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What is insurance all about in Uganda?

Find information about Insurance in Uganda, from Travel insurance coverage to Auto Insurance, Life and home insurance, finance insurance and so much more to do with Insurance brokers and Insurers, or Consultants.

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If you are a consistent traveler, you must be aware of the immense important to including travel insurance in your travel and holiday budget. It does it very important to take a policy to cover medical expenses, travel supplies, lost cargo, accidents and many other mishaps that could occur on either a short or long trip.
For many travelers, taking general travel insurance policy may be good (especially for first time travelers) but it is not a wise decision.  Unless your travel budget is not limited, you can opt for the genera policy and skip the hassle of comparing and understanding policy coverage and benefits for taking individual policies. Putting it plainly, general policy is not cost effective.

Tips on choosing travel insurance policies

Finding an affordable and appropriate travel insurance policy is not easy and requires dedication, time and effort. Many companies all over the world make attractive offers with many coverage plans and polices but what is the he yardstick to getting the right insurance policy?
The activities that are part of your holiday, vacation or travel plans should determine the policy you are to choose. Adventure activities such as mountain climbing, water sport and skiing among others should be catered for in your policy. Although insurance providers have many benefits for general policies, there are tailored policies where customer can choose the items to include in their insurance plan. General/Universal policies are tailored for people who are often traveling the world.
Taking insurance is more of risk management. A traveler should look out for travel policies that will minimize the level or risk and yet earn greater benefits for less! Getting a travel insurance plan with lots of useless plans for your trip means you are paying more for nothing. Cheap travel insurance is also costly when it doesn’t have the benefits and coverage essential for your trip. Taking personalized insurance saves you from spending on items that are not valid for claim.
Revise the universal travel policies that insurance providers are offering to get a pick on the benefits that should make your ideal travel insurance policy. Most of the offers from insurance providers come in bundled packages such as family insurance, Multi-trip, group travel, Global insurance benefits, single trips and Business among other offers. Reading through such plans saves you time on identifying items to include for your private policy. While looking for a travel insurance policy consider value for money, flexibility when you need to make changes, credibility of the company and piece of mind
Finally, there are many websites that offer comparisons for insurance plans from different countries. It is very important to make use of such sites to find appropriate travel policies and what companies they recommend to travelers.

A Directory to Insurance companies and Insurance Brokers in Uganda

UAP Insurance
Plot 1, Kimathi Avenue
PO Box 7185Kampala
Telephone: +256 – 414- 332700
Facsimile: +256 – 414 – 25638
email: uap[at]

AAR Health Services
Clement Hill, Hill View APT Ground Fl
P O  Box 6240, Kampala
Tel 255991/5, 031- 261319/8
Fax 255615
EM aar@aarcoug

AIG Uganda Ltd
60 Bombo Road, AIG House, Wandegeya-opposite YMCA
POBox 707‘7, Kampala
Tel  533781
Fax  541572

Alexander Forbes Uganda Ltd
3 Bandali Rise-Bugolobi
Box 3190, Kampala
Tel: 041-222217, 031-262851
Fax: 041-221853
E-mail: aforbes@librartycoug
Website: wwwalexanderforbescom

Alliance Insurance Co Ltd
17/19 Kampala Road, Diamond Trust
POBox 7787, Kampala
Tel  343734, 234261
Fax  236181

AON Uganda Ltd
Plot 20A Akiibua Road
P  O  Box  3132, Kampala
Tel 230238, 344819, 229100
Fax  031- 229234/5
EM aonuganda@aoncoug

Astra Insurance Brokers Ltd
MTK Building , Nasser Road
P O  Box  924, Kampala
Tel  232125
Fax  232147

Cannon Insurance Consultant Ltd
Plot 1083, Kabakanjagala Road, Mengo
P O  Box 4583, Kampala
Tel 041- 270047, 270057, 274682
EM canno@starcomcoug

insurance services in uganda

Capital Insurance Consultants Ltd
Raja Chembers, Suit 22 , Parliament Ave
P  O  Box 30, Kampala
Tel  348638, 254269
Fax  341338
EM patrickkaye@hotmailcom

Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers (U) Ltd
Plot 45, Jinja Road
P  O  Box 25672, Kampala
Tel 348464
Fax 348341

Crown Diamond Insurance Brokers Ltd
Plot 16/18 William Street, Kalungi Plaza Suite No 101
POBox 28670, Kampala
Tel 347147,
(Res) 531933
Fax 347147, 347994
Mob 077 458609
EM josebacrodia@yahoocom

East Africa General Insurance Co Ltd
Plot 14 Entebbe Road, Insurance House
POBox 1392, Kampala
Tel  259390, 259394, 259395
Fax  232895
EMail uhb@infocomcoug

East African General Insurance Co
Plot 23B Main Street
POBox 1001, Jinja
Tel  120896

East African Underwriters Ltd
20 Dewinton Rise/20 Jinja Rd
P O Box 22938, Kampala
Tel: 256-41-232893/31-264918
Fax: 256-41-234221
Email: eaul@eaunderwruterscom

Empire Insurance Group (EIG) Ltd
Plot 15 Jinja Road, Henry House
POBox 7720, Kampala
Tel  259207, 236318
Mob 075 641968

Excel Insurance Company Limited
2D Nkurumah Road Crest House
Box 7213, Kampala
Tel: 041-348595/6/7
Fax: 041-342304
E-mail: excelins@infocomcoug

Family Insurance Services Ltd
Nsambya Hill, Gaba Road-Kabalagala
P  O  Box 22546, Kampala
Tel  041 – 268296
Fax  041 – 268305
Mob   071 – 202202
EM  fis@utlonlinecoug

First Insurance Co Ltd
King Fahad Plaza1st Floor
PO Box 5245, Kampala
Tel 233750, 342863
Mob 075 2760117, 075 2657069

Five Star Insurance Service Ltd
No 4 Ambassador House
P  O  Box 23035, Kampala
Tel  349089/90
Fax  234897
EM fivestar@spacenetcoug

Globe Consult Ltd
Kimathi Avenue 4th Floor Pan Africa Hse
P  O  Box 21974, Kampala
Tel  041- 348336
Fax  592799
Mob 075- 750590, 077- 592799
EM globe@infocomcoug

Goldstar Insurance Co Ltd
Plot 38 Kampala Road,
Crane Chambers
POBox 7781, Kampala
Tel  250110, 250111, 343704
Fax 041-254956
EM goldstar@goldstarinsurancecoug
Web wwwgoldstarinsurancecom

Imperial Insurance Company Ltd
Hotel Equatorial Arcade
P O  Box  24256, Kampala
Tel 348290/2, 250780/9 EXT 847
Fax  346470
EM  iiclug@hotmailcom

Insurance Company of East Africa (Uganda) Ltd
Rwenzori Courts, Nakasero Road
P  O Box 33953
Tel  347535, 232337, 250719
Fax 347534
EM  icea@africaonlinecoug
Web  wwwiceacoug

Jubilee Insurance Co Ltd
14 Parliament Avenue
POBox 10234, Kampala
Tel  236029, 344949, 343743
Fax 258539
Mob 075 2751825
EMail jubileeu@swiftugandacom

Leads Insurance Ltd
King Fahd plaza 1st Floor
P  O  Box 26191, Kampala
Tel  253283/4/5, 253695,
031 263980
Fax  253286
EM leadsinsural999@dehezinet

Lion Assurance Company Ltd
12th Floor Crested Towers Building
P O  Box 7658, Kampala
Tel 341450
Fax  257027
EM pwico@imulcom

Multiple Consult Network Limited
1055 Nsamya Off Gabba Road
P O Box 22546, Kampala
Tel: 256-41-510070
Fax: 256-41-510070
Mob: 256-772-483705
Email: mcn@utlonlinecoug

National Insurance Corporation Ltd
3 Pilkington Nic Buliding
P O Box 7134, Kampala
Tel: 246-41-258001/5,31-258001/2,
Fax: 256-41-259925
Mob: 256-75-2258005
Email: nic@niccoug
Web: wwwniccoug

Oriental Insurance Brokers Ltd
Plot 8 Luwum Street, Universal House
P  O  Box 619, Kampala
Tel 041- 255906

PRP Insurance Services Ltd
Universal House Plot 59 Nkrumah Road
P  O  Box 24407, Kampala
Tel  348515
Fax  255678
EM prp@africaonlinecom

Pan Africa Insurance Co Ltd
Plot 3 Kimathi Avenue, Pan Africa House
POBox 5318, Kampala
Tel  258346, 234676, 259052
Fax  259052
Telex  61175
Mobile Phone 075 2695700

Paramount Insurance Company Ltd
Plot 14, Wilson Road Twese Building
P  O  Box 6427, Kampala
Tel  041- 234143
Fax  041- 234143
Mob  075- 620546

Paulmuga Agencies Limited
Plot 66 William Street, Suit 1A Kantono House
P O Box 3086, Kampala
Tel 031 261216, 041 252572
Mob 0772 503745
EM palmuga@yahoocouk

Phoenix Of Uganda Assurance Company Ltd
Workers’ House 8″Floor
Box 70149, Kampala
Tel: 041-349659/60/61/63,
Fax: 041-349662
Mob: 071-2309087, 071-2691501,
E-mail: info @ phoenix uganda com

Platinum Insurance Ltd
Plot 76A Kampala Road, Shoal House
POBox 9498, Kampala
Tel  230831, 230832
Fax  230832

Prompt Insurance Limited
4A Pilkington Rd Colline House
P O Box 26191, Kampala
Tel 348175
Fax 250582
Mob 077 374809, 077 464625

Prompt Insurance Ltd
Pilkington Road , Colline House
P O  Box 5311, Kampala
Tel 348175
Fax  250582
EM  info@pilcoug
Web  wwwpilcoug

Rio Insurance Co Ltd
20 Kampala Rd, Radiant H’se
POBox 5710, Kampala
Tel  341264,341202
Fax  235292
Mob 0772-655557

Rock Insurance Services Ltd
Clement Hill Road , 2nd Fl Cotton House
P  O  Box 28818, Kampala
Tel/Fax  233339
Mob 075- 699268, 075 – 777313
EM rock@africaonlinecoug

Royal Insurance Consultants Ltd
Kalungi Plaza, 16 William Street
P O Box 8206, Kampala
Tel 346439
Fax 346439
Mob 077-426516

Southern Union Insurance Brokers (U) Ltd
4th Floor Metropole House
P O Box 24674, Kampala
Tel: 256-41-349527/349345/
Fax: 256-41-349385
Mob: 256-77-760118
Email: suid@utlonlinecoug

State Wide Insurance Co Ltd
1 Bombo Road, Sure House
POBox 9393, Kampala
Tel  345995, 345996
Fax  041-343403
EM swico@infocomcoug

State Wide Insurance Co Ltd
55A Main Street, Madhvani House
POBox 872, Jinja
Tel  120384

State Wide Insurance Co Ltd
Plot 1/3 Manafa Road, BCU Building
POBox 660, Mbale
Tel  34466

State Wide Insurance Co Ltd
Plot 8 Elgon Road
POBox 1440, Masaka
Tel  20598

The First American Insurance Latermidiaries
Plot 14 Parliament Avenue,
IPS Building, 1st floor,
Next to American Embassy
POBox 5757, Kampala
Tel  230561
Fax  230566

The Uganda Insurance Commission
Plot 10 Kampala Road, NIC Building, 3rd Floor
POBox 22855, Kampala
Tel  346712

Trans Africa Assurance Company Ltd
13/15 Kimathi Ave Impala Hse
P O Box 7601, Kampala
Tel: 256-41-251411
Fax: 256-41-254511
Mob: 256-77-2707147
Email: taacl@spacenetcoug

Transworld Insurance Services Ltd
Kob House Office No 1/2
P  O  Box  9907, Kampala
Tel 345132
Fax 345132
Mob 075- 655432
EM trustservice@utlonlinecoug

Uganda Insurers Association
24a Kololo Acacia Avenue
P O Box 8912, Kampala
Tel: 256-41-230469,347492
Fax: 256-41-230469
Mob: 256-75-2692683
Email: ugainsure@utlonlinecom

United Assurance Co Ltd
Plot 1 Kimathi Avenue, United Assurance House
POBox 7185, Kampala
Tel  234190, 234191, 234192
Fax  256388
EM uac@infocomcom

Universal Galaxy Insurance Brokers Ltd
Raja Chambers
P O Box 3236, Kampala
Tel: 256-41-348132/232189
Fax: 256-41-232189
Mob: 256-77-2583846/2369059
Email: universalgalaxy@siticablecoug

Vital Insurance Services Ltd
Bauman House Suite B – 111E
P  O  Box 792, Kampala
Tel 346299, 342391
Mob 077- 445177

Worldwide Insurance and Financial Services Ltd
Gaba Road 2nd Fl, Kirabo Kyamaria Hse
P  O  Box 11081, Kampala
Tel 269686
Mob 077- 441716

Uganda Insurance Services

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