Road

Uganda Real Estate Companies Listing Above.

Buy/Sell Property with Uganda Real Estate Agents
How to Get Started with real Estates
The Current Real Estate Market in Uganda MLS,

Everyone must have heard a word or two about real estates! If you have ever bought a house, rented one, bought land or sold a property in this bracket, the term real estate rings a bell! All over the world, the real estate business is fast growing and the most profitable business venture for growing economies like Uganda. Of course, this doesn’t go without the intricate details of dealings with brokers, agents, mortgage companies, banks and all parties you can mention as important in this business
Real Estate Business
The procedure for buying and selling property (land, homes, houses and mortgages) is the same where you are dealing with companies, private individuals or institutions. Every one wants to make a good bargain or profit in the trading process, so watch out for your interests! More on Uganda Land, Property and Homes for sale.

Often advertisements are run in the different newspapers everyday for companies and agents selling this and that while other seller prefer to mark their property with ‘On sale’ for deals from the highest bidders. It is very important to consider these details while making a purchase than a sale!
Land is the major asset traded in the real estate business and is subject to conflict and controversies! Before you make a purchase of land from any agent have a thorough discussion with the selling party and broker to be sure on issues like land ownership, the size and the amount for which it will be buying. Have the land carefully surveyed and measure in your presence before you make any purchases.
Appreciating the piece of land and deciding to pay for it is not the way business goes in this industry. Check the legal ownership of the land on sale several times before making any payments in advance. Unless you do the verification, you are likely to end up in a mix of troubled sales and court cases to answer. Some of the other details to look at include the security concern of the area where you are buying land.
There are lots of people in the real estate business with dubious deals and properties on sale. Be careful of the persons you trade with, be it agent, broker or company. Check the reputation of the company or broker for their credibility and ask about their services from previous customers they worked with.
There is a directory listing the real estate developers, agents and brokers in Uganda and the kind of services they offer and their physical location. Never trust the service of an agent or company that operators on phone-this is one trait of a dubious exchange you are about to fall prey to!


Real-estate listings are listings of homes that are inside the marketplace collectively with your region. Whenever a home is positioned available although utilizing the assist from your real estate agent, they’re from what’s recognized as the Numerous Listing Program.

Houses for Sale in Uganda

This is truly a compilation on most homes that is often available inside state. By utilizing this program, real estate agents can discover homes which might be obtainable within the marketplace to assist their customers to buy. But, what is it feasible to get from studying the real estate listings?

Plots for Sale in Uganda

Ought to you be promoting a home, the real estate listings collectively with your region are essential to study. Not just can they inform you what your competitors for home item product sales are, nonetheless they also assist you create choices towards the worth from your home.

You might be capable to see what other individuals are providing their home obtainable within the marketplace at, and alter your home’s worth relative to the functions, age and dimension of these home to yours. Real estate agents use this info to assist somebody to correct cost your home.

Are you currently presently Purchasing A Home?

Land for Sale in Uganda

Real estate listings are usually positioned for that purchaser from your home. By presenting info the home is ideal for sale, people can clearly maintain in mind that this really is frequently 1 choice that they’ve. Ought to you function collectively collectively with your real estate agent, you may want to discover the extremely best feasible homes that match your cost array also because the requirements.

By learning these listings, you might be capable to possess a distinct concept of how significantly of one’s home you might be capable to buy also as what’s inside the marketplace as an choice to meet your requirements.

Real estate listings are factor you require to possess a appear at personal, nonetheless they mustn’t perform because the sole factor you simply do. You require to function with a fantastic real estate company that’s susceptible to locate homes that match your requirements along collectively with your array. require to discover all from your choices particular that may be capable to make correct choice lengthy run.