Uganda Banks and Money, Currency and Value in Uganda

Money and Banking in Uganda

The Banking Sector in Uganda is growing stronger every year with local and foreign owned commercial banks and Forex Bureaux in Uganda. Working hours for most of the Banks are 8:30 to 4pm every Monday to Friday while on saturday they operate half day. Most forex bureaux are open on weekends and some run for 24 hrs.

A Directory to Ugandan Banks;Address and Contact Information

Allied Bank International Ltd
24A Jinja Road
POBox 2750, Kampala
Tel  236535, 236536
Fax  236537

Bank of Baroda (U) Ltd
18 Kampala Road
POBox 7197, Kampala
Tel  233680, 233683
Fax  258263, 230781

Bank of Baroda (U) Ltd
Station Branch
POBox 7266, Kampala
Tel  255247, 255248

Bank of Uganda
Plot 37/43 Kampala Road
POBox 7120, Kampala
Tel 258441/9
Fax  233818
Telex 61069 / 61244
EM  info@bou.o.rug

Barclays Bank of Uganda Ltd
16 Kampala Road
POBox 2971, Kampala
Tel  233998, 230972,
230976, 232594
Fax 259467

Centenary Rural Development Bank Ltd
7 Entebbe Road, Talenta House
POBox 1892, Kampala
Tel  251276, 251277
Fax  232393, 251273
Telex 61638
EMail  Crdb

Citibank (U) Ltd
4 Ternan Avenue
POBox 7505, Kampala
Tel  340625, 340945,
340949, 340957
Fax 340624

Crane Bank Ltd
Crane Chambers, Kampala Road
P  O Box 22572, Kampala
Tel  341414, 345345, 341420
Fax  231578

DFCU Bank Ltd
13 Kimathi Avenue, Impala House
POBox 70, Kampala
Tel  256891/2
Fax  344260
Telex 61300

DFCU Bank Ltd
38 William Street, Gold Trust Bank
POBox 70, Kampala
Tel 231705, 231709
Fax 231009, 231705

Diamond Trust Bank Uganda Limited
17/19 Kampala Road, Diamond Trust
POBox 7155, Kampala
Tel  259331, 259332, 259333
Fax 342286
Telex 61642

East African Development Bank
Plot 4 Nile Ave, EAPB Building
Box 7128, Kampala
Tel: 041-230021
Fax: 041-259763

Equator Bank PLC (HSBC)
1 Lumumba Avenue, Rwenzori House
POBox 12511, Kampala
Tel  250696
Fax 250538

Housing Finance Co Ltd
Plot 25 Kampala Road, Investment House
PO Box 1539, Kampala
Tel 259651,259652,259658
Fax 341429

Mechantile Credit Bank Ltd
Old Portbell Road, Victor Motors
POBox 620, Kampala
Tel  341021
Fax  346566

National Bank of Commerce (U) Ltd
13 Parliamentary Avenue, Cargen House
POBox 23232, Kampala
Tel  247700, 347702, 347703
Fax  347701

Nile Bank
Spear House Jinja Road
Box 2834, Kampala
Tel: 031-226110
Fax: 041-257779

Orient Bank Ltd
Plot 6/6A, Kampala Road, Orient Plaza
P  O  Box 3072, Kampala
Tel   041- 236012
Fax   041- 348039
Mob 077- 755561, 071- 755561

Orient Bank Ltd
1Busoga Sqaure, Orient Building
POBox 368, Jinja
Tel  122030,122031
Fax  121129
Mob  077-755559

Post Bank (U)
Nkrumah Road
POBox 7189, Kampala
Tel  258551, 258553, 343933
Fax  347107

Postbank Uganda
Plot 11/13, Nkrumah Rd, Postbank Hse
P O Box 7189, Kampala
Tel  258551/3
Fax 347107

Stanbic Bank (U) Ltd Ltd
Jinja Road, Kitgum House
POBox 6611, Kampala
Tel  254750

Stanbic Bank (U) Ltd
12 Kampala Road, UCB Building
POBox 973, Kampala
Tel  234710, 234723
Fax  259012
Telex  61073

Stanbic Bank (U) Ltd
Crested Towers
POBox 7131, Kampala
Tel  231151/2,
031- 224111
Fax  231116
Telex  61018

Stanbic Bank (U) Ltd
Nakivubo Lane
POBox 7073, Kampala
Tel  230914

Standard Chartered Bank (U) Ltd
5 Speke Road
POBox 7111, Kampala
Tel  258211, 258217
Fax  231473

Standard Chartered Bank (U) Ltd
9 William-Burton Street
POBox 6863, Kampala
Tel  258323, 258326
Fax  234578

Tropical Africa Bank Ltd
27 Kampala Road
POBox 9485, Kampala
Tel  231990, 231991,
231993, 232897
Fax  232297

Uganda Development Bank
Plot 15A Clement Hill Rd, Ruth Towers
P O Box 7210, Kampala
Tel 230527, 230446/701
Fax 258571
Telex 61143

Allied Bankstanbic bank uganda
24, Jinja Road
Tel: 236535/6

Centenary Rural Development Bank
7, Entebbe Road
Tel: 251276/ 7,346856

13, Kimathi Avenue
Tel: 256891

Standard Chartered Bank
5, Speke Road
Tel: 258211, 258217

Bank of Baroda
18, Kampala Road
Tel: 233680/3

Barclays Bank (U) Ltd
16, Kampala Road,
Tel: 233680/3

Diamond Trust Bank
17/19 Kampala Road

Orient Bank Ltd
10, Kampala Road
Tel: 236012/5

Uganda Development Bank
22, Hannington Road
Tel: 230701

Bank of Uganda
37/43 Kampala Road
Tel: 258441/5

Crane Bank
38, Kampala Road
Tel: 256511, 345345

Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd
Hannington Road
Crested Towers building
P.O. Box 7131, Kampala
Tel +256-031-224600

World Bank
1,Lumumba Avenue

Cairo International bank,
Kampala plot 30 Kamapla road
Greenland towers

Citi bank,Kampala
Plot 4 Ternan Avenue,

Housing Finance of Uganda,Kampala,
Plot 25 kampala Road

National Bank of commerce,Kabale Road

National Bank of Commercial,
Plot 13 Parliament Avenue.
cargen House
Tel :041-347700,347702

Post Bank ,kampala
Plot 68-70,William Street,
Post bank House

Tropical Africa Bank,Kampala.
Plot 27, kampala Road
Tel :041-258211, 349505.

African Development Bank, kampala
Crested Towers 14th Floor
Tel: 041236167

Development finance Company,kampala
Plot 1 Lumumba Avenue,
Rwenzori House

East African Development Bank,kampala
plot 4 Nile Avenue
Tel :041-230021,230025.

Stanhope Finance Company,kampala
Uganda house,
Plot10 Kampala Road

Poverty Alleviation Project (PAP)
P.O.Box 341,kampala,

Uganda Development Bank,Kampala
Ruth Towers Plot 15A Clement Hill Road.
Tel:041-231230,230094, 031-221416/7

The Uganda women’s
Finance Trust,kampala
Plot 59 Buganda Road .

Tulsi Limited, Kampala
Nasser Road.

Uganda Microfinance
Union, Kampala
Plot 47/51 Bukoto Street.

Busiro South Development

Micro Enterprises Development
Net work,Kampala.
Plot 831 Bombo Road,
Makerere Kavule

Mbarara Savings &Credit
Association (MBASA),Mbarara.
Rwizi Lane,Kasangaki Building

Mama International Missions,Kampala
Plot 19 Nakivubo Place.

Uganda Enumerical Loan Fund,kampala,
Plot5 Berkely Street
Tel; o41-344249,254522.

CAA Emcos, bEntebbe.

Pride Uganda,Kampala
Tel:041-346930 ,346297.
Fax :041-346147

Housing Finance of Uganda, Kampala
Plot 25 Kampla Road

DFCU Leasing ,Kampala
Plot 1 Lumumba Avenue,
Rwenzori Courts.

Foreign Exchange and Currency Trading in Uganda

As clear as it sounds, accurate rates on foreign Exchange are important in business, investment and trading. Foreign exchange rates are available online on a number of trading websites but if you may ask….how accurate is this information at a particular time of the day?
More than often, some websites are recommended to have better information, latest forex updates and have additional features such as currency converters and many others. Here are some tips to consider while looking online for forex rates;
A quick tip is to check real time changes and updates on foreign exchange rates. Open several websites and carefully watch for the sites that update their rates more promptly than others. Even seconds in time difference can get you a profitable venture or lose on your trading investment. Getting information on regularly updated sites gives you time to think and make calculations before making a vital trading decision.
Look out for websites with free trading tools offering along their forex listing. Some sites have historic data such previous day trading, current forex trading news and currency calculators but all these should be free to the internet users. Premium features are also given for some website at a small cost. However, the best forex website offer all these trading tools free of charge for careful analysis before you submit any data.
The best forex sites are recommended by colleagues in the business of currency trading. You could ask a friend or agent to help you identify trusted websites or find message boards/forums with foreign exchange related discussion. Forums are good places to get trading tips, strategies, news and updates on forex rates and other important information. You can either join in the discussion or just read information posted in the message forums but all the same, there is a wealth of information from such groups!
At the end of the day, you have probably chosen a favorite website to trust with updated forex information. You should also find a few other sites you can trust as backup on any down time issues thereby get news and information at all times. Remember that your favorite site can have technical problems and other related IT issues. All websites are important while doing currency trading thus the need to make a list of sites of preference to refer to incase other fail to meet your ideals.
The cardinal rule in currency trading is getting up dated and accurate foreign exchange news, reports and rates. The rate can make you sheer profits and loses. As long as you have the accurate rates, it doesn’t matter whether you are paying for them or getting them for free!