Zanzibar Holidays and tours,destination guide.

Hearing this name conjures the imagination. It’s interesting to note that many people don’t know where to find Tanzania, but the name Zanzibar sounds all too familiar.

This pearl of an island situated in the Indian ocean east of the mainland, is famous for its spices. That’s why it is called quite often the spice island. Enjoy a one day “spice tour” to the regions where the spices are grown and enjoy the variety of exotic scents. Zanzibar holidays guide.

A walk through Stone Town, the picturesque old town, is a nice experience as well. Including the neighbour islands of Pemba and Mafia, Zanzibar is also a paradise for those that love swimming, diving, deep sea fishing, water sports and much more.

There are many wonderful lodges and hotels offering beautiful beaches to relax on. Zanzibar is the perfect end-point from a safari on the mainland, especially after a strenuous climb of Mount Meru or Mount Kilimanjaro.

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