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Even though 60% of Ugandan home owners handle their own sales, we believe that seeking the assistance of a real estate agent is the best way to sell a house. The real estate brokers have a lot of information at their disposal, about the market trends and the people most likely to buy the house depending on your neighborhood.

With this information, the property agents in Uganda will help you to buy or price your house accurately, advertise for you, reach a number of interested sellers or buyers, determine the most qualified buyer/seller and organize the details of a closing.

Uganda real estates help to discover potential buyers/sellers and negotiate with them about the prices, saving you the time and the mistakes that may cost you the money you are laboring to save.

In Uganda, residential Real estate market is money-spinning since the prices have kept rising in the recent years. That’s to say, you can get what your house is worth.

Property agents in Uganda will price your property basing on the most recent information and experience from their previous contracts putting in mind the nature of neighborhood that surrounds your house.

In case the house is not new or nearly new, the real estate dealers will take it up to them selves to give it a new look that fits the market. Improving curb appearance is important for attracting probable buyers.

uganda property agents

Uganda Real estates dealers will help you sell or buy your property faster and at better prices yet saving much of your time that would be spent on looking for buyersor sellers who may even disappoint you.

So, save your time and still get what your money or house is worth by contracting with one of the Uganda real estate agents. They are polite, ready to work on weekends and answer calls all the time.


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