Houses For Rent in Uganda

Choosing a house to rent in Uganda is not easy but you need to look for something that fits into what you desire and your budget. Houses can be rented out for a specific period of time for a stipend that is paid per month or according to what the owner commonly known as the landlord wants.

Before you start looking for a house to rent, you should note that there are two main categories of houses found in Uganda and these include the basic and standard houses.

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  • Standard houses


An example of a standard house is a bungalow, condominium and apartments. These are strategically located and they are normally rented by high class earning people. They are fully self-contained and have other facilities like gyms that attract more clients to them. They are normally found in high end areas like Naguru, Ntinda and other places.


  • Basic houses


Basic house are built in the simplest way that one can think about. They have all the basic necessities needed in a house that is rooms for sleeping in, a sitting room, store and a verandah. They do not need to be necessarily self-contained rooms.

These are normally rented out to the low and middle income earners and the other facilities like toilets and bathrooms are shared with other tenants on the units.

Types of houses for rent in Uganda

There are several houses that can be used for rent in Uganda and below is a list of some of the types found in Uganda


  • Apartments


These are trending on the rental market and are rented by tenants who earn quite enough to afford them. They are semidetached and are found on the different floors of the building. Every room on each floor has a different owner and they are self-contained. They have a peaceful environment and everyone has their own space without causing congestion to the neighbor.

The only problem with the apartments is that if you have a family it is hard for your children to play from out since there is space and they play from inside the house.


  • Row houses


Row houses have become a trend for those who want to rent. These are semidetached houses that have the same design and are located in the same area. They are majorly self-contained and well fenced and they look like apartments given the nature of their construction.


  • Bungalows


These have been built since time immemorial and they are the most rented houses be it by a family or singles. They are spacious and have the different basic facilities needed for one to rent a house.

These come with different facilities that is they can either be semidetached or attached as one unit, they can be self- contained or not, they can be two roomed or more. These all depend on what you really want and you can find a rental that accommodates your budget and other needs.


  • Condos


These are majorly houses that have two or more floors and each floor has two or more complete houses which are rented out to different owners. People in the area share facilities that are common to everyone like parking space, stares, and elevators but on a bright side every tenant has a deed that shows that they own part of the house and they all have their own space.

People rent houses for different a reason that is for business or for staying in as homes. All these have different criteria before renting one and these are listed below.

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What to consider before renting a house for business purposes


  • The budget


This largely affects the room that you are going to rent. Landlords build different rooms for different purposes and these are priced differently according to size and location. Getting a good room to rent for business is a bit expensive but this depends on what type of business you want to set up but all in all the money you have set for rent will determine which type of room you get and where to get it from.


  • The location of the house


You should also consider the location of the house before you rent it. If you are renting for business then you need to get a room that is almost next to the roadside or business center so that it is easily accessed by the different clients you are targeting. Getting a house for rent that is hidden and yet for business purposes will see you getting lessor minimal clients leading to losses.


  • Consider the clients you are targeting


You need to look at your target market before renting a house for business. This majorly depends on the business you want to do in that rent area that is if you re into hardware business then rent a place that is near places where constructions are taking place. Rent houses that will see you access the targeted clients for your business.


  • The security of the area


Before renting out a place for your business you need to look at the security of the area, whether the building itself ha security. This will ensure that your business is a bit safe from thieves.


  • The rent payment plan


You need to also look at the payment plan for the house that you want to rent.  Every landlord has their payment plan which you need to know so that you gauge whether you will be able to fulfill his plan or discuss with him to make a favorable payment plan for both of you.


  • The size of the rooms


This will depend on the business that you are setting up. If you know your business will need a lot of space then it is advisable to get a bigger room for rent for example if you are setting up a clinic, you need to hire a house that has ample space for your clients whereas you can get a smaller room if you are setting up a shop.


  • Parking space


When looking for a house to rent for commercial purposes, look at the parking space especially if you expect a lot of clients. A small parking space area can be an inconvenience to both you and your clients if they are forced to pay for parking space elsewhere just to access your business. Therefore you should get a place which has ample parking space.

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What to consider before renting a house for homestead purposes


  • The type of family


You should consider the type of family that you have before searching for a house to rent. There are two types of family that is a nuclear family and an extended family.

A nuclear family will need a house that is not too big and they can fit in a small house whereas an extended family will need a bigger room to live in. therefore you need to rent a house that can easily accommodate your family.


  • Security of the area


You need to rent a house where there is ample security in the area and if possible rent a well fenced area with a security guard that will provide security. Get a room which you can access at any time of the day or night without being afraid to travel.


  • Compound space


Compound space is really important depending on the size of the family that you have. A big compound ensures that one gets ample space to use without causing congestion to the neighbors. A big compound also ensures that there is ample parking space and a place where children can easily play from. Therefore you should rent a house that has a big compound.


  • The size of the house


The size of the house depends on the size of the family you have. If you have a very big family you need to rent out a house that is big enough to provide privacy foe everyone who is leaving in the house. And if you are alone, you can get a small room as long as you feel comfortable.


  • The surrounding environment


You should make sure that the house you want to rent is in a conducive place for you and your family to live in. do not get houses in areas where there are bars with loud music, churches that are loud as this will disrupt your peace. You need to get a room in a peaceful area.


  • Access to services


When renting a house where you are going to stay, make sure that the house is in a location where all the basic services that one needs are readily available. These services include water, easy transport, and access to medical facilities, electricity and the market.

With the above can easily tell that there are rental houses nearly in all parts of the country and prices differ according to the location of the houses and other given factors



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